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  1. nikowin44

    BitTorrent Token to the moon !

    Very true even if some times it's pointless.. I guess they all want a part of the juicy cake ICO seems to be... But at the end most of them will turn to be scam or just bad investment.. I guess the best thing to do if someone want to make money from it is buy early and sell as soon as you reach a decent profit ( in our example +500% sounds really decent one)
  2. nikowin44

    What was your longest red?

    Like other said before hard to say bc depending on payout... On x2 it must be 11 or 12 don't remember exactly... On x99 i never really counted all matters is being in green or not.. But it seems something like 300 at least!
  3. nikowin44

    What's your message count?

    Hi there Well I'm member since April 2018 and have 3478 messages so I guess I'm an average user. I used to be a member in former version of primedice ( the one with achievements) but I lost my credentials and wasn't taking part to the chat at this time) @MrNice23 wooo impressive you're one of the most active in chat my friend
  4. nikowin44

    Your thoughts on the recent spam

    Nice to meet you 🙂 I'm not a mod but it seems to me you're a good person and not spammer. The ppl we were talking about do differently, and a way to recognize them is that they don't say anything else but "gl" Grats "busted" And other 1 word post. And they do it repeatedly... I mean me too sometimes I just post a "hello" And other 1 word post but it's from time to time and isn't the only thing I post. My advice would be keep being yourself and chatting like you do. If ever you're doing it wrong ( I don't think you do but if...) You'll surely get a warning by a mod and at this moment you'll know you've done sumthin wrong.. C you in the chat 🙂
  5. Good luck! My stake username is nikowin88
  6. nikowin44

    How many instant depositers here?

    Hi there It happened one time or two that I buy btc and deposit them right after a bust. But in most of case I don't. If I still have some btc from last withdraw I used them and if not I take a few days break before depositing again. The thing is I deposit only btc and play for good only in btc too. So all the other coins I could have received as tips or rain are stored and I start to play with when I busted all btc. So if ever it happens to have bust all of those its a loud and clear message to me that I need to stop here before loosing it all... But still it happened to me once or twice ( once because just before busting I wrong sided a bet x1980 with 10k sats. This very one hurt me badly and made bust many more money...
  7. Very nice idea! Thanks Zoltan for the work and time it should take to make it work. I fully support it I don't have any idea for a name but I like the one Bojana suggested! If I find any idea I'll share it here 😄 Thanks for all mods and support do to make chat the pleasant and funny place it is ( it's not ironic I like very much spending time and having fun in chat even though it could be better without the spammers..)
  8. nikowin44

    Your thoughts on the recent spam

    It s little better on both actually. But the main concern is that isn't it in a chat DNA to have trolls and spammers? I'm not even sure a permanent mute would change anything as they could always come back with Alts. And basically have to remember stake and primedice are casino... Their main purpose isn't providing a smart and quality chat ^^ but stealing our money to buy Edwards Lambo and penthouse ( 😄😄😄 jk). That said one of the reason I spend my time and money in Primedice rather than anywhere else is the people in chat with whom I have fun and friendly relationship. More than any other reason.
  9. Yeah that's a concern. But in long term I'm pretty sure btc will be higher than today so.. But that s still a bet in some way
  10. nikowin44

    Your thoughts on the recent spam

    Hi everyone, As everyone here I'm tired of rain farmers spammimg chat. I support @irawk0 idea that he shared on stake where there s the same issue. My 2 cents on that: why not rollback to older rainbot algorithm? I remember not so long ago maybe 6 month we had to wager AND chat to catch rain. And the more one wagered the more chance he had to catch rain. And if you had no coins at all or didn't rolled at all you'd never received anything. That way rainbot was more something looking like a form if cash back. It's surely not perfect but at least it would keep beggar and rain farmers away...
  11. nikowin44

    Coinbase lessons

    Hi PrimeDragon, Thanks for the trick I'm interested into try it but I'd have too questions: Can I ask you how much did you got from those quiz? And second one: what kind of question did you have to reply? Thanks in advance Be sure I won't forget to use your link to register when I'll do so Good day
  12. Hi there, Interesting question. Few month ago I thought about buying ledger for each of my children and put in it some BTC that I would give them when they'd grew up. Bc I really think btc will rise again and its value will me way more high than today. About inheritance the major concern is about transmitting the private keys you have to trust someone to do that such as a notary or your attorney. Maybe it s depending on amount to transmit too. I mean if it so small amount it's ok but as soon as amount transmitted is very high security becomes a priority and need to be locked up. But definitely it so sounds as a good idea to me. Added that when transmitting btc or any alt coin as inheritance you prevent your inheritance from state taxes that can be real high in some countries like mine France...
  13. nikowin44

    Did you hear about IMF economist named Mark Dow?

    Sure, you're very right. The hard thing with btc and cryptography is to determinate a value... To me the most valuable aspect of cryptos is the decentralization and anonymity but in fine what is the value of that? I mean for usual stocks it can and it do happen bubble but we can always establish a link between stock value and the company "real" Value by watching benefits, perspectives and other countable things... While in cryptos the value comes only from owners and traders expectation... That said I'm everything but an expert but I'm a btc believer, so I guess Im not neutral and will merely highlight what doesn't contradict my own belief... Btc has still a great future imho and if not btc at least crypto aren't even close from the end! Ppl keep crying that btc is so low bc most of them bought some when it was sooo high, and they hope it's value will go back to its highest but from my point of view 3k$ a btc is pretty good for something that has only 10 years and that is yet not really used by "common" people... I hope I'm understandable bc talking economics isn't easy in English for me ( even in my own language it isn't that easy ^^) And you ultra what you think about current and future btc value?
  14. Did you heard from former IMF economist named Mark Dow? (@mark_dow on Twitter) And what are your thoughts for btc future? Hi all, Today I just read an article about a man named Mark Dow, former economist at IMF, that took a short position on Bitcoin last year in Dec. 17 and he just closed it recently in Dec. 18. This guy should have cashed tons of dollars on that simple trade! But my point is to say that if this guy who seemed to have recognize the financial bubble where btc was last year stopped it in Dec 18, and oviously he was right again as Bitcoin slowly goes up again, so if this guy think btc won't go more down and likely go up I think we can assume btc will rise again this year. I hope it'll be more slow and steady than 2017 frenzy and I'm pretty sure we won't go as high as the highest level of 2017 but anyway to me it's a good news. And I don't think it's a good thing that btc go in another bubble for cryptoworld I'm not saying this guy know more than any other analyst but it feels good to find an expert that is not announcing btc death like many of them are doing repeatedly but is believing btc has finished to go down. Last thing I'd like to add is in my point of view trading on cryptography and especially btc is not a good thing and is opposite to what btc was made for. Btc to me should be something to secure your wealth and prevent it from financial crisis. So making it another financial product is just forgetting about its main purpose: being decentralized and for that reason being free from financial up and downs and state regulations. I'm curious to read your thoughts about that, as I think we are all more or less cryptobelievers here in Prime Dice! Have all a good day
  15. nikowin44

    Lint's Sports Bets

    Hi @lint59, I ve just discivered you shared tips with very good results ! , i m very interested to follow you next time, i ve never had lot of success in tennis so i dnlove to follow you Thanks for sharing 😉