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  1. kouki

    Which day is your lucky day?

    Long time ago i won from 20 k satoshi to 0.011 btc
  2. kouki

    2FA on tipping

    Sounds like a great idea
  3. @KoningHosselaar we can bust 34 times until challenge is over so i think its easy we will make it .
  4. Ok guys i think its time to see if we have enough players or no . every one make sure to pm me and add me in friendlist in primedice : my user : koukibank .
  5. i like low payouts : x1.2, x1.4 , x2
  6. Everytime i bust yeah . its funny because after 2 min i be rolling again in dice 🤣
  7. Make sure u guys Invited ur Friends so we start as soon as possible . thank u
  8. Also the withdraw min amount need to get higher in pd when the btc goes up same thing for faucet and jackpot need to lower when the price when btc is high.
  9. U can make that and share your amazing experience with us after u reach it . good luck .
  10. I appreciate your help @dan u are such a wonderful person .
  11. just the bets got skipped ... first bet was 50 sat green a note :all fauceets 50 satoshi after confirm email verification .
  12. my first bet was with 50 satoshi but sadly we can't check our old bets