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  1. Good evening, Sorry for my extreme late response. We can talk on Telegram about business. Please add me with the username KoningHossel Thankyou
  2. Well. I would go for the second option. But we can also use this layout as base
  3. Ah yeah that could be an option or customize the layout so it it isn't their version. So we have to edit the code.
  4. Excuse me, trying what? That I create an new design concept and after it code it?
  5. Well. If you want I can help you with that. We can use the existing template and make it way different. But keep in mind that if you want to attract players something shouldn't be exactly the same. EDIT: And don't lie about those things to your players. They won't appreciate it.
  6. So in the post above you tell us that the design is new. And not based on anything else... While it is an knock-off from csgo500 don't know how it works with Copyright but stuff seems kinda sketchy. Create your own design, be original. If you want your site to grow let it stand out between other. Do/Give players something that other sites don't have. etc.. I suggest to change the layout. Maybe the gui is a BIT different but in general the layout is exactly same even the colors....
  7. Yeah! House edge always wins.. Take breaks, don't play too high. Play safe, and play with what you can afford to lose. And not what you can't. Stay safe man and happy rolling! And believe me, I'm talking about experience. I lost high amounts of profits many times.
  8. I change every now and then. Love to play on loss increase 15% payout 10x and autobet. But sometimes 6.66 or 7.77 or anything else. Switching sides etc. Changing base bets to several amounts and stuff.
  9. I've played several times on this site also when I was ehem ehem underaged. But I've known this site for really long.
  10. Yeah! Use stake or something like Luckygames or anything. Those games are all amazing. Instead of the same boring thing everytime.
  11. anime is amazing. way better than gambling. well some anime also breaks my heart. lol.
  12. To be honest, sometimes I miss the understand of the support. Not always, because most of the time they can provide decent support. Depends on the mood and the person. But sometimes it's not always that helpful in my opinion.
  13. I love the new layout of primedice. I think the old one was kinda simple like most gambling sites.
  14. It's easier to just withdraw your balance and then sell and buy the crypto currency you want or indeed exchange it third party since that's the most "safe" way in my opinion.