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    Snowball Mining ICO - SBM

    Update: 8 FPGA rigs are ready now and mining for SBM (Hashing at 1.9 PH/s). This is an equivalent to 140 Antminer S9 ASICs, while consuming the electricity of only 4 (!) Antminer S9. In addition Snowball Mining plans to add 4 FPGAs every week. ____________________ As a special offer (until August 31) I'll share a part of the Ref-bonus and give you back 2% of your investment in SBM tokens if you use my referral-link. If you are interested in this cashback, please send me a PM with your registration name from SBM and your txhash of your purchase.
  2. Yeah, I'm also not sure and I think 1% is still a high number. But during the bear market this number will not grow a lot...
  3. In June a new mining project has started its pre-sale, but I’ve noticed them only a few weeks ago. The project is still very unknown compared to previous Mining ICOs. The special feature of this project is to purchase and install miners already during the ICO phase to offer payouts while the token sale is still ongoing. The advantage is to avoid a long waiting-phase between initial investment and first payout. Snowball Mining project The project is called Snowball Mining and located near Quebec, Canada. The infrastructure and facility is already built and electricity costs are very low (0,056$ per kWh) by using renewable energy sources, which Canada is well-known for. And the cool climate reduces power consumption for cooling especially in winter by additional natural cooling. By installing own solar panels SBM will also have the possibility to lower electricity costs by producing own electricity in the future. The business model – holding SBM tokens will entitle you to receive mining-dividends Instead of selling limited cloud-mining contracts, Snowball Mining pays ETH-dividends from mining to every SBM token holder directly into their ERC20-compatible wallet at the end of each month. The amount of ETH you will receive, depends on the number of tokens you own. Your monthly mining-dividends will be paid automatically to the wallet where your SBM tokens are stored, so if you move your SBM to another wallet you will receive the payouts in your new wallet, where the tokens are located. You also have the chance to sell your SBM tokens later, if you want to sell them instead of receiving monthly dividends. (But I don’t think many people want to sell a token, which entitles you of receiving high dividends) However, the possibility to sell your SBM is another big advantage over cloudmining companies, where you can’t sell your contracts when they are expired. So, using the token based model you have to components you can make profits from: 1. Token price 2. Mining payouts Which coins SBM mines? SBM is Mining Bitcoin and different Altcoins. Here are the numbers of the miners operating already in the facility (date: 23 July 2018): 1083 x Antminer S9 hashing at 14.62 PH/s 329 Dragonmint T1 hashing at 5.92 PH/s Total hashrate: 17.61 PH/s Estimated current daily reward from mining: 1.0610180 BTC/day For the future direction of the company, SBM wants to expand the hashrate exponentially with the Token-Sale and continues to focus on Bitcoin and Altcoin mining. In addition, SBM will continue growth into more efficient hashing methods such as entering FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) mining. Right now, SBM has 6 FPGAs and plans to set up additional 2 rigs every week. A FPGA rig can perform 3 to 100 times better than a GPU, while consuming the same power. If you want more informations about FPGA mining you can read this article, I think it’s very informative to get an overview: https://1stminingrig.com/your-chance-to-jump-into-the-fpga-train-is-now-fpga-for-dummies-and-experts-alike/ FPGA rigs are an interesting alternative to GPUs and they were re-discovered in early 2018 again. (in the first years of Bitcoin, before ASICs entered the market, there were already a few FPGAs, but it’s not so easy to set them up and you need some deeper programming experience in doing so.) In my opinion the CEO is very experienced (he is mining Bitcoin since 2013) and quite active in Telegram. He shares his knowledge and is informing deeply about the latest news from the farm. I addition setting up FPGAs can be seen as supreme discipline in mining, especially compared to a plug-and-play solution like ASICs. An acknowledged team can be a game-changer to survive in the highly competitive cryptocurrency mining market. So, if you have a technical question you can join Telegram and ask there, it’s very likely the CEO, @SBMRick will answer your question directly. Besides Mining, SBM plans to offer third party services, like hosting miners to profit from free space in the facility and the cheap electricity. Some revenues from this service will also be distributed to SBM token holders. Which ROI can we expect? It’s difficult to announce any ROI due to different volatile factors in crypto mining, but looking at the dividends from June (around 9%) and July (around 12%) I would say ROI is above 10% per month, while the farm is still in development and increasing its hashrate. How to compete the rising Mining-Difficulty The increasing mining difficulty is one of the biggest problems to stay profitable in the future and to be prepared in long-term. Snowball Mining will reserve 8% of all profits for reinvestment to buy new miners and increase the entire hashrate of the farm. Another 8% will be used for development. Development is also to increase the hashrate but different from reinvestment because it is for purchasing and testing new mining equipment. If there is no new mining equipment available in the market, SBM will use these funds to buy current generation miners. So there are used 16% in total of the mining profits for increasing the hashrate. The limit of the facility is 2,500 ASICS, so there is still place for another 1,400 ASICs left. If the 2,500 ASICs are reached, SBM will haven an option to grow or sell some of the S9 and replace them with more efficient ones, if they are available in the market. Token distribution and Token allocation Roadmap Token-Sale details Erc20 Token Contract: 0xAf2DE5cB07d8F5dE2369fF104150fef9dC0E604b Symbol: SBM Name: SnowBall Mining Decimal: 18 Total Supply: 21,000,000 SBM Price: 1 ETH = 600 SBM Pre-Sale: June 1st - June 29th Public Sale: July 1st -August 31th, 2018 SBM soft cap $1,806,000.00 USD SBM hard cap $8,400,000.00 USD KYC: No Payouts start: June 30 What will happen, if Softcap is not reached? If the Soft Cap is not reached, SBM plans to keep up the project with investors who want to continue the project. It’s likely the increasing of the total hashrate would be not as quick as it would be if SBM mets Soft Cap, but it’s still possible to make this project successful. How to invest: 1. register 2. deposit your ERC20-compatible wallet there (it’s very important to use an ERC20-compatible wallet, because if you do not so, you’ll not be able to transfer your SBM. Examples for ERC20-compatible wallets are MEW, MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor (every wallet you own your private keys)) 3. send the amount of ETH you want to invest to the official address which you can find on https://www.snowballmining.io/token-sale Make sure to send only from an ERC20-compatible wallet to the official address from the official website. Don’t fall for phishing sites or scammers offering you high bonuses if you send to another wallet. SBM are only offered on the official website. There is no minimum amount to invest, but recommended is to avoid low investments (less than 25$) due to transaction fees. After sending your ETH to the official address, it will take up to 24h until your SBM will arrive into your wallet (but normally it takes only a few hours). Now you’ll receive mining profits at the end of each consecutive month into your ETH-wallet where you hold your SBM. When SBM will be listed on exchanges to be tradable? There are plans to list SBM in an internal exchange after the Token-Sale and if that is done, to list it on external exchanges. But the listings are not top priority due to the main function of SBM token is about to receive dividends from mining. We all know listings on external exchanges are not cheap and it’s better to spend the money for miners instead for high listing fees. Is SBM legit? I’ve done a detailed research about this project and discovered nothing shady. The team is very transparent and communicative, if you have questions. On YouTube you can find a video from the farm with SBM’s ASIC miners: On the website are some news where you can see the progress of scaling up the farm. I’ll post here a few, the rest can be seen here: https://www.snowballmining.io/news I’m very optimistic, that SBM will be a good project and can fulfill their promises. The Token-Sale will last until end of August but it’s possible to extend the sale. The next payout will be on August 31, all the stats about running miners and coins mined every month is visible at the dashboard, when you are logged in. Compared to other mining projects, this one is relatively low risk (if we can say this in cryptocurrency space). The returns are not an unknown factor and there will be no delays in delivering miners / having problems to set them up or some unknown incidents because the operation is already running and it’s only necessary to scale it up. If you are interested, you can do your own research about this project and if you invest, you have still the chance to receive the August dividends: Register http://members.snowballmining.io/register/?affiliate=15b64b19b4067e5b64b19b40680 Website https://www.snowballmining.io/ Telegram https://t.me/snowballmining Bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4841102.0 Twitter https://twitter.com/snowballmining Facebook https://www.facebook.com/snowballmining YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1zAkN8FTGfp0A16jMzn30Q If you have some questions you can ask here or in SBM Telegram ________ Special offer until August 31: if you use my referral-link, I'll share a part of the ref-bonus and send you back 2% of SBM tokens from your investment. If you want to participate in this cashback, please send me your name of your SBM account and the txhash of your purchase in a PM. I'll send the SBM to your wallet you made the purchase from.
  4. 1miau


    Wow, quite impressive, I hope you'll reach your goal soon. These prices are good to buy. 100,000$ in Dogecoins would be nice! Good Luck! So profit, many currency
  5. If we have a look at last year, August was a very bullish month. Would be fine if we have a bullish August again and start a trend reversal...
  6. 1miau

    Buy cars and pizzas with cryptos

    Well, you could buy a pizza with Bitcoin already in 2010: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=137.0 But 10,000 BTC for 2 pizzas
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    The letter game

  8. 1miau

    Invest with bitcoin

    Yeah, I can agree here, every new market has it's own opportunities (bus also risks). If we inform us about the risks and the investments we spend money to, the profit can be a multiple of our investment. Let's be the early birds and I'm sure we are still early birds, if we have a look to the number of people invested in crypto.
  9. 1miau


    I'm a little bit irritated by reading some posts here. Hashflare isn't profitable at all and never was it, if you calculate in crypto. And over time the conditions were changed from bad to worse by reducing the lifetime contracts to only one (!) year, ridiculous high payout limits and maintenance fees... I doubt the hashrate was backed 100% by real miners, and even if it was backed, the conditions of Hashflare were / are so bad that the owners make high profits for themselves, while the investors can be happy to get out there at break even (fiat, not crypto). The 1-year contracts allow Hashflare to sell the hashpower of the miners several times during their lifetime (2 to 3 years for ASICs). And the combination of MLM and bad conditions are still a perfect money gainer for them... It's still possible to offer cloudmining in a profitable way, even if the conditions are very bad now, but compared to Genesis (the only one which I consider as halfway legit, but I'm not invested there) are very bad at Hashflare. There are much better investment opportunities than Hashflare and I wouldn't be surprised if this service will be shut down soon. But I hope all the best for your investment anyway
  10. 1miau

    Hello, I'm new here

    Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it Good luck to everyone!
  11. 1miau

    Hello, I'm new here

    Thx, kiran
  12. 1miau

    Hi im new here

    Hi, I'm also new here Good luck, too, especially in this bear market...
  13. 1miau

    Trusted cloudmining sites ?

    Only legit cloudminers I know are Genesis or Hashnest (from Bitmain). Some say Hashflare is legit, too, but I personally don't think all their contracts are backed with hashpower. Hashflares conditions are very bad with limited contracts to 1 year, high withdrawal limits and a ridiculous high maintenance fee. If they have really all the hardware, I don't know at which price they produce, but it's obviously they will shut down their service sooner or later. A few weeks ago the difficulty / BTC price rate was so bad, that fees were higher than profits. I wouldn't have been surprised if the contracts were cancelled by Hashflare.
  14. 1miau

    Ripple (XRP) will be $25

    At least we can say Ripple is a shitcoin. There are much more interesting ones instead of Ripple, the most overvalued shitcoin. Ripple is the exact opposite of Satoshis decetralized Bitcoin and that's not what we need. Even if we can make a few bucks with it. The ideology behind Ripple is nothing I can identify with.
  15. 1miau

    Hello, I'm new here

    Hey, I'm new on Primedice, looking forward to read and comment here I hope I can contribute to some interesting discussions, my main interest is crypto and it's new way of financial opportunities. See you around! 1miau