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  1. Im waiting for it to come to IOS!
  2. EddieFx

    Tether drops !!

    So what you are saying is if Tether drops Bitcoin rises? If so I sure hope Tether goes low and bitcoin goes up!
  3. I really like this idea, hope they add it in the next version of Primedice! My number would be 71.17 lol
  4. I like the stratergy but you would have to have a pretty big starting capital to do this!
  5. It would be great to have an on site exchange, I always withdraw in btc but like to play in eth so this is actually a problem for me!
  6. I tried the site and I have to say I really like the roulette, its a different way of playing roulette! Good job
  7. I started using Primedice and Stake a long time ago, they were my first and are still my best gambling sites lol
  8. I like to read other peoples stories and get strats from the forum!