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  1. 15 nikowin44 Fucking shit once again been too slow... How youguys doing you sleep on your laptop or what?
  2. Few user? I dont think so the previous block chain giveaway had been granted for many many ppl. I have no number but I know many ppl received it
  3. Oh yeah my coinbase account is already fully verified ( I already received the 25$ in xrp in December... After 3 month on waiting list lol. For any reason French ppl seems to be the last served. Maybe it's related to some regulation law we could have here...
  4. Good morning. Bit sure it's still running 😉 @nikowin44
  5. I'm registered to coinbase earn since well February. But yet I'm still on waiting list. I read somewhere that it depends from your country and it seems mine ( France) is one of the worst ilfor that offer. Ppl from the states seems not to wait very long. Europe is good room except France 😭 If anyone want to share his experience with that program he would be welcomed
  6. Good Luck #rainbowsheepmaster stakes username is nikowin88
  7. nikowin44

    The Ghost Mod

    Thanks for the tip @luizoruivo, was a pleasure to meet you and chat with you 😉 Thanks again
  8. nikowin44

    The Ghost Mod

    Well I can't reply in place of luizoruivo but he don't talk about counting letters. The op is pretty clear. It s giveaway and to get it have to chat with him. He out few restriction to be sure people are really playing the game ( asking him ho is his day for example and basic dialog isn't recommended.) Every other's condition speak by themselves. If your question is about why he does this I'm afraid only him can reply. But nothing tricky in the giveaway.
  9. nikowin44

    The Ghost Mod

    Really. ? Cool. I didn't received anything yet yesterday h told me I was a winner so I guess it shouldn't be long now ?
  10. nikowin44

    The Ghost Mod

    Nope read again his message he said he would tip you anyway but not count you as part of 10 winners... Pretty nice isn't it?