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  1. as we know primedice is old lady,dev will improve more on other site as we can see much improvement on stake than here
  2. well no activity on chat people can see died website. and then people can go to another site. on chat new people can ask ,as we know primedice have a support live chat too .but isnt big deal,after removed faucet and then next no chat room
  3. i dont have any experience for find chance 0.01% because for me i think its too hard. and needed very big bankroll.also wasting my time to find that number,so im always skip to playing 9900x
  4. are u serious hunt payout 99x 3000 reds?? , tats something very weird because tats too much reds, my experience under 1200 roll but foreabout 3k roll tats so much.something wrong i think.anyway im totally agree depends on luck about to wins. without luck so its so impossible