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  1. I think it´s time for this topic. Here are some users begging and begging. But you do not want to report them to support. You can enter them here. To warn other users of the Beggers.
  2. i cant say it....if i do....i must kill you 😂
  3. I also think its better to make the chatbot commands in PM. But for that, the chat and the PM´s must be updatet. Because when you change between chat and PM to oftend, it makes your PC very very slow. Because the "Self Scrolling" of primedice from the top of the messages to the current message, cost so much working memory. That is why i also make Chatbot Commands in chat and not in pm.
  4. On the 12/16/2018 I made a profit of 2.2 btc with a starting balance of 0.03. But that was only possible because I told myself that when the balance is gone, it is gone. I've made a 6.0 win before with LTC and a balance of 2.0. But only because it was not my money. Then I lost all LTC and wanted to win this back. But then I thought, what I can do with LTC, I can with BTC. So I made my profit with BTC. I dropped from 2.2 to 1.7. But I still had a profit. So I think that it has something to do first and foremost with how much you are willing to lose. Of course with a bit of luck. But it's not by any means that there is on above who says, "You'll never win big"
  5. I have to agree with bigbrankx. If other games are added, it would not be Primedice anymore. You would be too busy with the other games and in the chat you would not be as active as before. And the chat here also makes Primedice so attractive.
  6. Now you see why i´m the "alien" 😁
  7. Hi Dan, i dont know if somebody say the things i will say before me. Im sorry, but i dont have the time to read each post 🙈 So, here´s my list: 1. Extra permanent Tab for PM, like in every internet browser for an open site. 2. Stop the shi..., when clicking on PM or back to Chat, that each scroll down from the "begining" of the conversation, it have in system (see next point), to the current message. That is why Primedice isnt good for working memory and make user computer lagging. This graphic shi.., cost so much memory that i have to refresh my browser (yes i tried mostly all browsers on the world , but all the same). And that fuckes (sorry) me up!!! Because after each refresh i lose really much of my balance. (This only happen after refresh page, or change seed. i know this is true, because i 3. I want to see my PM of each user from the first message to the current. Today when i scroll up, while im in PM with a user, i cant reach the first massage we wrote. Maybe you can do it like you did with older bets in an Archive. 4. Pssssst dont tell anybody....after i register on PD (my first Dice Site) I've been looking around the other dice sites a little bit. I saw a Dice page that has outstanding "additional" features in the "Auto Bet" area. You can change from high to low with one click, while the autobet is running. Or there is a button, similar to the Dicebot, to Stop on next win or on next lose. That i already told Josh. But only a few days ago. So maybe you know about it now 5. Maybe one of the important things for users wich use autobet. The Graph in the Live Stat!!!! It dont show the real betting situation!!!!!!! Mostly in the beginning, but also later after about 5000 bets or also after 20000 bets. It ALWAYS happens when you bet in a long run with aoutbet. For example, you have a win in the graph of 500k after betting 10 long runs, because you didn't refresh the live stats after every long run because you URGTLY need this view for your calculations!!!!!! So now you get a run with several red bets. The graph first goes down slowly because you haven't lost much yet (maybe after ten red ones or so with a loss of maybe 1k) through those many red ones. But then the graph suddenly goes soooo fast down as if you will lose your whole balance. For example, during an long autorun, if you short look at your phone to read a message, and you look back at the monitor and you see the graph only "fall" in the direction of red and went down very quickly, then you click suddenly stop only you dont want to bust all your hard earned balance. Because you dont have now the time to look on profit or balance, to check it out. But click stop is not necessary in 99%, because with the next 10 red ones you wouldn't even get close to the red zone and lose all your balance. I know that this is a psychological trick of the owner or the developers, to get the user to click stop although it is not necessary to click. In the worst case they lose many coins, bet in this long run to make a good profit with the next green hit, which they calculated mathematically and mostly hit in the next 2 or 5 bets. After the shock you can see that you still has so much profit in the graph that you would have survived the next 50 bets of the long run, before you would have come near the red area....if I hadn't clicked stop. That the Graph is a psycholoic trick can be also seen in this case: You stop your long run with autobet, because you made about 10000sat lose and the graph is now in the red zone. Than you start a new long run with auto but not refresh livestat. After some time and many green hits, the graph has gone up again into the green area. But after even more green hits, magicians have to come to Primedice! The graph has shown that I have lost something, but after more green hits and the "magicians" the graph is no longer in the red area at all. This is absolutely impossible and not logical. The graph is my bank statement, just like in my own bank in real life. So the Graph said first, that i lose coins of my balance, that is why it went down in red zone. When i have on my real bank statement, spent more money than it show me that on bank statement. and it will never change for that date. if i would make a graph of my real one, for this date i am in the red zone. no matter if i change my balance back to green zone. this date is red. But not in graph on Primedice. I hope you can fix this "problem" in the next Version. 6. Also on the other side you can not only check, from who you receive tips. You can also see receiving rain and giving rain. This would be very good, because i want to thank the user who gives me rain. (so my mother teach me, when i was young) Ok, that i think is what i want to see in next version
  8. You are really right. It is possible to get much profit from faucet and you can also bust with a balance of 2000. coins. The most important thing ist, to know when to stop dicing. Most of us get greedy when we get in profit...and then we bust.
  9. I´m on Primedice since 1. September 2018 and my message count is only at 3847. I dont look at this count. Because It does not matter how much you say, but what you say. And on PD chat, you get very fast many messages...because we have much fun in chat.
  10. For me it is important to have green stats. Not only to see that im on Profit, what is very cool. This has something to do with psychology. When i see green, i feel better and my heart laughs. And when my heart is happy, i like it more to roll the dice and chat and laugh with the other users.
  11. Oh, ok. That i didnt know. Thank you
  12. Ok. Normaly no bot is alowed on PD. Just think....why is dicebot alowed on PD.....
  13. hm, ok. but i dont understand the seed thing
  14. There is a difference. I count red in bot and in autobet. and bot is more