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  1. Greetings Friends 🤝 🇷🇺 Like watching a regular video on YouTube, a video about the project * motor-wheel Duyunov * appeared in the recommended ones where it was told about the developer and his project aimed at raising the technology and building a plant in Russia, and we will be co-owners of investors in the future rather than * snickering * funds and oligarchs. 📅 About the project: I learned at the beginning of July 2017, having carefully studied the materials, having become acquainted with D. A. Duyunov, having weighed all the pros and cons. I decided to become an investor, and I bought a package of shares by installments for $ 2,000 (paid $ 100 dollars a month, and paid the entire amount at once for the 4th month) At that time there was no site, no laboratory, no prototypes, there was only bike with a motor-wheel. 🚀 And now almost a year and a half has passed since this event. During this time, the project has progressed sharply. Equipment was purchased and installed, a * mini plant * was created, which can already take orders, and conduct engine testing, making a profit! Large live meetings were held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar ... On which live developments were shown 🚲 🛵 🚗 📈 Of the 20 stages of financing, the 5th stage and the 6th of October are coming to the end, we immediately go to the 7th stage, bypassing the 6th stage. Yes, everything is developing rapidly. During this time, the number of investments increased 10 times. And the number of participants is approaching 100 thousand, of which more than 15 thousand are active investors. 📝 About engines Duyunova: 1. The most efficient electric motors in the world, which have no analogues! 2. Energy saving up to 40% 3. Already have a finished product, it is already being produced in China. 4. There are customers for our developments from power tools to electric cars. 5. The market is huge. 60% of the world's electricity is consumed by electric motors! Just think how much you can do for such an innovation! The possibilities are great! 6. Technology patents are becoming more and more. 📉 Very high discount rates for acquiring shares of a company, which decrease with each stage, increasing the value of shares. For example, for $ 1,000 you can buy 600,000 shares, in the future you can receive dividends from them, or when we go to an IPO, you can sell your shares (shares) at market value (according to preliminary calculations, it will be $ 1 per share) ☝There is also a referral system for which you receive a bonus to the balance for the purchase of packages by your partners. 📲 For any questions, please contact the PM Stop sitting and say that there is no developer in Russia, and nothing is being done! Be with us, be among the founders! Registration: https://solargroup.pro (clean link) https://solargroup.pro/exs322/3 (referral link) # DYUNOV2018 450454691_Дуюнов2018_HD.mp4 450461192_ДУЮНОВ2018_HD.mp4