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  1. phpkiller

    Ethereum Transactions Can Now be Scheduled

    its sure gona raise ETH a litle, but its kinda cool idea 🤔 will be good to be added to more currencies like btc or ltc 🤩
  2. you can hit that number for 15000x is super cool or i have an idea a hidden jackpot like u hit a random generated number and u wil X amount of ur base bet or some % and just one player can win that JP on that day @Dan would love to hear this idea you killed me
  3. phpkiller

    Get your free 350 doge from the staff

    i was thinking it was max 350 cuz most ppl got that amount, but any way free coins is free coin , Prime Dice the best❤️ ❤️
  4. phpkiller

    Let's count from 1 to 100 Thousand - 2018 Version

    this from my kymco agility city 125
  5. phpkiller

    Minimum tip for doge

    same here too til i read this just now it should be 50 max not 150 it was too much
  6. phpkiller

    Markdown in Chat

    it make the chat easy to read specialy if they change the BOTS color so it will be easy to know the difference from normal ppl
  7. sorry to bring this to you but this topic is repeated so many times they already said their opinion
  8. phpkiller

    Munn's wallet launched !!

    its available for andriod , but too bad its not available for the desktop
  9. phpkiller

    Markdown in Chat

    yup thats the best idea to do in the chat but colors for for staff is the best like this the a box say the name of his rank and the tag OMG i hate that blue highlight make it like this os at least change the color @Dan plz see this post and tell me ur opinion 😎
  10. phpkiller

    New Comer

    welcome with us @Technono ❤️❤️
  11. phpkiller

    Hacker shows how vulnerable crypto is

    wtf, didnt think u can hack hashrates like this this will make a big impact on the future of cryptocurrencies security for sure, as long as they learn from what he did.
  12. phpkiller

    Need a trade

    @Kate , @MateuszHDHR1 nice trade 😎, say if the trade is finished successfully so they close the topic