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    nikowin44 reacted to katsymon2341 in Personal luck of a person!   
    Lexus, that's not the point. Just when you have 15,000 satoshi on the balances, you're not so worried about them as at 0.30. Therefore, it is possible to multiply them by 7 - 11 times and so on, since you always know that you will not lose anything and there will be another rain from which you can start all over again. Therefore, to make more winnings, it is necessary to treat large sums like small ones. Well, this is just my theory)
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    nikowin44 reacted to Mahdirakib in Personal luck of a person!   
    Luck! Okay I don't know what's the actual fact. Yeah I see many new user come and make huge profit. I see people made 0.11+ btc from someone 0.001 btc tip at a site. It's a matter of luck and skill. When we made big deposit we fear to loss. Actually the fear of losing won't allow us to win big. Luck is a matter too.
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    nikowin44 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Gambling Impact   
    Hi MrNice, 
    Sure as others said gambling,  specially in pure luck game shouldn't be done for anything else but having fun. 
    For me,  I don't try to make a living from gambling but I don't  do it only to have fun and spend time.  I try doing it to maximize my spare money.  Let me explain.  For example one month after paying all the bills and bought all what I had to if I have for example 100€ of extra money,  I'll try to turn it to 200, then withdraw 100e to use it to current life bills or buying something I haven't planned to buy bc I didn't had enough money.  Then the other 100€ left I keep gambling with it,  trying again to double or even better. 
    Another thing I try to do is starting to withdraw a part of my winnings to hold some btc   and then little by little making it bigger. 
    But for the moment it s just a wish as I always have something to buy or unplanned bill to pay or..  And it's happening more than I wish I just loose all. 
    Same in sports betting. I never bet money that I can't afford to loose and I try to win just enough to make life a little easier.  I think it's better than dreaming about winning big and being bust trying to achieve unrealistic goals. 
    I have few friends who gamble for the living.  But they are really few.  Most of my friends just loose over and over again. 
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    nikowin44 reacted to Chikou1306 in Gambling Impact   
    if you gamble just for fun and only in your free time, then its not gonna be more than having fun and pleasure, but.. if you consider it as a way of living, this will have bad consequences, try to gamble only with what you can afford to lose, try to gamble jus for FUN
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    nikowin44 reacted to UltraChief in Gambling Impact   
    After all gambling is not something that you should take as a mode of earning. It should be kept to being a mode of entertainment. 
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    nikowin44 got a reaction from UltraChief in What if Primedice offered more games ? Would it kill the Dice vibe ?   
    I agree with you lint,  moreover by the fact that stake is here to offer various other games...  I mean like you said,  stake and prime dice are mathematically the same,  owned by the same people and supported by the same team...  So to me there s no point to add anything to prime dice. 
    Those who want to play other games can always go to stake and enjoy all the stuff and the purists who prefer to stick to simplicity and efficiency of that simple dice game can stick to PD. And all those in between can just register in both site like many of us do. 
    I would like to add one last point about community.  For any reason there's less people in pd and to me,  as I was first in prime dice and second more time here,  pd chat is a friendly and family-like place ( not everyday lol)  where stake chat with its 800 to 1100 connected users is way more friendly and pleasant place to stay. It's maybe just a personal feeling due to the fact I haven't spent as much time and I don't know ppl in stake as much as I know lol in pd but if adding games to prime dice turns chat into something like stake chat then it's a big no for me. 
    That's all 😉
    Have a nice day everyone
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    nikowin44 reacted to Xantys in A trick to improve your performance   
    Hi guys. I wanted to share with you something which I think helps be to become a better player. And that thing is keeping your daily progress in excel sheet. Every night I carefully right down the date, deposits, withdrawals and all my balances in various cryptos and daily progress in different columns. Daily progress column contains an easy formula that calculates the difference between yesterday's and today's balances. The progress can be either positive if you win or negative if you loose. Have also a 'Notes' column where you write down important events and your thoughts like "Busted because of incorrect initial bet size", "Busted because of lack of self-control" or whatever. As you keep filling in you will see your overall performance and all your daily ups and downs and also the reasons why you fail or succeed. You can calculate your daily potential and how much you can make overtime if you keep your current progress. Offcourse your sheet can be customized to include various details as you wish.
    As you analyze your progress sheet you try not to repeat your past mistakes and hopefully become a better player overtime. My personal progress sheet contains detailed records over the last 118 days and I tell you what! I haven’t had a single loosing day over the last 23 days!
    Hope this helps you guys. Please share your thoughts and suggestion on personal accounting and progress sheet.
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    nikowin44 reacted to Carollzinha in The fastest profit   
    About 30 seconds of an autobet setted wrong  

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    nikowin44 reacted to lint59 in What if Primedice offered more games ? Would it kill the Dice vibe ?   
    Couldn't have put it nicely .... Although it takes a fair bit of common sense that ultimately these are all a roll of random numbers with probabilities... People fall in a fallacy that a plinko ball was so close to a 5000x but fell short .... Or a 99.98 is so Damn close ..... In reality each outcome is completely different than any other else and these animations and colours don't matter in hindsight ..... essentially both the sites are the same mathematically....
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    nikowin44 reacted to lint59 in What if Primedice offered more games ? Would it kill the Dice vibe ?   
    I think the biggest and the most underrated factor for primedice to work so well is the simplicity and the interface ... The day it becomes a circus , i think it will lose interest ....
    Here there aren't any stake animations , no colored game sprites, no flashy cards .... Just pure number shite ... Thats exactly just what i want ... Though it is just my personal choice ...i feel the world is full of clutter anyways ... The last thing a degenarate wants is complexities lol
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    nikowin44 reacted to Kate in What if Primedice offered more games ? Would it kill the Dice vibe ?   
    Hello , 
    So we all know Primedice the basic dice site in which we all play and sometimes loose or sometimes win and have frequent mood changes because of our loses or because of our wins. Primedice only offers one game that is dice and it makes sense because dice is there in the name so it is a dice site. 
    But my question to everyone is what if Primedice did have dice and a bunch of other games like Stake has ? Maybe they add slots for example will it be killing the purpose of the name ? Or would it not ? 
    In my opinion , it would bring up a bit of controversy but still people wouldn't stop playing here because let's face it , this the place those pure gamblers come everyday to try and win something. It wouldn't affect the player base but would neglect the name of being Primedice ? 
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    nikowin44 reacted to Flansca in Any doubt playing dice? (especially in here)   
    Hello Primedice! You already know this site was the best of the Dice Casino since 2013. 
    I'm curious, do you have doubts when playing dice at Primedice? Although provably fair has proven that there is no interference from the hands of the Primdice itself. How to overcome these doubts, if you play with a large scale bet.
    Everyone must have doubts about doing a bet, especially the money bet is the result of your hard work. What methods make you more calm about betting? How do you overcome your fear? 
    For me, doing prerolls until my doubts disappear (I only doing that at Primedice and Stake) and then I bet with my balance. How about you?
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    nikowin44 reacted to lint59 in What's your message count?   
    Well to be honest, dont really care much about the count .... I think its just a fancy feature... i remember it used to mean a lot to me on the old social networking site Orkut where i had a gazzillion scraps on my wall... It was quite a rage back then ... i ve got 15k currently but I guess by the end of the year it will quite  easily reach a million with all the trolling me and @MrNice23 do.
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    nikowin44 reacted to JohnTravel in What's your message count?   
    I think I should play more and talk less. My message count is 14,685.
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    nikowin44 reacted to AlphaStorm in 🏆 [0.1 BTC] Primedice & Chill: A Trip to the Moon   
    chance = 5.21 nextbet = 0.000001 bethigh = false won = 0 function dobet() if win then bethigh = true won +=1 else bethigh = false won = 0 end if won == 2 then ching() stop() end end Simple scrypt for simlpe challenge 😀
    Bet: 30,150,467,165
    placed by AlphaStorm on 08/04/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    19.00x Profit
    0.00001800 Bet: 30,150,466,971
    placed by AlphaStorm on 08/04/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    19.00x Profit
    0.00001800 *PO 19.02 for DiceBot ^  Suitable for challenge
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    nikowin44 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Biggest Profit in One Bet   
    Hi bro, 
    Amazing bet mate!!! 
    You did better than I did. My best win so far was a x990 bet that made me won 0.09.. Not so bad too I guess. 
    But it was a while ago and since i quite struggle doing it again or even being in profit 😔
    Good luck all
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    nikowin44 got a reaction from UltraChief in The 112.7 Bitcoin Jackpot   
    As usual Ultrachief says very true things...  The more you give the more  People would cry for having more. 
    In fact  one thing is very unique to PrimeDice and more generally to dice sites in the world of gambling is having a chat.. Where gamblers can spit out their angers and hopes too.  I mean I'm used to sports gambling and traditional casino and there s no way in those to chat with Casino and other players.. 
    That's maybe why here we sadly can see beggars and scammers and haters. In other site they just can't speak at all. So regarding that I really find our community pretty nice and positive ( some are worse not to name them)  and it's due to the awesome work mods and support do day after day.  That what I think. 
    Thanks for that btw 😉
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    nikowin44 reacted to UltraChief in The 112.7 Bitcoin Jackpot   
    Primedice already has been giving out money more in amount than what it has been making from bets. More  promotions have been done recently and people dont seem to be happy even after getting a number of things for earning here, examples include but not limited to Daily rains from staff, forum pay per post, weekly giveaways, social media promos. I am sure no other casino out there is so generous in rewarding its userbase.
    Theoritically people do roll it, you can calculate the probability yourself as @Zoltan did a few threads back. But either they are not reported or they are not having the minimum bet amount.
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    nikowin44 reacted to MrNice23 in Watching the High roller tab   
    I think a gambling site without HRs tab would be boring , it's good for entertainment , for show , for business and makes "normal" players dream to win big one day , and i want to say again that it was a mistake to remove HOF (Hall Of Fame) because that was nice to see how much you can win in one day or one week , it's challenging and entertaining. As we know nowadays entertainement is the most profitable business...
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    nikowin44 reacted to CaptainLorca in Watching the High roller tab   
    just recently the amount of HR watchers increased a lot. Side note: that’s highly suspicious.
    i don’t know.. sometimes I feel like i‘m In a Football Stadium. I mean.. it’s great when people win a lot and what not. But it’s reaching levels with the cheering.. that it becomes veeeeery crazy, imo.
    what is behind that? I don’t understand why people get so freaky about it. Sure I take a look every now and then and be like „oh doode, yeah...“ or „oh shit!“. But then I leave it and carry on with my own misery.
    maybe some people can enlighten me on this.. so.. explain :)!
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    nikowin44 reacted to MrNice23 in Biggest Profit in One Bet   
    Hello PDicers,  i want to know what was your biggest profit in a single bet , whether if it was on high multiplier or not doens't matter , just post your craziest bets in comments! 
    Here's one of my craziest bet!!
    Bet: 29,312,920,896
    placed by MrNice23 on 07/03/2019
    0.00131072 Multiplier
    99.00x Profit
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    nikowin44 reacted to MrNice23 in The 112.7 Bitcoin Jackpot   
    Well i don't dream about winning that Jackpot , imo this JP is almost impossible , i think it would be better to remove it and make one more realistic
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    nikowin44 reacted to Serlite in The 112.7 Bitcoin Jackpot   
    That's been my view all along - it's pointless if players don't believe it can actually be won. Nobody has ever seen anyone win the jackpot, so nobody gets excited by its mention, no matter how big the number gets. Having a jackpot system with a lower threshold (and a similarly lower prize) would make it more of a worthwhile addition to the site. Otherwise, right now it's just very much a pie in the sky.
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    nikowin44 reacted to DarkBlood096 in The 112.7 Bitcoin Jackpot   
    Maybe they need to consider making it a little bit easier by making some promotions which enable more chances to win? That way Primedice can essentially make more money out of the players? What do you think, it's a good business idea?
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    nikowin44 reacted to CaptainLorca in What’s the reason to keep bank accounts?   
    Having two accounts makes two targets. Using only one makes you less vulnerable. That’s the point of the vault