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  1. hi user : mohebbi
  2. bet: Bet: 24,681,668,666 placed by mohebbi on 21/10/2018 Wagered 0.00003000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00003000
  3. mohebbi

    Get your free 350 doge from the staff

    i too recived a email containing a bonus 350 doge
  4. martingale = Low profits and high risk ===> Death balance
  5. mohebbi

    First gambling site

    freebitco.in was the first site I started
  6. mohebbi

    Are you over 20? Do you still watch cartoons?

    I love my son, and my son loves cartoons. I get the impression that I love cartoons too.
  7. mohebbi

    Foods from your country

    11/5000 Iranian rice
  8. mohebbi

    How much RED Payout 100

    Most of the red I had was +340 rolls, and then I had 3 rolls of 99
  9. just playing 8.7x good profit
  10. mohebbi

    Martingale. Y or N?

    Sometimes yes , Sometimes no
  11. mohebbi

    What is your favourite dice strategy to date??

    My current favourites are: 1. Base bet: 100 sats or greater, Payout:1.54x, On lose: Increase by 120%.On win: Increase by -40%