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  1. Bet: 52,094,003,391 placed by Prinzsarhea on 08/03/2020 Wagered 0.00015000 Multiplier 1.23x Profit 0.00003449 Bet: 52,093,948,890 placed by Prinzsarhea on 08/03/2020 Wagered 0.00015000 Multiplier 12.34x Profit -0.00015000
  2. Hi, you need to wager more so the % will go up ☺️
  3. Primedice: 45319596697 Bet: 45,322,267,393 placed by Prinzsarhea on 22/12/2019 Wagered 0.00020000 Multiplier 25.00x Profit 0.00480000
  4. Bet: 42,811,739,779 placed by Prinzsarhea on 24/11/2019 Wagered 0.00205092 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00205092 Bet: 42,814,073,143 placed by Prinzsarhea on 24/11/2019 Wagered 0.00291600 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00291600
  5. @kittwolfe I didnt asked for a strat to him. He might have been seeing my bets and saw i have a good Bankroll so he messaged me on PD and on tele about his strat and never stopped until he got me into it. He even told me to stop tipping and focus on the game instead. I know its m fault i listened to him, ( it was like he give instructions what to do and how much to bet, then i send screenshots of the bets then he will say again what to do) He was so manipulative as one described him.
  6. @mmhaimhai its not even true that i gamble for years lol ( proves me that i should really trust his words ). I only have PD and now stake. And oh, i had bitsler but only played there once. Never been there since then. I havent been in a casino either. And lastly, we aint friends, i have different definition of it. I call him an acquaintance because we only started privately talking when he loaned money from me. Thanks for the encouragement and comforting words @maliafka but i want my reputation clean as it is. I just want to end this as a clean slate. I wont even dare posting about this but he started it. So i will let him eat his own puke.
  7. Exactly! @Bes19I tried to asked opinions to support because i wanna solve it privately, but here he goes, posting on forum making me a bad person like every child will do if they loss their lollies. Like i said, i could have say more but will let people judge me according to their judgement. But we both know what happened. You were the one sending me Pm on PD and on tele about it. You didnt stop and even i got scared because of the past transaction with you, i still gave you the benefit of the doubt. You always say noone hates you, well i know otherwise. Make yourself believe that you were the one who loss and you are the victim but i will let the support decide about this. So go on, play like the victim if that will make you happy.
  8. I hate it most when they act like they're doing you a favor and then it backfires and they make you look like the bad person. I could say alot Bubbura, but i have respect to everyone here. I gave you a chance after not replying me and paying on time your loan. I know its my fault i listened to your "strat". But you were the one instructing me how to bet and what to do. You didnt asked for anything, thats right. I just have to spread on forum your name. Might be the popularity that you want. And maybe by posting this it will make you feel better. I tried to solve it privately but here you go, posting it on forum. Could have done this before when you werent replying about your loan. Happy?
  9. PD= Prinzsarhea 88.88 Happiest Birthday mav! Hope you'll have a great one!
  10. Hi BitcoinMNR, i wanna learn how but the tutorial is gone... Regards, Prinzsarhea
  11. Had really fun walking hand in hand in the rain! Thanks sweet sexy voice shinjo! PD: prinzsarhea
  12. Congrats everyone! To the winners and to all who put their time and effort! Was fun. Thanks @ampula @Dan and to the staff and pd community!