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  1. I use it every now and then. I do not keep track of it but most of the time its easy 10-20 % Profits. Thanks for the suggestion, will see what can be done 👍
  2. Interesting question but its impossible to lose only that much gambling 5 hours a day for the last two years no matter how small bet the person makes. If that's the case then he/she is not really a gambling addict as he/she can very well control himself/herself to not gamble more than 5 hours a day and managing his/her bankroll well enough that he/she only lose $5 in that entire duration of two years.
  3. Chasers never win either way Having fun is more important after all we are gambling for entertainment. Be neutral towards both then only you will have chance of winning. If you focus only on winning when you lose, it will easily drag you down. Never ever get greedy nothing good has ever come out of greediness. Have a game plan and stick to it that's the only way you can avoid it.
  4. Some good profits starting from small balance. Auto bet with stop profits works very good too try it out. Nothing can beat manual mode, its the best
  5. Thanks, nice one will definitely add that too the list too
  6. Thanks. The conservative player, describes what you are saying very well too Will add a little line about that too in the post. Nice, yes totally when we bust almost all go crazy compounding in rage
  7. Your welcome. Its very easy to pull out all from the vault that's why you need to set some ground rules for yourself. There is no point of putting into the vault if you are going to withdraw it all the second you bust.
  8. Primedice Community is full of various players each with their own unique style of playing the dice game. I have made a list of some common type of play styles that most use to play the dice game. The list is below check which ones describes you the best. 1) The pre-roller: No matter the payout this prime dicer will always pre-roll 2) The Seed Lover: Have full faith in seed and will completely rely on them while playing. 3) Martingale Fan: No matter how many times Martin Fail. He or She will never stop using martingale. 4) The Strategic: Will rely on complex methods to place bets. Will even use bots like dice bot if necessary. 5) The Heavy Hitter: Mostly place big bets and love playing on manual mode. 6) The Conservative: Mostly plays on high winning chances. Will try whatever they can to make the bets as safe as possible. 7) Go with the Flow: Will play in whatever style he or she likes to play at the moment. 8 ) Strategy Tester: Will always be in the look out for new strategies. No matter how many strategies they have its never enough. 9) The Compounding Crazy: Will go on compounding till the last digit. They more of like enjoy the process more than withdrawing profits. 10) The banker: What they care the most is banking, everything else is secondary. 11) The Risk Lover: Loves risk and will most of the time bet on very low winning chances. 12) The Chaser: Usually end up rage betting. They are in a hurry to win it all back in the shortest time. Missed anything comment below What play style describes you best?
  9. As gamblers most of the time we end up chasing losses. Although its not a logical decision to do yet we most of the time end up doing it. First its important to understand what makes us to chase losses to better understand why we chase losses. All the decisions that we make in our life are based upon how much we put into something. It can be - time, money, effort, etc. The more involved we are into something the harder it is to abandon it. Which is why we keep doing something even though its not longer fun or entertaining. So why we end up chasing losses in gambling? While gambling when we suffer a loss, we usually loss both time and money which are both valuable resources. Most of us usually do not cope well with this situation and we try everything we can to recover back those losses. Even when we all already know very well what happens at the end. Next time time when you get into such a situation of chasing losses. Think like this, " What's done is done. Regretting and Chasing those losses will not only worsen my present situation but also make me dig a deeper hole." When was the last time you end up chasing losses? Recently had one and as always it did not end well Here is a simple guide to help you avoid chasing losses - How to Avoid Chasing Losses.
  10. So many that its hard to keep track of all. All I know is that I am not in the red zone in gambling, always end up making more than I deposited
  11. One the recent features that I absolutely love is the vault feature. Managing bankroll and banking profits is a whole lot easier now thanks to the vault. As we all know anything can happen while gambling. Here are some simple tips to effectively use the vault for proper bankroll management: 1) Save half of your bankroll in the vault: Whatever amount you deposit in the site save half of it in the vault. When you get bust, save yourself from the trouble of starting with less than the minimum needed for making recovery soon. 2) Save all your profits at the end of the day to your vault: I used to go on compounding until the day that I finally bust. Now I Save all the profits at the end of the day in the vault. This makes sure that when I do get bust, I do not bust all my profits plus the amount that I deposited. 3) Only withdraw when its necessary: There is no point of even putting into the vault if you are going to withdraw it too often. Follow a simple rule you only deposit in the vault and withdraw from it on two conditions once you bust it all or cashing out. When you do get bust and withdraw always start from the first step which is always have half of your bankroll in the vault. In gambling its all about luck with some good bankroll management. If betting system works the house will go broke. Hope this helps in better managing your bankroll If you are planning for a recovery do check out this: Recovery Guide.
  12. It was a nice ride Lesson in simple you cannot rely much on strategies no matter how safe it is, proper bankroll management is must as anything can happen.
  13. Thanks for sharing. Hope I have the patience to execute it till the end. Congrats for the big win
  14. First Post Second Post Third post Fourth post Fifth Post