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  1. pakar1

    Opit Di Primedice

    belum pernah wd broo maksimum profit ltc. 002 btc 50k eth 0.02 habis opit busted
  2. hello all gambler PD community, i will share my test Po 100, with manual Play, i play small balance and low profit, i try manual bet with 50 roll X 2, after 200 roll i put in lose 1.20 %, this my bet 4235 roll in 49 winning.
  3. hello Good day PD Community i will share my tes red po 165 manual play with 25 roll x 2, maksimum roll 20k roll change seed sample red
  4. pakar1

    Hello PD Community

    hello diamond good day
  5. pakar1

    Play with good Payout

    manual play po.165 with 75 rol x2 maksimum rol 600 stop lose samplel po 165
  6. Hello pd community any have good Payout
  7. pakar1

    hello all pd community

  8. pakar1

    Masih banyakkah player indo main disini?

    maunya begitu main di indo room tapi pada gak kompak bertebaran jadi room kayak kuburan datang satu sepi kabur
  9. pakar1

    Masih banyakkah player indo main disini?

    uk banyak yang main lur indo rooom modnyao baye katik mod room indo ada gak