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  1. Thanks so much, Dan! Good luck everyone. Bet: 23,787,063,579 placed by DiamondDude on 26/08/2018 Wagered 0.00000450 Multiplier 1.18x Profit 0.00000080 Bet: 23,786,848,249 placed by DiamondDude on 26/08/2018 Wagered 0.00000852 Multiplier 1.15x Profit 0.00000129 Bet: 23,786,849,738 placed by DiamondDude on 26/08/2018 Wagered 0.00000852 Multiplier 1.15x Profit 0.00000129
  2. Sunday 8/19: Italy Serie A: [201230] BOLOGNA +120 Risking 1.0 to win 1.2 [201222] PARMA PK-110 Risking 1.1 to win 1.0 [201214] EMPOLI +150 Risking 1.0 to win 1.5 Spain: La Liga Getafe vs. Real Madrid [201829] TOTAL Over 3 (-130) Risking 1.3 to win 1.0 Line courtesy of Bet365
  3. Russia Premier League: [204098] ANZHI MAKHACHKALA +½ (-120) Risking 1.2 to win 1.0 I believe they win outright @ +320 but I'll take the half just in case of a draw. Line courtesy of local book. Bet365 has same line.
  4. I also generally like the update....HOWEVER, when I'm using a PC, auto rolling is kind of a pain. You guys made it where all the notifications like "auto roll started" or "so and so tipped you" pop up right in front of my live stats!! I can't see anything. Annddd, you made the auto bet box too large, with all these options, you can't see the whole screen when auto rolling. Serlite said I can mess with the elements, but I'd rather not. Find me a way to correct this and the update is A+ 👍
  5. Awww geez, thanks so much athena. I really appreciate the kind words thank you for the warm welcome. Same goes for everyone else, appreciate all the hellos and warm welcomes. Best of luck!
  6. Split last night, got the over, but somehow L.A. couldn't win that game. 2 goals were not allowed due to offsides and they hit the post. Just aggravating but moving on, sticking with MLS. Real Salt Lake vs. Los Angeles FC L.A. FC (-230) Risking 2.3 to win 1.0 Over 3½ (-120) Risking 1.2 to win 1.0 Lines courtesy of local book
  7. Well, I have two soccer bets starting in 10 minutes, so that will keep me busy. I also had to clean out my vents and A/C unit because it was filled with MOLD! I'm absolutely exhausted, but would like to roll before I crash. Anyone know how long this will take?
  8. Major League Soccer: Colorado Rapids vs. L.A. Galaxy L.A. Galaxy -1 (-160) Risking 1.6 to win 1.0 Rapids vs. Galaxy Over 3 goals (-140) Risking 1.4 to win 1.0 Lines courtesy of bet365. Best of luck!
  9. Ok, very good point. Sometimes, I use a local book, but usually Bet365 is my go to book. I placed this one with my local. I will be sure to include this info from here on out. Thanks again. Final Score: FK QARABAG 1 - BATE BORISOV 1 Result: Win UEFA Champions League: [224311] FK QARABAG - BATE BORISOV DRAW +200 ✅
  10. Thank you, Ultra. Appreciate the heads up. Wasn't sure if including the bet amount was a no-no. As far as "post the details," I thought I did. I posted the league, the rotation number, the bet and the teams. You mean, I should explain what the draw means? Just trying to understand, I want to teach people how to do this.
  11. Hello everyone, figured I'd start a thread tracking all my plays. Mostly soccer, but will play football and other sports as well. Running low on time, this game starts very soon. UEFA Champions League: [224311] FK QARABAG - BATE BORISOV DRAW +200 If anyone is curious what the number in front of the teams are.... Those are called "rotation numbers." That's how you would find the game via your sportsbook or if you were to bet at a casino. Best of luck everyone!
  12. Lint, so you are telling me 90% OF ALL SPORTS games are fixed? Around the world?
  13. Ohhhhhh the memories. Bet365 was one of the very first online books I signed up for. Top notch book, bet with confidence on there and they have a great live betting layout. LOL, this can't be further from the truth. Soccer will crush you if you aren't careful. All it takes is that "one home team who can't lose today" who is -600 and lose outright or draw the game.
  14. Just found this thread and this forum! Awesome, lint! Glad to see fellow sports gamblers here, I'll start sharing my plays as well.
  15. Thank you very much, bauwerax. Hope I stick around for long enough to get to know everyone.