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  1. I think this is an injustice, I talked to him a lot and he never asked me for any coin.

  2. You are really right. It is possible to get much profit from faucet and you can also bust with a balance of 2000. coins. The most important thing ist, to know when to stop dicing. Most of us get greedy when we get in profit...and then we bust.
  3. alien0211

    What's your message count?

    I´m on Primedice since 1. September 2018 and my message count is only at 3847. I dont look at this count. Because It does not matter how much you say, but what you say. And on PD chat, you get very fast many messages...because we have much fun in chat.
  4. alien0211

    Green profit stats - is it important?

    For me it is important to have green stats. Not only to see that im on Profit, what is very cool. This has something to do with psychology. When i see green, i feel better and my heart laughs. And when my heart is happy, i like it more to roll the dice and chat and laugh with the other users.
  5. alien0211

    Dicebot vs. Autobet

    Oh, ok. That i didnt know. Thank you
  6. alien0211

    Dicebot vs. Autobet

    Ok. Normaly no bot is alowed on PD. Just think....why is dicebot alowed on PD.....
  7. alien0211

    Dicebot vs. Autobet

    hm, ok. but i dont understand the seed thing
  8. alien0211

    Dicebot vs. Autobet

    There is a difference. I count red in bot and in autobet. and bot is more
  9. alien0211

    Dicebot vs. Autobet

    I changed seed. But the reds of the bot is more than autbet
  10. alien0211

    Dicebot vs. Autobet

    Hi, I have tried the Dicebot and Autobet with the same strategy, several times. I noticed that the Dicebot gives more red than Autobet. What is your experience?
  11. alien0211

    Are you over 20? Do you still watch cartoons?

    Yes im nearly 42. The Simpsons are the best.
  12. alien0211

    What was your longest red?

    no. i mean how much red you get in a run. the setting are not relevant
  13. What was the longest red you get?
  14. alien0211

    New in Primedice since 9/1/2018

    Hallo MrNice, vielen Dank. Es macht echt Spaß hier! 😉
  15. alien0211

    New in Primedice since 9/1/2018

    thank you for this information 🙂