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  1. thank you steve user id : madoras
  2. if u have more lucky sometimes under 1k roll 990x come to your bets, but if u lucky, sometimes over 10k roll it will comes
  3. depends on luck, but u can try big payout up to 1100x increase 0.1.
  4. my deepest loss foreabout $200 deposit , and gone in one hours,but at other site not in here
  5. but 9900 must be patience to find, as we know chance to win only 0.01% and isnt easy pure luck to get in there
  6. im always using 1100x maybe compare with 100x, sometimes if lil crazy im increase payout with 3300. but always with small bet
  7. for me win 20 bucks i feel its big, bcause im never get jackpot bet high and get big payout
  8. menarik jua trit ini, dan seperti nya saya akan mencoba nya, karena saya suka po besar besar
  9. i just using using google and search bitcoin casino, and tarraaaa . google directt me to here
  10. 1 btc is a lot money, and isnt easy to find it. we must work harder
  11. im totally agree with you, bet 50 btc, 1.01. and if get red will crying and go crazy after that