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  1. 9nine9

    BankBank / Sickhouse GIVEAWAY OVER!

    Goodluck today mate!
  2. goodluck with winning mate
  3. 9nine9

    Kuleguten Stream #67! Giveaways!

    9nine9 gl there with your winnings
  4. 33.00 DONE! 77.77 DONE
  5. 9nine9


    i think dogecoin have a good future! @ this moment i have 480k dogecoins. and i will go up to 1million.. 1day dogecoin will hit the 0.10$
  6. 9nine9

    How often do you change seeds

    i think,its all in our brain that we need to change that seeds Gergely!
  7. 9nine9

    Who are the best gambler at all here

    we all think that we are really good gamblers! but there is always 1 person the winner haha
  8. 9nine9

    BTC Price .. It will rise again?!!

    i think bitcoin will not going back to the 10k! he is strong. but 6000-8000$ is the future of btc
  9. 9nine9

    How often do you change seeds

    i think we dont need to change the seeds!
  10. 9nine9

    Bitcoin for Coffee (starbucks) Says NO

    i dont think that this will happen in the future! to small amount for a coffee 0.00005000 sats for a coffee lol! maybe it works but i think it will not happen sir!