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  1. 90% in XRP, 8% in LTC and 2% in BTC
  2. Because there's no comparison between a low BTC wagered and high BTC wagered user.
  3. you should make a new topic on bitcointalk.org in scam accusations about this. This is local forum for pd users and on bitcointalk you will find bitsler staff and Trusted members who can insta ruin the repo of bitsler
  4. Can I get whitelisted for the faucet ? I have been a part of PD for a long time and it's really bad for me as a VIP to get faucet reduced by 5times.
  5. Faucet for VIP(s) should be restored to old amount I am not even claiming anymore faucet because it's so boring to play with 600 sat
  6. Wyane

    Samsung or apple?

    I like the quality of appple
  7. one way to prevent hacking of coins is to have email verification first before a withdraw it will not be anonymous to play a dice site. If it will be necessary to provide email verification if user wants to withdraw after making a deposit.
  8. Edward i can do it. I am mostly online and love to send tips when have balance. My username: Wyane