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  1. hillowner45

    Rows of Crazy Rich from Bitcoin

    ohh right its in rupiah... my bad haha
  2. hillowner45

    1st day .1 LTC bust :(

    lol who are these "experienced players". If you want to turn a quick profit and get out as soon as possible, then making one huge bet at a low payout after a couple pre rolls is the best way to do it. Seems to be how all the high rollers play.
  3. hillowner45

    Do you always show your winning bet id in chat

    Gotta flex on the noobs bro. But only if its a decent win or a crazy multiplier.
  4. 1.33x when automated betting. 99x, 200x and 990x when searching for big payouts.
  5. hillowner45

    20 k to 0.01 btc

    Everything goes to shit when you are sleep deprived. I've been where you've been haha, after one or two hours everything goes numb and you just keep playing. It feels like something keeps drawing you to the screen and you can't stop until you lose it all. Like others said, have a strict stop withdrawal goal. Maybe play on dice bot next time so it automatically withdraws it for you so greed won't get the better of you next time.
  6. hillowner45

    Rows of Crazy Rich from Bitcoin

    Is there a mistake on the poster? Shouldn't it be a "billion" to be qualified one of the richest in the world? Or is something flying over my head?
  7. Bruh damn ahha you been shilling this site for a whole year straight. You are a dedicated disciple of theres no doubt. I prefer a casino that sells itself through its transparency and trust rather than through bells and whistles.
  8. hillowner45

    What your primedice technique to win above 99.9X

    I think it helps to actually write down all the 99s that pass by and note the 99.xx if you want to look for a 99.9+ payout. So after pre rolling around 1000 rolls and having seen no 99.9 payouts have passed you should start betting. No guarantee that you will see one, but mathematically you've placed yourself in a good situation to encounter one.
  9. hillowner45

    Making a living from gambling

    You could probably make a living from games where skill is involved and does affect the outcome such as counting cards in blackjack or anything that is PVP like poker. And if you got a good set up in data analysis then sports betting could be a good venture. The more you practice your craft the better you become. Early on you will make every mistake possible and those can be expensive ones, but once you learn from those experiences and become more wise then thats when the profit rolls in.
  10. hillowner45

    House always wins

    Escape from reality. Play your problems away till everything goes numb haha. I mean the house is only expected to win if you play many bets. If you go in and place only one huge bet with a low payout say 1.2x and call it quits if you win that, you technically have an edge over the house. Thats why whales can clean a whole casino so easily because of their massive bank roll.
  11. I'm sure we can all agree that our favourite strategy is the one we've been most successful in, in terms of profit. Share your best runs below! My best run was from using this high risk strategy: Base bet: 100 sats Payout:1.11x Increase on loss: 11% Increase on win: 11% Stop profit: 50k sats I started with 50k sats btc and managed to get to 2 million before busting and losing it all. This was done in under 10 minutes.
  12. hillowner45

    Earning games

    If you're a sucker for crash then you should visit ethercrash.io. The site has a 0-1% house edge and you can actually overcome it with the bonuses that they offer.
  13. hillowner45

    Long time yolo bet 15btc

    Its gambling haha everything that can go wrong will eventually go wrong. Now he can play some risky strategies with that profit completely risk free and with a clear conscience. I'm sure his profit will only go up from here.
  14. haha damn variance is a bitch. I've had my fair share of consecutive numbers as well, unfortunately not the right ones. I wonder how many of the 25 millions bet a day are in bitcoin and are greater than 10k sats. My guess would be less than 100 thousand.
  15. hillowner45

    Do you think pd could be rigged? (No)

    Primedice has spent so long building its reputation of transparency which is the number one factor in a player's decision when choosing a crypto casino to gamble at, so to throw that out the window now would be stupid. But ya never know those days, so make sure you keep verifying those bets!