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  1. phpkiller

    Dicebot vs. Autobet

    @alien0211 they have no difference you could get red less if u luck say so, they are just a tool your luck + the seed is the key factor even tho seed is a way to check if ur not getting rigged thats all
  2. phpkiller

    Are you over 20? Do you still watch cartoons?

    lol that what made this perv here it was a fun childhood
  3. phpkiller

    Are you over 20? Do you still watch cartoons?

    hahahahah fk yeah watching each season a handfull of anime, https://myanimelist.net/profile/phpkiller this is my list not what i watched is there but ya + readig manga a shiiiit tons of them xDDDDDDDD
  4. phpkiller

    Get your free 350 doge from the staff

    not all players got it its just random number got it
  5. phpkiller

    Let's count from 1 to 100 Thousand - 2018 Version

    @Bojana its the 139 😆😆
  6. phpkiller

    Who now any good ltc wallet??!

    hi and welcome to PD community ❤️ as for my advice i say freewallet.org, its my GoTo wallet, they have online and a phone app its good it have multi coins almost 20 or more coins
  7. phpkiller

    Copied topics, spam responses, etc. ❌👊

    i was totaly like you but i got @UltraChief always on my track , but now i see so many topics i want to talk in but some users already said what i wanted to say but i wont comment or post in that topic so there wont be any similar posts
  8. phpkiller

    Munn's wallet launched !!

    @Kate wana ask u did u install the app? cuz im facing a problem, it wont accept my phone number at all , i sent some message using the help and feedback option and waiting theire response
  9. phpkiller

    Copied topics, spam responses, etc. ❌👊

    im new to PD forum but was in PD since 2016, and at gambling since 2014 or 2013, well since i returned this 2 months to PD im seeing some ppl forcing their content (post or topics) thats what i hate its like they want to farm some satoshi's fast , even tho im trying to make some to play with but that not my only goal 😏, i like that there is a community that active daily talking about somthing i like (crypto ,gambling ... ), cuz all the forums i was on all are dead and some have 6 ppl online at best so even if Pd removed the PayPerPost i would love and be happy to be active in PrimeDice in general, and wish it wont be closed at all #PD_FOR_EVER ❤️❤️
  10. this is what kills me u get bored after riping , so i find an old game i was playing in 2010, so im filing the time with it http://streetmobster.com
  11. phpkiller

    10 things that shook the Bitcoin WORLD !

    i hate the fact that i wasted 3.5 btc from 2016 when it was 250$, then when it was 20k$ i wanted to kill my self for not holding for 10 months , but what can you do this is how life works , "a day with you and a day against you"
  12. phpkiller

    New cryptocurrencies on PD

    i would like them to not add any more coins , but if they add, maybe USDT or monero or maybe ripple even tho im not a big fan of centralized coin