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  1. Just stay the way it is, dont want to see other shitcoin on the site, and the coin on the site is more than enough i think. Just for veteran like me, i dont consider veteran, but i have no faucet claim for now xD, Its all ok, but if you guys have spare time , need other game like more fun, but dont contradict with prime dice face now. I like it clean , for me , but if u have more clean games, that make people enjoy , and no hassle like people exploit the game , etc. I think good. I dont go here often, but me as a trader , sometime need to just to put some bet, not real money , to release stress. I think if not boring pd, we need to convert it to twitter or fb like xD. Then everybody will gamble! For life
  2. i dont mean all but known beggar, anyway its stupid suggestion, but open to suggestion, we need real beggar to voice their concern. about how they want to be treated. and they can contribute for a better site environment
  3. get up from ur bed. start having shower. talk. get a food. and dont interact with gadget .
  4. i would like we notify all beggars and make them feel proud to be there. example. if u known me as respected beggars .u give symbol or some sort of reward. not obvious one. in this way we reverse psychology them. we give all he beggar money. so they feel humiliated and shy .and go find a real job.
  5. i only use cheap perfume . its from my friend who expert at banging girls. works everytime.i do agree that natural smell is more effective. fantasia . sg men . there is two version. soft and hard smell. pick soft one. i always use. but i will try hard one to combine both smell thanks me later p/s: word is everything , keep her wanting more. just dont get fucked by her
  6. i start about all my life in gambling . i know no one care. biggest i win only like 0.040000000 . and i dont cash out. literally its just penny money i start of i quit my job and chase the girl. now im jobless cause i dont want to hurt my girl.which i know its stupid. i want to quit and go to forum in hope, i can get away with my addiction. i think thats just all about it.just want to get it out from my chest if u have cool story .sad or just want to release from chest. feel free to share .maybe we can help each other. doesnt mean we are on gambling site we cant quit . share me if u have some tip to recover from addiction i think its useless saying to quit in gambling site so im going to reverse psychology
  7. u can win of course. dont gamble. u win
  8. cari arak duluan lagi bagus dari main judi
  9. Hahaha u can go out and get a girl better than finding this strategy ,thus girl who love u , can give u money ,just ask
  10. U will never bust if u got 100% edge on u , house fucvk u with their edge, thus, there is no strategy if u bust and lose, strategy is for winning, but whene there is a lose and no win, we cant called it strategy. Then maybe u just leave gambling world and become legit, go out and find hobby that pay u more and not gambling ur hard earn money. Its up to u if u dont want to be a degenarate, u must be a good gambler, a good gambler never lose, whats the point of losing? Anyway?
  11. Cheap energy, hmm or cheap mining tech? Use nuclear for mining please