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  1. I think it's good to invest on another coins they also increasing day by day not only bitcoin or others .
  2. I Prefer 3 Of Them Because That Are Fantastic And Awesome ...
  3. Hi Friends, How are You All , is Someone checked that site Bitdice.me ??? Looking Cool But Not Much better I checked that but i didn't liked that.
  4. I Heard About Bitcoin on 2010 when price was 0.20 cents $ by my friend he was saying that bitcoin is so cheap why we not going to buy i said to him you are fool there are alot of currency in which one you believe i said to him you are mad he replied me i will see he just went and bought like 8000 dollars worth of bitcoin and many other currencies in big amount while he was a very rich person but he was my best friend and after 2 years later we becomed so far in friendship relations and he went on another country and i went to another after 4 years later i called him on his phone he said i bought a big company of Car showrome and many Hotels in Abu,Dhabi on Dubai i becomed in Shock and i ended that call immediately right that moment and after that i never called him again . because Friendship Hurts
  5. I Think It's Time For DogeCoin To Risup High Like Etherum and Dash . I Got Alot of DogeCoins price of them are increasing so slowly but it will be up .
  6. Once I Got Faucet To 0.38 btc That was my Lucky day ever .
  7. Maherzain

    Do you smoke??

    I Smoke Twice in a Week For Fun .
  8. Maherzain

    Who likes cats

    I Like Cats Coz They are So Cute and They Always Felt in Sleep . i Have 3 Cats In My Home and I Love them
  9. I Tried That It Works Very Well and Users Can Easily Change the colors Thanks .