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    nikowin44 reacted to DarkBlood096 in The 112.7 Bitcoin Jackpot   
    The chances of actually hitting that jackpot on the other hand is extremely slim, I actually wonder if anyone has even won anything from it with lower bets. I'm sure that someone one day will win but personally, I don't stand a chance since my bankroll can't produce 0.01 + btc bets trying to aim for jackpot. I wish that I was back in 2017 where I actually had thousands and thousands of dollars and could try and win the jackpot but those days are long gone. I wonder who will hit it next... Perhaps Sam...
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    nikowin44 reacted to UltraChief in The 112.7 Bitcoin Jackpot   
    Thats one huge checklist. But first you have to win the jackpot. But good luck trying to win it.  
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    nikowin44 got a reaction from LQID in The 112.7 Bitcoin Jackpot   
    Hi there, 
    Nice project and you seem to be a helpful  and kind person and I can say the world desperately lack of person of that kind so good luck achieving your goals I wish you success. 
    That said I first thought you've made a post on what was needed to win that juicy jackpot...  I can't imagine..  To win full jackpot one have to roll twice in a row 77.77 with a 0.01 BTC wager... That's 35€!  
    Myself I almost never wager that much and the ones who do it for what I noticed often do it with a strat like martingale or something. Just to say they rarely bet 0.01 over and over again. Making probability of hitting full jackpot more unlikely. 
    Well I guess some high roller  will end to win it. And sadly it'll probably be someone who do not care about have it or not. I dont blame rich people for being rich. It's just make me sad to think that this jackpot will probably end in hand of someone who don't really need it. 
    But hopefully I'm often wrong. 
    Anyway wish you luck in your games and in achieving your goals. 
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    nikowin44 reacted to LQID in The 112.7 Bitcoin Jackpot   
    Just imagine one of us winning that 112.7 Bitcoin Jackpot imagine how many things you could do with that money.
    If i would win i'd buy (my wish list) -
    1. My own house (really expensive where i live)
    2. Helping my family get out of shit and make them happy buying them something really nice, organize a big vacation for them in a really special place!
    3. Helping homeless people have a great life
    4. Starting to do what i love (film making) and buy all the things that i need for it.
    5. Going to see the most places of this beautiful world!
    6. Investing in something to make more even money to help people out that really don't deserve a bad life (no one deserves a bad life!)
    7. Living somewhere in peace
    That's it this was my wish list hope y'all have great luck! Hopefully someone wins it someday! 
    also: my main reason to help other out is cause i know how life can be in some situations & i wanna make myself happier by helping others out as well everyone deserves a good life cause you only live once and there's no time to have a bad life! 
    Proud Primedice member!
    - Liquiday 😎.
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    nikowin44 got a reaction from SammyA123 in Your thoughts on the recent spam   
    Nice to meet you 🙂
    I'm not a mod but it seems to me you're a good person and not spammer. 
    The ppl we were talking about do differently,  and a way to recognize them is that they don't say anything else but "gl" Grats "busted" And other 1 word post. And they do it repeatedly... 
    I mean me too sometimes I just post a "hello" And other 1 word post but it's from time to time and isn't the only thing I post. 
    My advice would be keep being yourself and chatting like you do. If ever you're doing it wrong ( I don't think you do but if...)  You'll surely get a warning by a mod and at this moment you'll know you've done sumthin wrong.. 
    C you in the chat 🙂
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    nikowin44 got a reaction from Bojana in Your thoughts on the recent spam   
    It s little better on both actually.  But the main concern is that isn't it in a chat DNA to have trolls and spammers?  I'm not even sure a permanent mute would change anything as they could always come back with Alts. 
    And basically have to remember stake and primedice are casino...  Their main purpose isn't providing a smart and quality chat ^^ but stealing our money to buy Edwards Lambo and penthouse ( 😄😄😄 jk). 
    That said one of the reason I spend my time and money in Primedice rather than anywhere else is the people in chat with whom I have fun and friendly relationship. More than any other reason. 
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    nikowin44 reacted to UltraChief in What was your longest red?   
    That depends on the multiplier. If you run a 9900x you will get a large number of red before you hit a green and thats the only green you will have in that streak. Again in a 2x you will get a 50-50 share of red and green.
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    nikowin44 reacted to Lexus19 in What's your message count?   
    Hi guys ! I never noticed how many messages I had . Now I look and their already   46,448 wow I must be a spammer 😁😁😂
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    nikowin44 reacted to williamsh in What's your message count?   
    Hey everyone
    So I was wondering how much time you spend chatting in PrimeDice on the chatbox (it can be for any language). I've noticed that the chat can be very active at times, and very quite at other times. Some people spend hours chatting on most days, while others chip in every now and then, so it really got me thinking about how many messages some of you have posted throughout your time on Primedice.
    I've seen some users with a message count of over 100,000 messages on PrimeDice, which is crazy if you think about it! I guess if you are having a good conversation, and contributing to the chat, it is easy to send 100+ messages in one go. If you do this everyday, I suppose you can build up your message count
    I know for me personally, I play more on Stake, so I'm not very active in the chat on PrimeDice, and I doubt I'll reach 100,000 messages on PrimeDice anytime soon.
    What are your views on this? Do you pay attention to message count, is it an important stat, or is it just there for bragging rights? Also share how many messages you've sent. I've sent a mere 899 messages on the English PrimeDice chat, which proves I'm not very active lol
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    nikowin44 got a reaction from MrNice23 in [GAME] Nice looking chat with constructive long messages   
    Very nice idea!  Thanks Zoltan for the work and time it should take to make it work. 
    I fully support it 
    I don't have any idea for a name but I like the one Bojana suggested! 
    If I find any idea I'll share it here 😄
    Thanks for all mods and support do to make chat the pleasant and funny place it is ( it's not ironic I like very much spending time and having fun in chat even though it could be better without the spammers..) 
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    nikowin44 reacted to Babagucci in How many instant depositers here?   
    I always buy more and deposit if I have the spare cash to do so of course otherwise I don't play. I only claim faucets when the amount of Bitcoin they give is decent. I don't mess with the faucets that pay 10 satoshi, waste of my time if you ask me. There have only been a few occasions where I actually turned the faucet into a withdrawable balance but ended up losing in anyway lol
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    nikowin44 reacted to dicyprime in How many instant depositers here?   
    I like to store some crypto too, so if I bust, I try not to depo more.  It's important not to get carried away and loose everything, gambling is meant to be fun, otherwise loosing too much can be quite easy.  Holding crypto is like gambling too, it can certainly go up in the future.
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    nikowin44 reacted to Dan in How many instant depositers here?   
    I actually only deposit form my profits when investing in crypto. So it only really depends when I'm in profit.
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    nikowin44 reacted to Zoltan in [GAME] Nice looking chat with constructive long messages   
    Hey there,
    as you know i have been trying to start a new Chatgame yesterday, where i encourage people to post long messages instead of the usual one-word spams and greeting.s It is still under development and that is why i am sending it here, so i can collect ideas for it to make it better. So far the rules are looking like this:
    Let's play a game, no one should post one word messages in the chat in the next 30 minutes, try to write longer messages and don't spam! No alts allowed, also it doesn't mean you can send 2 word spam! You have to make at least 10 constructive/not spammy message in that 30 minutes! 1 word responses, greetings or sending just a betID will not count towards message count also it could make you get excluded! The most important is to keep the general Chat Rules in mind too! https://forum.primedice.com/topic/105-chat-rules-elaborated/ If you succeed, i will tip you a small amount, if you don't, i may exclude you for one week from my rains! Don't hesitate to make suggestions! Even a name for the game  Hopefully we can get something going on and make chat more usable and nicer as it is.
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    nikowin44 reacted to CaptainLorca in Your thoughts on the recent spam   
    The  issue is.. yips mute them and they know why, but as soon as the mute is over.. boom still the same behavior.
    some people seem to check their friend list, just to say hi..
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    nikowin44 reacted to Sheen in Your thoughts on the recent spam   
    Majority  is spamming, just simple  reason  ,they want rain.  So stoping raining in couple  of hours will be great idea I think
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    nikowin44 reacted to ttrtrades in Your thoughts on the recent spam   
    The rain that you are collecting is actually money that has been lost by other players. In order for someone to collect, someone else need to provide...think about that
    Absolutely nothing wrong with referring new players though.
    In the business point of view, would make more sense to reward those that are paying the fun by playing, but i like the chat in some weird way... that's what got me to stay here in the first place... 
    please stop the spam campaigns are worthless imo ... just pull out the mighty ban hammer and start the cleaning or fine tune the rainbot. 
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    nikowin44 reacted to irawk0 in Your thoughts on the recent spam   
    There's a simple solution I suggested awhile back on Stake: remove the rain option for a month as a social experiment, and warning everyone of more disabled rainbot time should spam continue.
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    nikowin44 reacted to ttrtrades in Your thoughts on the recent spam   
    By removing the human element by introducing the rainbot PD kind of opened that door themself.
    Easy fix : change the algo to give more weight on the wagering...
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    nikowin44 reacted to alexandre335 in Will you accept Btc/crypto as inheritance or the traditional way?   
    I would accept yes, I would have thought it better than the traditional way!
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    nikowin44 reacted to UltraChief in Did you hear about IMF economist named Mark Dow?   
    There is more to it. Bitcoin was created to replace the traditional banking system. Since people found it to be having a lot of advantages over it they chose to support it and by time it has been seen that bitcoin has been an censorship resistant, immutable currency. It has been supported by people making the value increase gradually. Intrinsic to it there is no value without the support of bitcoiners.
    Usage of crypto attracts attention. The adoption is still low but crypto lovers are enthusiatic about future. Suppose an ETF for bitcoin gets accepted there will be a lot of traditional investors flocking into this sector because it is a safe haven for your money when the prices of stocks and commodity markets drop.
    Price is not a determinant of importance. People bought bitcoin at the all time high when it is the point to sell and not buy. Its because many traders in this market and in other markets too are immature and dont understand how trading works or are not willing to analyse the price charts, leaving aside market indicators. It was their wrong decision and they only have themselves to blame.
    Future value will always increase because bitcoin is a deflationary currency with growing market adoption and usage.
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    nikowin44 got a reaction from FotisNt in Hello everyone!   
    Hi FotisNT, wellcome in PrimeDice, 
    I m sure you ll find some peole you already know, and you ll see that PD is a great place to play and sometimes win big 😉
    Welcome again
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    nikowin44 reacted to thomasalt in Are you a successful gambler?   
    I’ve found an interesting thought regarding this question on WikiHow (https://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Successful-Gambler): the success begins with creating a logical system, keeping a record of winnings/losses, building winning habits. So, technically I am a successful gambler, as I've developed a strategy and sticking to it. Besides, I’m pretty good at money management. However, I never had a big winning, at least yet.
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    nikowin44 reacted to FotisNt in Hello everyone!   
    Hey everyone! I'm kinda new to Primedice.  Some of you might already know me through stake.com. Guess its about time to join primedice's forum aswel! Would be nice to meet you everyone. By the way, my name is Fotis , I'm from Greece and I'm 19 years old.
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    nikowin44 reacted to davincuy in Are you a successful gambler?   
    i think what succesfull mean was when u got so many profits and u only lose a few (Also have a good strategy , and can control the emotions)
    well if you won around 1 BTC and bust around 0.37 . i think u are a successful one