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  1. Hello all, I wanted to start a topic to let us all players show our love and support to all the team. And by all the team I mean support members ofc, Mods too, Devs, and also those we never heard about and they are probably quite a lot, IT tech, support function and so many others employees that are never on the front scene but without whom Stake wouldn't be the same. And last but not least Steve, Stunna, Eddie and the other unknown Owners as they probably exists Running a casino is probably ( surely) profitable, but I don't think they receive a lot of proves of love and support from their clients base. So once a year I would like that we all show our love for one each other and I wish to everyone that could read this lines a merry Christmas, and a happy new year! I hope every player, every stake team member will enjoy this festive times with their families and wish to you all to have a happy and peaceful and full of love and good vibes new year 2020! Peace on earth and love for all ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you are thinking like me do not hesitate to show your love too in comments ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Ha! I like the question. I wouldn't call hat a 6th sens but I have something like that. A feeling that make me feel that a x990 would probably soon roll out. And sometimes it's really strong and provide good success. Sometimes I haven't any feeling or sens of what is going to come. But the most dangerous part is when i have this strong feeling but that im wrong. So into hat case the feeling lead me total bust. In the same way I don't really have a feeling that warn me about danger or about incoming losing streak. I just know for sure that sometimes after winning big I can't expect anything else but lose. And indeed if I don't stop I hit the ground quite quickly.. In the end I'd say a gambler shall listen to his feelings bc they are part of the process and can often be helpful. As sure as he need strict rules and strong self control if he want to survive and not be losing over and over again...
  3. Well there a lot of answer to bring here. First the language abuse. For example you got tipped, or got prize from challenge or rain. You lose it all. Many will claim being busted... Is that really a bust? They didn't lost a dime from their own pocket... ( I assume many of the "busted" Come from there. Then about gambler losing day after day. First there's a bias because people will publicly cry and shout about their bad luck when losing. But bc of being afraid of being begged. Or bc of owing other some coj s whenever they win the won't share it in chat. So obviously you get more 'busted" Than "yeah I won big". And there another category.. The guys who think that calining their bad luck will maybe bring some rich dude to help them out. It's sad but it's human... Then there's the question you asked. That is legit. How people can lose day after day and still come back to lose more... Well it's what found the addiction to gamble... You lose.. Want to recover and lose even more.. Rinse and repeat. Now some are rich and don't put their lives at risk. Other aren't rich but gamble ( and lose most of time) only what they can afford to lose ( my case to be honest) and a small% of people who lose everything they have, all spareoneh, all salary, start to borrow money and keep losing it all until there's nothing left. Those are the ture addict. It's sad. they will lose much more than just money. Friends and family will turn their back off them at some point and they will end ruined and lonely. Its really sad and even tragic. We should all be aware that it's a possibility, a risk we all take. And the greater the risk the more people ignore this truth...
  4. Hi John, I remember talkinf with you about strategies and I remembered I found your strat very clever and safe to control losses. This post proves it too. So I'm happy to hear you managed to control the losses and the game itself. I would be glad to say that I completely handle the game and that I don't let losses and red streaks have an influence on my mindset but sadly it's still happening that lose streak can upset me a lot making me lose even more. In the same manner sometimes ablossesbcan upset me enough to keep me from enjoying the time I spend with my family. Yet I try to control it and to let the rage and bummed mindset go away the fastest possible. Sometimes I do sometimes not... Work in progress I would say. But your example is very inspiring so thanks a lot for sharing it!
  5. Well I have 3 kids 4, 8 and 15 yo. And I take care that they ignore about my gambling . My wife and I even try to avoid to use our phonesntoo much in front of our kids. We don't want them to be used too seeing adult focused on their phones neglecting the world around them and try our best to be exemplary for our kids as it true that parents are the first models for the kids. So doing "bad things" Like smoking, gambling, focus on your phones has big consequences on their future life. Not to talk about I don't want to be the kind of sad that say "do what I tell you but don't do like me " And that can't follow the rules he want for his kids.
  6. Hi all, well it's a funny question! And for me the answer is yes it already happened to me few times. Most of times it's dream that is pretty Realistic. And I dream i won big or I dream that I missed a big win. On of those Dre was so realistic that when i woke and went on pd and saw my balmace j asked my self where the funds were. Lol Then I remember it was dream. And reality seems sad to me after this!
  7. 15 nikowin44 Fucking shit once again been too slow... How youguys doing you sleep on your laptop or what?
  8. Good morning. Bit sure it's still running ๐Ÿ˜‰ @nikowin44
  9. Thanks for the tip @luizoruivo, was a pleasure to meet you and chat with you ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks again
  10. Well I can't reply in place of luizoruivo but he don't talk about counting letters. The op is pretty clear. It s giveaway and to get it have to chat with him. He out few restriction to be sure people are really playing the game ( asking him ho is his day for example and basic dialog isn't recommended.) Every other's condition speak by themselves. If your question is about why he does this I'm afraid only him can reply. But nothing tricky in the giveaway.