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  1. My best run: from 1.1 BTC to +270BTC back in 2017 with only x2 payout
  2. Thanks man, glad to hear you are working on it
  3. There is no free txid accelerator service.
  4. Hey Primedice should increase the miner fees or add an option to let the user to choose his own fees. PD uses extremely low fees compared to majority of wallets. I withdrawn some coins yesterday and my transaction always has 0 confirmation it will takes forever... https://blockchain.info/tx/2baa45ee38a4095f9625f0163f3246ceb56f609d0176741edc33ee44050670bd Please do something with that fees
  5. ProGame is an awesome player but I think he left PD now... long time no see
  6. Negan

    Hey I'm Negan

    Hey Eugene! Whats up since we talked on telegram?
  7. Hey! I'm Negan and I'm 27 years old. First time I heard about bitcoin was in 2010 in I bought my first coin in 2011 on MtGOX for 8$ per coin! First time I played on PD was on PD2. I'm glad to be here, PD is so awesome now! Keep up the good work !
  8. Hey! Just wondering who is here since PrimeDice v1?? I'm here since PD2