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  1. finaaalyy some one gave fight against bot (seeds) , congratulation buddy . hope you will bust all dice sites in near future , and take revenge of all players loss .
  2. you get 9900x easily ,but as you have no luck like pd have , you will get 9900x bet on 0.00000000 bet balance . tada . best of luck
  3. no matter i see stats or not, i loss everytime
  4. I want two things : - 1. Exchange that wolverine74 says 2 . New Mods , this mods are boring ,
  5. Very True , you have to accept the loss and when you win you just have to withdraw , we have to control our greediness else we will bust that winning amount + deposit also .
  6. Great Players taking risk making more win . But in my case I can make millions of dollar to zero ,and it takes only few minutes ,I will not take more time or days ,ha ha .
  7. i have no balance to store in private wallets , so no private keys or no need to store therm anywhere .
  8. lol it is virtual currency why does you want kyc in primedice ? If you want to kyc yourself just give your IDs to support .Thats it . lol .
  9. hope it will get stable price at 10 k . Dont be a bubble .
  10. Gambling is for rich people and fun .Poor gets more poor on gambling . Win and loss is part of it . At the end you always become 0 , no matter how good player you are .
  11. that can happen I got like 105 around on 10x . How long played that strategy ? How many bets played before bust ? But you are true that 0.01 % players win only .No matter pd wins everytime you get busted with 0 balance . yes but after busting all , back to back hitting is zero .
  12. I only play dice for winning some money .Not want to inspire from anyone.