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  1. Yeah if you win big you post nice gif as well lol or to show your animation skills. To make new gifs about site.
  2. At first online faucet were made to promote bitcoin and cryptos. To make bitcoin more popular and to spread a word about new decentralized payment system. People share coins without having any gain just to popularize it. Soon, when bitcoin get some relative significant value, faucets become sites who make money to owners. System is simple, they gave sathosie and run ads on sites. In return advertising networks paying them for visitors. Many were use Google AdSense ads to make good profit. It wasn't hard to make faucet site back then. From the site faucetbox you could download a script and upload to your server. You needed domain, hosting and that script. Of course, and funds - sathosie to give to faucet users. Faucetbox was taking percentage for using their script. There was other sites similar to faucetbox, but no need to mention them. From users side you needed only btc address and when you reached minimum withdrawal limit faucetbox send funds to your btc address. Google AdSense decided that running their ads on faucet site is against AdSense TOS and they ban those accounts. This affected many sites and owners simply closed sites. Other were searching for alternatives and new Ad networks. Well, faucetbox closed service as well. On their site is stated that they didn't make profitable business. Now faucet sites are run in a different way. Some are close businesses, some more open. They have exchange system for coins, games, chats, offer walls and so on. Did you use faucet site at some point or you still do?
  3. That is right. This is gambling and you need luck to win. We can just make is more possible to win.
  4. Long time ago, in a year 1998 was released a FPS or first person shooter game Half-Life. Soon developers released few modifications. In 1999 they released modification named Counter Strike. It is a multiplayer first person shooter with 2 teams. Among all modification Counter Strike become most popular. And how much was played maybe even more popular than original game. It was successfully released on many platforms, Windows, OS X, XBOX and Linux. At the time, players divide on those who like it so much and others who hate it. On any forum related to games, if there was a section about FPS games players argues about it. Haters always said "This is not even a game, it's a modification". And supporters always highlight how "realistic it is" compared to other FPS games. Some of maps in a game become legendary. Such as Aztec, Dust, Dust2... and so on. Some players start to train it, to become better and better playing. Because Counter Strike is a multiplayer but with only 2 teams, players start to make groups and compete with each other. Counter Strike had few new releases and become stand alone game. Each played a lot on internet. Can new versions overtake Counter Strike 1.6 in popularity? Do you remember how fun it was?
  5. Dancer

    Ripple As New Bitcoin Or Not

    But with hard fork and all stuff around Bitcoin Cash... I think they had a chance but now, not soon to see that coin at value it has. It's possible bro. It's relative stable compared to btc. Of course, that's true. But, since crypto become popular there are so many people who look only for quick money and don't care about how everything started. And they have money.
  6. Oh man I wish you to recover all. Maybe to try some strats from this forum. Players post some really interesting stuff. Yes. Another good advice along with patience. You have some win strat to share? lol
  7. Bitcoin is created to be decentralized way of online payment. Pretty much no one to controls it and btc blockchain is make as public ledger. Where every transaction is public and can be seen but at same time anonymity at first place. Over time many new coins were created. Some more successful then others, some just for fun like dogecoin but it is still there lol, some become scam and some abandoned by development teams. But, no one would believe, in a place where decentralized and anonymity are priority centralized coin would have any success. And yes, they created Ripple or XRP, centralized coin. Totally opposite of what crypto world wants. Someone would say such coin can not success in crypto world. But surprisingly Ripple is on 2nd place compared to all coins. Or, number one Alt coin. One of Ripple features is reserve. Reserve is there to activate your address and you can not remove it. It is 20 XRP necessary to have active Ripple address. Bitcoin is dominant and leader among all coins. Simple look at any trading site, it is same. 1st bitcoin, 2nd Ripple. We can like it or not. But Ripple is there and more successful then many other coins. Due current market situation regarding drop in value almost all coins. Some people think Ripple will take Bitcoin position. Do you think this is possible, for Ripple to become number one coin soon?
  8. @Mahdirakib Patience and self control. Did you have similar balance roller coaster of busts and wins?
  9. I know, but they could turn it off. Or primedice can offer pool of not big in size gifs. Yup that is a good idea too
  10. I really don't remember when it was, but price of bitcoin was around 1000 usd. So you could have 0.01 btc for 10 usd. Not much but a decent start. It was on a different sites. I run some strats and fast have 0.02 btc. So lets test some new strat from youtube. You know, guy is popular, many positive comments in comments section below his video. Why not to try? Pretty much in few min down to 200k sat. It looks like youtube strat not so profitable after all lol I have had decided to make flat bets on high payout and return back. In few bets up to 0.08 btc. Never before get high payout so quick. I was up and in profit. Run few low risk strat and up to 0.1 btc. Road from 0.01 to 0.1, it's 10 times invested coins. But I was new to dice gambling and think see how it's easy to win lol I was withdraw funds, deposit on other site, famous one better not to tell lol. In meantime someone pm me some low risk strat with good profit on long run. After you 10x your initial balance you think everything is in your favor. Run the new strat and bust. Lesson is simple. You can bust even with big balance. And you can win big with small deposit.
  11. lol what do you mean no fun. It's all about fun @singpays would you like new tags?
  12. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th @Irena Is my first thread in Primedice section? Sorry I'm little bit in doubt because is in Primedice > Primedice Support > Primedice Suggestions & Criticism. Thank you
  13. We all like primedice chat room. There is so much fun in there, sharing bets, advices, making fun when someone random asking for tip, answering trivias, playing chat games, communicate with friends and many many more fun stuff... Chat room needs new features. Animated gifs and temporary tags for players. With Animated gifs we could express us even better. Or make more fun in chat and more laughter. Animated gifs should be just pasted in chat and in next line bot should load them. For those who don't want to load them there should be function to turn them off and on. Also, there should be predefined pool of already uploaded gifs from primedice. So, if someone win big, just call some funny predefined gif. We need new tags for players. We should have vote system and if someone is funny. He can get Comedian tag for few hours. And similar things. Voting system should be simple, just we click on username and list of possible tags is there and we can click on it. Players who don't want to have tag should have button to remove it from their posts. Also mods or support can give some nice tags for few hours to players. Players would feel nice. What do you think about this?
  14. Nice to have you online again with improved security :)
  15. Your strategy is interesting. I like how you explain it. What does it matter how many times are you using it?