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  1. MDSci2018

    Dicebot vs. Autobet

    both will give you lots of reds in infinity bets... All autos are beyond human scale. So you will fall in a ocean of reds some day. This is math... Bazinga
  2. MDSci2018

    Dicebot vs. Autobet

    As a Samurai, I use manual bet. And I live in the GreenLand after 3million bets... Bazinga for all
  3. MDSci2018

    What can you do to win most of the time?

    Hi Dicelanders... Just don't be a madgambler and follow my steps: you will win... See you on the Bet.field
  4. MDSci2018

    PD Sudden Crash? 🤔💔

    Isn't an update. All have been saw in the last weeks that PD is under intense intervention because of some needs... Good day
  5. MDSci2018

    📢 Scheduled Maintenance

    Hi all! The autobet seems beautty as Usain Bolt, but still running like The Frankenstein. Some of you could estimate how many time to help "Frank" walk nicely again?