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  1. Haha
    YuRed reacted to Jarrod in [Race] Happy 6th Birthday Primedice Race - $25k Prize Pool   
    What better way to celebrate our 6th birthday than to hold our Birthday Races! There will be a massive prize pool of $25k on the line, that will be shared between just 50 players!
    From the 10th of May until the 18th of May, players will race against each other to wager the most amount of money and win a share in our huge prize pool! The prize pool will be distributed in the following way:  
    1. $12,000                                                                                                                          26. $34
    2. $6,000                                                                                                                            27. $33
    3. $3,000                                                                                                                            28. $32
    4. $1,000                                                                                                                            29. $31
    5. $700                                                                                                                               30. $30
    6. $500                                                                                                                               31. $29
    7. $250                                                                                                                               32. $28
    8. $150                                                                                                                               33. $27
    9. $100                                                                                                                               34. $26
    10. $90                                                                                                                               35. $25
    11. $70                                                                                                                               36. $24
    12. $60                                                                                                                               37. $23
    13. $50                                                                                                                               38. $22
    14. $48                                                                                                                               39. $21
    15. $46                                                                                                                               40. $20
    16. $44                                                                                                                               41. $19
    17. $43                                                                                                                               42. $18
    18. $42                                                                                                                               43. $17
    19. $41                                                                                                                               44. $16
    20. $40                                                                                                                               45. $15
    21. $39                                                                                                                               46. $14
    22. $38                                                                                                                               47. $13
    23. $37                                                                                                                               48. $12
    24. $36                                                                                                                               49. $11
    25. $35                                                                                                                               50. $10
    It’s simple - whoever wagers the most, wins!
    Make sure you check your position on the leaderboard.
    Good luck!
  2. Sad
    YuRed reacted to Lexus19 in A long black strip on the Prime   
    2 more losses twice in a row . No matter how I play, I'm always fucked . It's crazy.  From 1.5 million Ltc did 5 and lost

  3. Upvote
    YuRed reacted to Lexus19 in A long black strip on the Prime   
    My sad story !   My biggest win at Prime was 19 million sat from a Deposit of 2 million, but after that I lost that win and lost more and more . A little bit after  within 2 weeks I lost 7 deposits in the amount of 20.5 million sat and from this time my minus is only growing . My profit is almost minus 31 million sat, and  luck still does not return to me but I dont lost my hope  . My last 2 withdrawals  were from my referrals , I did not dare to play this money , because I'm just sure that I will lose . Is it really possible to recoup such a big minus or at least half ?
  4. Like
    YuRed reacted to Lexus19 in How to Protect yourself from Excitement and keep your Winnings   
    I came up with this method which helped me a lot after the summer I lost everything that saved and won for 1 year , I lost  53 million satoshas in 1 week . I was very upset, I had to make some decision or stop playing or do something that will be stronger than my excitement and I came up with a way out of the situation , after I did it my savings little by little  began grow . Do you have relatives or reliable friends whom you trust as well as yourself ? Let them open your wallet for you ! But from this wallet, under any circumstances, can not take the crypto-currency output only in real money is a 1 condition . Second, to conclude an agreement and give the word to the holder of your wallet that you will never ask him that he would you transferred from this wallet cryptocurrency for games or exchange . If you break your agreement , your agreement is broken .
    As to me personally , so I am ashamed to ask for the game because I gave my Word . There have been many times when I wanted to make a Deposit after I lost  again and again , but it kept me from doing it.. The third 80% of your crypto-profits transfer to this wallet that is out of your access zone , you can even transfer 90% and 10-20% to keep on your personal wallet and use them for games .
    If you break your promise and disgrace yourself and take the cryptocurrency for games from the wallet that is out of your reach , then you are sick and you need medical help from specialists .
    Good luck to you guys , hide  your money from your passion and they will serve you well . Hope I helped you guys 😉
    P.S.  Maybe Vaults is a good solution for someone , but not for me , as it will not help to protect me from my excitement . If it was posible close the money in Vaults for different periods of time, it would be significantly better .  Another important point is that those who do not play does not understand us how we can put such amounts on the hit and explain it will be  difficult , but when the money is already between two people who have a different attitude to the games here is another level of responsibility .
  5. Like
    YuRed reacted to Lexus19 in Dream about Jackpot   
    Hi guys !🖐️
    Recently I thought about JackPot, I couldn't remember what  at the forum was information about the fact that  someone  won the jackpot. To catch two  same roll in a row and even such as 77.77 very hard 🤨 , I remember it was vere rare happen when someone caught the same roll in a row . Currently the jackpot is like a mythical dragon 🕊️  which has never been seen except on the picture in the book . It seems to me that if the jackpot was much smaller and it would be easier to win it , it would only benefit the site as it would attract new participants . Let's make it less difficult  to catch  that the chance of winning was at least once in two weeks or even one time a week and  let the amount of winnings will be much less . And in order for this to attract new players , each winner will have to post on Twitter and Facebook about his winnings . You can leave the main jackpot, or 112 bitcoins can be divided into five  years and it will be about 46 million a week which will be a very good and big prize , but even if divided into 10 years ,it will be 23 🚀 million sat and will also be a very good and big  prize . On some sites, the jackpot is 1-5 million but you can win it very often . Primedice  have need  new breath , but the background of the Stake , he goes out .
    A real chance to win attracts new players, and the frequent jackpot win will serve for this in the best way . Just to win the jackpot must be defined minimum rate, that it was not quite easy to get it . For example 1000-2000 sat was acceptable for  many players . Well, what do you think about this  guys ? Do you like this idea or let  win one of the happiest in the world and become very rich .  Five hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money in any country .
  6. Thanks
    YuRed reacted to majes201 in Поймай 60,000,000,000 рол на Лаки !!!   
    ПС4 - это плейстейшен 4,приставка игровая) В магизине Лаки выбирается из призов за лаки-токены. Токены можно брать каждую минуту от 1000 токенов+ твой уровень аккаунта с учетом,что заходил до этого на сайт 5 дней подряд. Сам лично подымал максимум 1.5 ляма,но потом как обрубало и в слив уходил полностью. Там обычно вначале ловят максимальной капчей токенов 1%,а уже после от этой суммы играют.
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    YuRed reacted to Lexus19 in Налоги на биткоин   
    Когда государство жадное и ленивое , не развивает правильно возможности и не делает так что бы люди в странах жили в достатке а не с копейки на копейку перебивались , так тогда им от своей лени только и можно что придумывать разные налоги .  А второе это то что когда условия созданы для граждан и человек знает что жизнь его будет достойная и в старости он не вокруг дома будет гулять , а сможет на пенсию ездить заграницу 2-3 раза в год , то тогда человеку налоги в кайф платить . А когда во дворе дыры в асфальте которые ты помнишь еще лет 20 назад , так тогда хуй им на воротник , пускай идут на завод пиздячить , нехуй деньги народные разворовывать прикрывая это действие разными умными словами .