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  1. Well as ultra said.. Never leave your coins in any third part... I don't even understand why people leave their coins in such sites... There has been many cases of abuse and then what's the point? If you buy coins to hold it ll be safer in cold storage, if you buy coins to buy things or invest or anything just do it and keep the remaining on your wallet. The only reason I can see to do so is if you actively trade coins... But this story isnt over yet... I just googled. It and it appears that the owner updated his last will 12 days before his death.. But not to specify how to access to his laptop but just to give all his good to his wife... Including a jet ^^.. And in what I've read about it it appears that an audit has been made and experts didn't found any trace of transaction sending funds to cold storage but found some transaction done after owner death so that seems to be in contradiction with what the wife said claiming she didn't had the passworda and that all the business of her husband was done from the encrypted laptop.. And last but not least there's some rumours on the web saying that the owner fainted his death himself.. No clue of it obviously but 180 millions dollars is definitely something for what people could do anything 😉 I'll post the link of what I found later when I'll be home Good day all
  2. Well this looks fine. I shall test soon I'll let you know. Come on guys maybe it s not 100% safe but it seems safer than many I could see. And even if with bad luck anyone s got 161 or more meeting a real bad streak, we can assume it doesn't happen at the first use of the bot. As it is a pretty unlikely event to happen if that actually happen after running the bot for several hours maybe the losses would just bring the balance back to initial state. And if you have doubt about that just run it with doge... I mean loosing 1.63 or 16 or even 160 doge isn't a big deal I guess. Thanks again for sharing. I would surely try it
  3. Oh yeah I've forgot about that Walder frey! How could I... He said so awfull and disgusting! I
  4. Hey there, just watched first ep. Of last season. Starting story but can't wait to see how it'll end ... The final battle would be amazing hopefully! My fav character : tyrion lannister Fav house : house Stark Most hated villain Jeoffrey Baratheon and little finger Most loved villain : Sandor Clegane Most hated character red priestess, jeoffrey again, ramsey bolton
  5. It's sounds promising. Read the preview and I think those guys are far ahead of the markets. But it snake showing us what the future could offer. But at this price I won't be a buyer. Maybe in 2 or 3 gen they'll create a great product. Anyway it's really interesting and I'll be looking forward to see how it can evolve. Thanks for sharing
  6. Nice bets for sure. Congrats for those, and I can't imagine how you felt just before rolling the dices. I can't say I ve already been in your situation because I don't do martingale neither all in ( except maybe when balance is very low I never do such things bc at the end everything depends from the issue of one single roll... It could win or loose as well. I really thinks it's a loosing strat at the long term. But hey enjoy the winnnings, and if that strat fits you great for you and keep it up 😉
  7. Video aren't available anymore as he moved to other site and now all his video are done on this other sites. Easy to find in YouTube by a simple search. But yes maybe thread should be locked
  8. Nice topic. I bet a lot on sports. Maybe more than in dices. Or equally depending of the season. My fav sport for getting are soccer hockey and all American sports. I used nitrogen to bet with ntc but now I play more on cloudbet that I find more handy. And yes be careful with sports bc even if we can have the feeling of being able to analyse right to predict the result it remains sports and there's often surprise, the underdig beat the fav. Specially in soccer. In fact that the way I bet. I'll never bet on a fav at odds of 1.5 or less but rather pick an underrated underdog to win. I got some success but don't works everytime otherwise I'll be rich 😉
  9. Hi MrNice, Sure as others said gambling, specially in pure luck game shouldn't be done for anything else but having fun. For me, I don't try to make a living from gambling but I don't do it only to have fun and spend time. I try doing it to maximize my spare money. Let me explain. For example one month after paying all the bills and bought all what I had to if I have for example 100€ of extra money, I'll try to turn it to 200, then withdraw 100e to use it to current life bills or buying something I haven't planned to buy bc I didn't had enough money. Then the other 100€ left I keep gambling with it, trying again to double or even better. Another thing I try to do is starting to withdraw a part of my winnings to hold some btc and then little by little making it bigger. But for the moment it s just a wish as I always have something to buy or unplanned bill to pay or.. And it's happening more than I wish I just loose all. Same in sports betting. I never bet money that I can't afford to loose and I try to win just enough to make life a little easier. I think it's better than dreaming about winning big and being bust trying to achieve unrealistic goals. I have few friends who gamble for the living. But they are really few. Most of my friends just loose over and over again.
  10. 1 day before last GoT season is out my first one is obvious... Games of Thrones Vikings Animal kingdom Banshee ( it's over now but it's a really nice one) Stranger Things I loved it Jessica Jones, Punisher, iron Fist, daredevil are nice French one I don't know if it's available in English but surely : Bureau des Legendes ( in English it should be Legends Office Walking dead and Fear the walking dead Preacher is one of my fav but I love the comics more
  11. I agree with you lint, moreover by the fact that stake is here to offer various other games... I mean like you said, stake and prime dice are mathematically the same, owned by the same people and supported by the same team... So to me there s no point to add anything to prime dice. Those who want to play other games can always go to stake and enjoy all the stuff and the purists who prefer to stick to simplicity and efficiency of that simple dice game can stick to PD. And all those in between can just register in both site like many of us do. I would like to add one last point about community. For any reason there's less people in pd and to me, as I was first in prime dice and second more time here, pd chat is a friendly and family-like place ( not everyday lol) where stake chat with its 800 to 1100 connected users is way more friendly and pleasant place to stay. It's maybe just a personal feeling due to the fact I haven't spent as much time and I don't know ppl in stake as much as I know lol in pd but if adding games to prime dice turns chat into something like stake chat then it's a big no for me. That's all 😉 Have a nice day everyone
  12. Interesting subject! Well I got doubts when for example after chasing a big payout like x990 and lost all or almost all balance the desired number finally rolls out in preroll ( in this case it's more "after roll" Lol) or with lower value coins. Or sometimes when rolls seem to be always at the opposite of what I want. And what I do about it... I didn't find anything really efficiant. I change site, and go play elsewhere or I stop playing any hazardeous game for a while. But the feeling is still here. But to me that's all what it is. A feeling. And dice casino doesn't need anything else but our own fears and hopes ( doubts and greed) to get our coins.. Sadly it's human nature if we were bots I think there were no place for casino lol... Good day and good luck everyone
  13. As usual Ultrachief says very true things... The more you give the more People would cry for having more. In fact one thing is very unique to PrimeDice and more generally to dice sites in the world of gambling is having a chat.. Where gamblers can spit out their angers and hopes too. I mean I'm used to sports gambling and traditional casino and there s no way in those to chat with Casino and other players.. That's maybe why here we sadly can see beggars and scammers and haters. In other site they just can't speak at all. So regarding that I really find our community pretty nice and positive ( some are worse not to name them) and it's due to the awesome work mods and support do day after day. That what I think. Thanks for that btw 😉