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  1. kouki

    This is Love #pets

    aww the frog so cute 😍😍😍
  2. working fine after using CCleaner Thx .
  3. i will do that thanks for info irena
  4. is pd making a new update cause the login page is loading for ever ? is it only for me ?
  5. thank for sharing ur opinion but i think the thing u can do to win more is to have bigger balance and play with smaller bet amount .
  6. i feel so happy about dogecoin in primedice /stake cause the more coins the more fun for me 😛 so yeah its great to see new coins in pd .
  7. agreed @MrNice23 i have never seen any jackpot wins since a year on pd now
  8. I'm just waiting for that one lucky day to come when i reach my first 1 btc . That's why I still believe in primedice
  9. its not about using botdice or auto all reds /green depends on seed i like to use manual for switch sides .
  10. i only got 9 dogecoin in my emaill 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. there is some Minecraft server that can pay you in bitcoin u can look for more infos in google or just play online live casino .
  12. if i losee i just take a break or shower then i come back to recover in a better moood .
  13. there is no limit of reds its just hard to predict high payouts .