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    Sascha1986 reacted to Dan in Again about security   
    Hi @AlphaStorm,

    Adding an option to have 2FA on withdrawal is redundant since you can just tip balance away. And allowing for 2FA on tipping is not something that is necessary if 2FA is enabled on login. This is probably something we can't arrange because we don't see a foreseeable way to add 2FA to tipping.
    There's no reason why 2FA can't be enabled on DiceBot for login.
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    Sascha1986 got a reaction from UltraChief in How often do you change seeds   
    The above three quotes are eactly the reason, why I am not changing seeds. I did so in the first time but it did not make any difference for me, so I sticked with the one that was generated.
    I believe there are no good or bad seeds at all...