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  1. CyberGeek

    Are bounty hunters a job?

    Do you think becoming a bounty hunter is an official job instead of a job outside of life. I was very stuck for nearly half a year to find work for myself and was fired by the hard boss. I learned about ways to make money online and I saw bounty campaigns. I join them and get some pretty big money. I feel this job is quite simple and comfortable with the tasks that the campaign offers. I think I found my job and chose it as my main job. Do you think this is a job?
  2. CyberGeek

    99x and 69.88x stategy.

    seem like it work i am on 7000Bet now still goin up
  3. CyberGeek

    Sola (Sol) Token Air Drop

    1-Visit Sola airdrop page https://sola.ai/airdrop?r=okan_b5ad9 2-Click on “Register & get 5 SOL” to create an account 3-Install and sign in their iOS or Android app. (Optional: 25 SOL) 4-Invite friends or post cards to earn more SOL.
  4. CyberGeek

    Play with good Payout

    i play x3.96 i like it because it's seem stable for me
  5. CyberGeek

    Worst or Best Online Gambling Website

    the worst betting place in all the internet is https://www.crypto-games.net/ dont play on it guys its a scam i feel sorry for the guy's playing there
  6. CyberGeek

    How to prepare and stay safe!

    best place to hide from the storm is in a bathtub or inside refrigerator like indiana jones
  7. i want to exchange 0.00022222 btc to eth 0.007 is that okay
  8. i want to exchange 0.00022222 btc to eth 0.007 is that okay
  9. CyberGeek

    Do you eat while gambling ?

    i eat and drink when gamble and smoke and roll
  10. CyberGeek

    Who now any good ltc wallet??!

    this one you can get anywallet you want with low fee and you can exchange your ltc if you want https://www.cryptonator.com
  11. CyberGeek

    Hi Im neww

    hello and welcome to our friendly community enjoy your stay
  12. CyberGeek

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] Colonial Challenge!

    You need to Make 3 winning bets with any of these numbers: 13.31, 24.42, 57.75, or 68.86 with minimum bet size 0.00000100 BTC Or 0.00001200 ETH Or 0.00010000 LTC To win The Challenge
  13. nice game i hope you add dice so i can roll
  14. CyberGeek

    Who or What makes you stay loyal to PD

    simply because it's fair and t was fast before
  15. CyberGeek

    First gambling site

    first site was primedice and fastdice.com