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  1. amarcrypto

    What you can do to win most of the time.

    Thanks, hope it helps those who are struggling to win. Thanks, Proper mindset and proper execution of your game plan is the secret to winning
  2. We all know we are gambling so winning and losing happens all the time. Here are some of the things you can do to win most of the time. 1) Keep your wins and loss in check: Proper bank roll management, risk management and a proper gambling plan will be help you keep those two in check. Do not let your loss far out weigh your wins. If you can only make 10% of your balance in a day and you loss 50% in a day this are two equations that will never equate. 2) Do not let the wins or losses get into your head: Its easy to get excited when winning or get angry while losing and get carried away. If you want to win do not let those two emotions get the better of you. Your mindset and how you look at the game is very important for winning. if you believe you can or you can't, you are always right either way. 3) Keep your strategy simple and do not change strategy too often: For a strategy to work it must be simple for you to understand and easy to implement it. If your strategy is too complex you will not follow it most of the time and do whatever that comes to your mind. So keep it simple and easy to follow. Changing strategy too often is equally as bad as having no strategy at all. Every strategy needs time, hard work and consistency to perfect it. If you change too often you will never know. 4) Stop complaining: There is lot you can complain about for not winning the house edge, the provably fair system,the site is rigged.. by doing that you will only attract negative emotions which will most of the time do you more harm than good. Instead change your focus to the things you have control on. Like if on 50% winning chance on dice you are doubling your bets on losing for like 8 times in a row trying changing the direction of the roll or winning chance or start over from the beginning. Its better to have something to start from than lose it all waiting for the outcome that will not happen. 5) Have fun and enjoy the process: We are gambling for fun and entertainment, winning from it is secondary. If you are having fun and enjoying the process you will definitely win some day. If its no longer fun stop its best to stop when the fun stops. What do you do so that you win most of the time? Do you use a simple or a complex strategy?
  3. amarcrypto

    Patience in playing

    Patience is very important, rage or revenge betting is sure loss. For those that do not have the patience and to deal with the swings the best is to just use auto bet on low base bet with proper stop profit and stop loss and forget it. At the end it will be either stop on the stop profit or stop loss.
  4. amarcrypto

    How to Win ?

    State of mind is very important when you are gambling, if you are aiming to make profits. But just relying on the state of mind is not enough having a perfect gambling system that will put you in check is more important. People gamble for the excitement and entertainment, if they are going to gamble like a cyborg there is no point in gambling at all. The best is to draw some line between fun and profits that way you make profits and have fun & excitement at the same time.
  5. username: trickybets Best of luck in your stream.
  6. 2.25x and 3.3x is what I often use most of the time. I usually like too add decimal values on whichever payout I am playing Now a days 1.44x is my new favorite.
  7. amarcrypto

    House always wins

    We just compound the 1% House edge with our own actions. Its a pretty fair playing zone. One of the best quotes which I have encountered so far.
  8. I put in wrongly On loss 85, On win 30. Corrected the image now you can check
  9. Tested with 1.8K bch satoshi works on all balance. http://prntscr.com/l0fnus If you want to earn more you definitely need more balance. Just this simple rule 1% balance as base bet and stop profit at 5% balance. Reduce it proportionally if you have more balance. And not more than one or two times during a session and after that normal bets.
  10. Chances of busting is slim if you use it once or twice in a day. Once or twice a day as it can easily make from 5-10% balance as profit. Nothing specific you can start from any rolls.
  11. amarcrypto

    What is your favourite dice strategy to date??

    Personal favourite is a martingale and reverse martingale combination on low payout. High chance of winning and quick profits too.
  12. We all know no matter how good martingale is at long run it bust most of the time. This is one of my favourite strategy martingale and reverse martingale strategy which I use quite often. Here is the set up: Base bet: 1% of balance. Stop on Profit: 5% of balance. Payout which gives wins quite often like 1.4x Increase on loss: 85% Increase on win: 30% Once or twice and then play with other strategies. This how the set up will look like: For this run my starting base bet was 0.00003000 eth. If you have a higher balance you can reduce both the base bet and profit proportionally. Like Base bet=0.25% balance Profit = 1.25% balance * Do not make it more base bet more than 1% of balance and profit more than 5% of balance. It does get intense pretty soon. Test it out and do comment the results Bet calculators, strategies and tips for better gambling. Check out my blog https://www.smartgamblingedge.com/
  13. amarcrypto

    Woman survives on bitcoin

    Would have been better if this was in english lol. 21 Days is definitely a long time to survive just on bitcoins 😊
  14. amarcrypto

    Strategies and pattern

    Definitely all in is balance buster. There is no patterns at all its just go with your guts game. Its just that we like to believe that there is patterns but actually there is none. RNG so no one knows what the next roll will be 😊 Keep doing it if its going good. Interesting post.
  15. amarcrypto

    How to never bust in x2 payout

    Its a 50-50 chance and anything you do will not change the odds in your favour. Never getting bust is just a myth. At some point everyone does get bust.