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  1. sid027sp


    Welcome to primedice community , give and take knowledge abount crypto and crypto gambling . Hope you enjoy the froum. Good luck for primedice game . -Sid027sp
  2. Remove faucet no meaning of faucet on primedice . Everyone knows PD faucets are negligible amount they give , just a waste . THanks -Sid027sp
  3. Welcome to community my friend . Hope you make good profit on dice-only site . Good Luck . -Sid027sp
  4. oh how this works ? Means it mute forever or for 1 -2 hour ? !Bonzo red bets ha ha
  5. I lost many times , but I still play thinking that at one time I will be lucky and get my best betting roll with huge profit.
  6. I also use dicesites tools for matiangle . But mostly I play manually 1.15x with small and big bets . And whenever I place max bet on 1.15x, I always loss . Thanks Pirnitho for your tips , I will implement some and hope that works for me . Good Luck Everyone and Good Day . -Sid027Sp
  7. How much total you recovered ? How you play dice using manual or auto strategy ? Congrats for recovery .
  8. You are right , only this way we can have btc . Playing dice I don't thinks so i win 1 BTC or atleast 0.1 BTC . I get only losses . Anyway Good Luck . - Sid027Sp
  9. You can only win 1 BTC if you target profit % per day step by step . I didn't win 1 BTC beacuse I'm too greedy . Hope 1 day I will achieve 1 BTC , then I will make small profits per day and so on . Good Luck - Sid027sp
  10. I lost so much money on primedice . Gambling is fun but as addiction it will damage your mind and wealth .
  11. I managed to make faucet up to 1.5 million and lost .
  12. Don't make rules for free money from trivia . If any one scam just mute or ban him or minus some balance of his account .
  13. While cryptocurrencies are not expected to displace conventional means of terror financing anytime soon, terrorists will likely use them if they grow more accepted for real-world goods and services .
  14. I lost almost 0.1 btc and cant recover and now no money for deposit .