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  1. PKan

    Who is your best rollers

    You want usernames? Best player or roller can control his greed. Have a plan how to win. Not sure win.
  2. PKan

    First Day : First show:)

    Welcome to the site, good luck 😀
  3. Every gambler had similar "roller coaster" of balance. Bigger balance can help, even though we think it's not safe and easy win. You can deposit few bucks and get good results. Nice story 😀
  4. Avatars could be animated gif like in the forum. Much better 😀
  5. I haven't seen support for other languages. If you add it you'll have more users
  6. I know one site when they add animated gif posts they get double of players online. Maybe not because of gif though lol, maybe they have good marketing campaign. Voting system no. I'd like primedice to implement avatars in chat for players to upload.
  7. PKan

    Dicebot vs. Autobet

    There are some videos on YouTube how to use it also you can read on his site about it.
  8. PKan

    Primedice Museum

    For every picture write a date and version of PD. Primedice museum could get separate section on this forum. Players can share some old bets screen shots. Site changed a lot over time. There is a btc talk thread about a guy who bet big on some other site.
  9. PKan

    Greedy or grindy?

    It's better to bet steady if you want to make something here. Bet for small profit every day. Big balance helps alot to make profit.
  10. PKan

    Dogecoin Price Drop - Why? 🤔

    Thread is from time when doge dropped in price from like 100 sat. Now almost all coins have less value and doge follow same pattern. What do you mean? It's added to this site recently.
  11. Faucet is there to try how site works. If you really need faucet, there are faucet sites. Collect and deposit. They will probably decrease it more. You can try to be a part of forum community and earn some satoshi. It's paid per post after you make 30 posts.
  12. PKan

    Boss of PD - what would you do?

    How you mean to implement "pay to chat"? Isn't already? Players have to wager certain amount to be able to chat. What is pvp thing? Can you explain it?
  13. Of course it's possible to make more challenges per week. I would like to participate in more then just one. As you can see, this site is really popular and needs more challenges.
  14. PKan

    Minimum tip for doge

    yeah 15 doge is too low. 150 doge is to high. 50 or 60 doge would be ok
  15. your title is "What you can do to win most of the time". not really important does you win most or occasionally. only profit maters. if youre looking for fun thats different story