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  1. hello and welcome with us, glad to have you here
  2. lol same too i joined from facebook in 2016, saw the ad randomly, been gambling since that day xDDD
  3. 11 cable, 11x ??? than how about duble hit,?? Bet: 33,326,644,276 placed by phpkiller on 23/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000031 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00000310 Bet: 33,326,643,839 placed by phpkiller on 23/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000031 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00000310
  4. x5?? than take duble x5 back to back Bet: 33,325,901,827 placed by phpkiller on 23/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000005 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000020 Bet: 33,325,902,295 placed by phpkiller on 23/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000005 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000020
  5. i wana join, but as of right now i dont know how to join, i bet some amount or hit some numbers??? @luizoruivo plz can you explain more?!!
  6. good 50$ but if we remove battry usage and the price for that Bandwidth we are expecting an averege of 300GB Bandwidth for using the app only not talking about Youtube ..., in my country in phone subscription thats super exensive, you cant even imagine it xD, but any way its good if what are they saying is true
  7. @jamyr good luck trying it ♥ yes luck is the bigest factor for your win, try play with limitted rolls like 10 roll low after that 10 roll high and see ,its all about how you see fit with your stratigie
  8. maybe its small than the min deposit amount?? try talk to support thay may help you. in primedice site home page click on more> live support
  9. you its good if you gona try for long runs, i use it every time i start playing gambling in PD, stake.... i totaly agree xDD, i hitted once 99.99 with 5 sat 2nd bet or third xDDD
  10. @Han2x why you use different stratigies??? they all work the same exept different price, the luck is no more than a factor, try change the seed each time you change currency ant see if you hit some good bets , let me know if it works for you, good luck
  11. we all know you cant get rich while gambling, exept that moment when you are super lucky and win big, but most of the time you win small, and the rest of that time is losing, so why we get angry that we lost??? arent you the one that wanted to gamble?? gambling is to risk for a reward so in that rist the lost is still in the gamble, even if its 99% win chance that 1% is a lose, and you hit that 1% what will you feel?? angry?? yes and no, is it the end of the world that u lose no, so keep it positive even if you lose cuz ur gona win next time this how gambling work.
  12. @Partyboy yeah your right, latly i see ppl post random bullshit, stupid question, pointless posts ... all they care about is farming Sats, i get annoyed some times i feel im wasting my time in the forum but its irritating . but we wan stop them by Down Vote or report, mod cant see every thing to take action so its our halfy our job to help
  13. im here for fun allways keep it simple enjoy your life while it last, some times i make money most of the time i lost but thats okay cuz the sun will always shine ♥ in the end you cant always win against the hose edge but when you do Congrats you made some cash
  14. here's my input , first try BTW
  15. Nice one i would say go big but i dont wana say be greedy play it safe and risky at the same time, another advice never all in or 1.9x multiplier tjey are the worst and dont martingal (or whaterver the name xD) and good luck playing.
  16. Seems like what a wise man would do xDDD, idont think they would add more, but if so im on it for dash got some wana rip them
  17. we welcome you with us ♥, i voted yes cuz it maybe gon bring new ppl to PD and with new ppl we get new events for the community , a Win-Win situation for both us and PD .
  18. my country (algeria) we play "domino" or "ludo classic" but both for fun not as exactly as gambling, but we have pocker for money gambling.
  19. @MrNice23 there is no need for more coins it will be hard to keep track of it (like duckdice), we need more deposit coin yes (like nano, banano coin ....) but no more playing coin keeping it simple is the best Option, well its just my opinion
  20. yeah i think the same latly when i see some ppl bump old topic to farm coins i tag lorca or ultra to close it @UltraChief why not add a notification when u gona post in old topic saying "you are going to post in an old topic, please dont boost old topic for no reason"
  21. Most likly country baning crypto, big hodler, the whales and exchanges and. Mining pools all thous have big impact on the market but 2 major the wales and cou try baning crypto and the bigest price changing factors.
  22. that would be supper awesome but its too late no?? its cant be done cuz the fusion of accounts is super fking hard, and maintaining the forum get creazy ,as for bets its cant be done too the number is attached to the provably fair, so its no do thing , i already talked to them when they lunched stake, they saidprime hace a brand name so they cant add more modes but thay needed to accept the players demand for new modes, so thats how stake came to life
  23. i do both xDD latly im gambling in my country wining the african cup 2019, we reached the finals by the way,i made a decent cash of it xDD
  24. whats going here?? pl fighting for 10 words why not keep it simple & easy as that.
  25. 5:1 have 5 depo in total vs 1 withdraw last week xDDD, as for price no comment xDDD