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  1. The current bear market has resulted in at least one positive aspect: you can buy coins very cheap now. So my question is: which coin is most undervalued right now? Which coin has a great potential and a low price you would like to buy now?
  2. I would sell a pizza for Bitcoins
  3. Yeah, I'm also not sure and I think 1% is still a high number. But during the bear market this number will not grow a lot...
  4. Wow, quite impressive, I hope you'll reach your goal soon. These prices are good to buy. 100,000$ in Dogecoins would be nice! Good Luck! So profit, many currency
  5. If we have a look at last year, August was a very bullish month. Would be fine if we have a bullish August again and start a trend reversal...
  6. Well, you could buy a pizza with Bitcoin already in 2010: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=137.0 But 10,000 BTC for 2 pizzas
  7. Yeah, I can agree here, every new market has it's own opportunities (bus also risks). If we inform us about the risks and the investments we spend money to, the profit can be a multiple of our investment. Let's be the early birds and I'm sure we are still early birds, if we have a look to the number of people invested in crypto.
  8. I'm a little bit irritated by reading some posts here. Hashflare isn't profitable at all and never was it, if you calculate in crypto. And over time the conditions were changed from bad to worse by reducing the lifetime contracts to only one (!) year, ridiculous high payout limits and maintenance fees... I doubt the hashrate was backed 100% by real miners, and even if it was backed, the conditions of Hashflare were / are so bad that the owners make high profits for themselves, while the investors can be happy to get out there at break even (fiat, not crypto). The 1-year contracts allow Hashflare to sell the hashpower of the miners several times during their lifetime (2 to 3 years for ASICs). And the combination of MLM and bad conditions are still a perfect money gainer for them... It's still possible to offer cloudmining in a profitable way, even if the conditions are very bad now, but compared to Genesis (the only one which I consider as halfway legit, but I'm not invested there) are very bad at Hashflare. There are much better investment opportunities than Hashflare and I wouldn't be surprised if this service will be shut down soon. But I hope all the best for your investment anyway
  9. Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it Good luck to everyone!
  10. Hi, I'm also new here Good luck, too, especially in this bear market...
  11. Only legit cloudminers I know are Genesis or Hashnest (from Bitmain). Some say Hashflare is legit, too, but I personally don't think all their contracts are backed with hashpower. Hashflares conditions are very bad with limited contracts to 1 year, high withdrawal limits and a ridiculous high maintenance fee. If they have really all the hardware, I don't know at which price they produce, but it's obviously they will shut down their service sooner or later. A few weeks ago the difficulty / BTC price rate was so bad, that fees were higher than profits. I wouldn't have been surprised if the contracts were cancelled by Hashflare.
  12. At least we can say Ripple is a shitcoin. There are much more interesting ones instead of Ripple, the most overvalued shitcoin. Ripple is the exact opposite of Satoshis decetralized Bitcoin and that's not what we need. Even if we can make a few bucks with it. The ideology behind Ripple is nothing I can identify with.
  13. Hey, I'm new on Primedice, looking forward to read and comment here I hope I can contribute to some interesting discussions, my main interest is crypto and it's new way of financial opportunities. See you around! 1miau