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  1. For now i have a lot of money to create s bank account actually having a bank account is good for cryptoworker why because not all of exchanger site is secure so you can transfer your fund in to your own bank account if bitcoin is price is going down you can transfer to your bank account then buy if price is cheap 😁.
  2. Other comment is correct it doesn't matter if your count is little the important is if you having learn then keep to your mind then apply to your self😊
  3. Because the price of bitcoin is going down 😁 so all of altcoins and coin in coinmarket is affected in bitcoin but dont panic why? Because if the bitcoin is going high price all of coin is high so keep and hold your important coin then relax dont panic try to drink a coffee then watch a tv 😎.
  4. Nice you are lucky and good strategy i want try this game later i hope i win and got big profit.😁
  5. I would run away since it's been given that you'll be back for a while and I know someone else will do it to run except the rich they can restore it 😂
  6. your is too big and it's worth the money but I think every player in gambling is once victorious at first he will try to win it again until the last you lose and just want to recover so others lose a lot of money.It's a huge amount of money to lose and that's the money but I think every player in gambling is once victorious at the first time he will try to win it again until the last time you lose and want to just make the other lose a lot.
  7. I think 7 and my big loser because every time I lose my bet is x2 so it's very risky if you're not calm and you're greedy in your head great chance of losing.
  8. I like it because it's easy to understand the games and other games I have experienced on gambling sites and it's pretty easy to win games too.
  9. bok21

    ilan coins ang target?

    Para sakin mga longterm coin lang naman ang binibili ko kagaya ng btc,xrp,eth,eos yan lang naman Kasi ang alam kung magagandang hold ng matagal dahil ang mga coin na yan ay may potential.
  10. Yung mga related sa gambling doon i post sa gambling board dahil doon talaga dapat nilalagay ang mga topic na gambling para maayos tignan at hindi kalat kalat.
  11. bok21

    Anong wallet mo?

    Para sakin coinph dahil legit naman sila at maayos naman ang kanilang service pero mahirap parin mag lagay ng malaking pera baka kasi mabawasan or ma hack ng iba mas mabuting transfer na lang sa bank account ang iyong malaking ipon sa coinph.