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  1. opaaaa Gustaff , parabens pelo topico ! Eu tambem nao acredito muito em estrategias duradouras, tambem aprendi a linguagem lua, mas o dice sempre aprende os nossos truques, faz tempo que nao uso o dicebot. Acredito mesmo eh na intuiçao e jogadas manuais, isso tem dado certo ultimamente. Valeu a postagem manoooooo :)))
  2. very good, excellent, good luck to everyone in this contest let's goooo !!
  3. Hello guys, in my opinion, initially people just play for fun and make good profits, when profit increases things get more serious and money speaks louder
  4. Excellent topic. For sure, when the player is alert and focused on his bets he has a better chance of success on his journey. always keeping calm
  5. good night, I really enjoyed playing with xrp, this game is lighter than playing with doges, in my opinion
  6. very good this topic. When I lose a large amount, I get very angry and try to recover right away, but it never happens. I learned that recovery is taking a long time with patience.
  7. Good night, where can I copy this script? have a link? thanks
  8. I already used several scripts with dicebot, but the manual game is much more exciting, the heart almost leaps from the chest, ha ha
  9. Opa galera , adorei a sexta dos jogos , animou muito o pessoal, muito bom trabalho luizoruivo :) parabens
  10. I also fully agree, a moderator in PT chat would make things more organized.