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  1. nikowin44

    Guys, where do u do sport betting?

    Yes you re right i use neteller or ohter wallet too. But that said 1xbet is having a bad reputation because of numerous user complaint and numerous people having trouble to get paid whatever payment method used. A good site to check sportsbetting site reputation is "sportsbookreview" and their forum is a good place to get your issue solved as most of sportbooks matters of having good reputation. Sorry for bad english...
  2. Survey completed, interesting. Looking forward to get results. Thanks
  3. nikowin44

    Recensement des francophones

    Thanks for reply and advice, obviously there isn't many French around... Let s see if it change in upcoming days but right now it s far from a success 😂
  4. Hi Cyber I don't know if you ever gonna see my reply but just a question what the coupon are made for please?
  5. Hi all I thought it could be a good idea to create that topic to have an idea of how many French are part of prime dice. Maybe it s the wrong section, if so don't hesitate to move it or point me the right way. As a conclusion I would like to ask if it could be possible to add a section under "other language" section so that we French people would have a place to chat. Thanks to devs supports and mods for their work and commitment to make prime dice that great place we have. BoL to all Salut à tout les français et francophones du forum,s i vous voulez bien mettre un petit com ça serait cool et ça nous aidera peut être à faire ouvrir une section fr dans le forum. À bientôt sur le chat 😉
  6. nikowin44

    The Green Club - Are You One Of US? 😉😎

    Haha funny post! Was a bit in the green club last week for few hours but then I returned to my former former club the red one 😢 Hopefully I ll make it to get back to the green one 😉
  7. nikowin44

    Strategies and pattern

    @amarcrypto You re right it s just that human mind try to rationalize everything... Therefore it s all about statistic and probability but I m not a math guy so!
  8. nikowin44

    Strategies and pattern

    @kate3003 Very true, we can't control the rolls but we can and have to control ourselves! BTW I like your strat and will surely give it a try 😉
  9. nikowin44

    Strategies and pattern

    Hi all, I just wanted to share few thought about strategies, I hope you ll find it interesting or at least understandable 😉 Here I go. First of all I never go all-in it s a balance buster. My bet size is between 1 to 5% depending on how much I have ( if I don't have much I ll use 5%) I do not play martingale neither for same reason. That said I use very simple strategy based on how the rolls are. I m explaining my self : I be noticed three patterns : -1st : rolls are once high once low, sometimes its 2 or even 3 of each. And the number or either under 40 or over 60. (Nota : In order to know if it switching every 1/2 or 3 rolls I usually prebet - meaning bet with 0 stake) In that case I try to follow the rolls by switching between under and over. I set odds to 2.2 / 2.5 -The second pattern is when I be got several rolls between 40 to 60. Sometimes I had 10 or more rolls that were in this middle range. In that situation I lower odds until having over 40 or under 60. Odds are between 1.65 to 1.8. I keep switching under/over. -3rd pattern is more rare. It s when rolls gives very high or low numbers. Like 0-10 and 90 to 99.99. In that case I raise odds to over 89 or under 10 ( or safer over 85 and under 15). I keep switching between over and under. Well that s all. Obviously those patterns are not like clockwork, it s remains a game of luck but I noticed it is the most common I ve encountered. Please leave me a comment to tell me if you too noticed those or others, it ll be helpful for me at least and maybe others too. I hope it wasn't to painfull to read because my English isn't that good, I know it... Anyway Thanks for reading. Good luck with you bets and good day Niko
  10. nikowin44

    BTC prediction October 2018

    Hi Nothing close to an expert but I would say it will raise up and I too think that it could go up to 10k $ by the end of the year. But that maybe more a wish that a based on facts analysis... Time will tell
  11. Hi there I m new here, but not on Prime-dice, i had a former account but lost my credentials so i created a new one. In few words, i'm french , 39 years old, 3 beautifull kids and a marvelous wife i love so much, working on night shift so i can be online more than often. I like gambling, but more sports gambling, that i feel less hasardeous. Nonetheless i like provably fair dice games as i ve seen that it could be really profitable, once you have a conservativ strategy and once you know enough yourself to lnow when to stop. I m following closely btc since something like 5 years now, and as many of us i regret not to have buy a bunch of them when it was so cheap. I had some btc bought when it was around 300 € but sold em few times later when it was 650 €... a year later it was like 15000€ i wanted to cry ! like many of us i bet ! I hope spend some cool moments with this nice community i already appreciate what else can i say ? long life to the cryptos they are the future ! last thing i know we are several french ppl here, and i was wondering if it could be possible starting a french chat ? i imagine it requires many ppl, and a need for moderation, but maybe one day it could become real ? Have a nice day all, thanks for reading me, GL to all primedicers Niko
  12. nikowin44

    Guys, where do u do sport betting?

    1xbet has a pretty bad reputation, check sport betting review, there s several users complaining about withdrawals so i wouldnt recommand it
  13. will join soon, PD user : nikowin44
  14. nikowin44

    Are you gambling addicted or not?

    Hi , i can gamble for long time but definetly family time or friends are more importants to me... You should set time limits to your gamble activities ! I gamble when i have some spare time personaly