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    Ethereum Games Club
    https://ethergamesclub.com/ - Website | https://twitter.com/ethergamesclub - Twitter | https://t.me/ethergamesclub - Telegram
    Ether Games Club - this is crypto games gambling site. We offer you to earn money in the cryptocurrency ethereum. We have wheel game with provably fair system and coin flip game, also known as duel game, where you must play against another user of our site. Play and win money in ethereum! Our revolutionary referral system will give you the opportunity to earn 10% from the game of each of your referrals.

    Our plans for the coming months: We are developing our in-game currency and exchange! We prepare payments in at least 4 currencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin.
    Users will buy our own in-game currency for the currency in which they deposited. A full-fledged exchange system will provide trades and currency exchanges.

    Our games: 
    At the moment we offer you 2 unique games. Some of them are homemade and unique!

    1. A roulette wheel. 
    It rotates every 30 seconds and selects 1 of 54 cells and 4 winning colors. A bet on gray will bring you 2x money. A bet on red will bring you 3x of money. A bet on blue will bring you 5x money. A bet on yellow color will bring you 50x money!
    2. Coinflip game.
    This is a kind of mode where you play not against the site, but between other users. The meaning of the game CoinFlip: two participants choose one of the parties (blue or red), and our fast, automated betting system will randomly choose one of the parties. After the wheel stops at a random color, that color wins. At the moment, the maximum multiplier (2X) is available to participants, but there is a system commission that is 5% of the winning amount in CoinFlip.

    3. Dice game.

    Our plans for new games:
    At the moment, our development team is developing a game with the code name "Graph crash".
    You have 5 seconds to place bets.
    After the betting schedule begins to move up. At any time it can break. The multiplier will be from 1x to infinity.
    You can withdraw your bet with a multiplier which is drawn on the chart at any time! But you need to do it until the chart breaks, otherwise you will lose your money!

    What else can we offer you?
    Your deposit is immediately credited to your balance. 
    2 confirmation is necessary to play with your deposit.
    All our games can be verified mathematically, which means it would be impossible for us to choose the numbers for you to lose. We can guarantee mathematically and you can verify that the results are honest.
      SOCIAL & FUN
    Join our chat to talk in real time with other players on the site. Customize your profile, share your best bets, comment on posts.
    The site has been designed to fit all platform types (mobile, tablet or computer) to give you the best gaming experience possible.
    We use the best security technology to keep your passwords safe: SSL encryption, intrusion detection.
    Also: multilanguage interface and chat rooms, 24 hour technical support, user-friendly interface, instructions on how to play our games, player level system, open statistics of each player.
    Clean link - https://ethergamesclub.com/
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    Hello! I want to tell you the good news!
    We added dogecoin!
    start playing https://ethergamesclub.com/dice/doge
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    We will close the game coinflip because it is not popular. Instead, we'll open the graph crash game (bust game)
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    I cleaned up your topic, good luck with the site!
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    Thank you! 
    We are developing chart bat. I can not say the exact date