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  1. Congratulation for last weeks top wagerers!
  2. Dear friends! The competition 'Tug of war' has ended. Thanks to all the participants for their activity, the game was hot and exciting, so we decided that there should not be losers and winners, win should be friendship and both teams deserve to participate in the prize draw. Therefore, we added a prize fund for the second team ( 4mBTC) The site administration congratulates all the contest winners Women 1 mBTC happyendlesss 1 mBTC Nadysha 1 mBTC VeraRosoha 1 mBTC IrinkaChus Men 1 mBTC stom12 1 mBTC ывaывaывa 1 mBTC yura21 1 mBTC Ba-Бaнк Special prizes for VIP players won: VeraRosoha serega777
  3. This week highrollers , top 3 wagers image below
  4. Here is Current Highrollers of this Week
  5. Welcome back 🙂 knock me in chat English room , if you have any problem .
  6. No problem but you are always welcome to bitdouble.io☺️
  7. We are NOT a dice site but you are welcome to our site . we are adding a new game as soon as possible .😊 if you have more question find me in chat 🙂
  8. click the green box right side of balance . you can get every hour 0.00500 mBtc max 5 time per day . you can get also bonus from chat .
  9. Our weekly wager contest and image shows below on our potential top 3 wagerers for this week. For places 4-30th they do still have consolation.
  10. Today is Friday! We do have only 2 days left for out weekly wager contest, Place yourself on the top and play on Bitdouble!
  11. Try our Flip duels against other players or against the house. Fairness? Theres hash on very selection you would made.
  12. Tomorrow would be the last day for this weeks wager contest.Image shows the top wagerers for this week we do still have 1 day left to place yourselves on top.
  13. Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that the 2nd stage of the competition “I love BitDouble” has finished. Moderators maniunia and МАРИША9799 got special moderator prizes. Large special prizes: def397, VeraRosoha, BusinessmennS, sashuta, MeSuS1342, 116rus, mkokarenok. Everyone else got a small bonus for participating contest! Our winners: 1 Nadysha got 10 mBTC 2 juja got 5 mBTC 3 Kapitoha got 3 mBTC 1. Nadysha got 10 mBTC 2. juja got 5 mBTC 3. Kapitoha got 3 mBTC Victory! Sweet word after long expectations. We wholeheartedly congratulate you on your well-deserved victory and in the fair competition! We wish new, no less bright, achievements and ups. Let the star of glory does not die away, the forces are piling up, and health will allow it to be carried out in the best possible way! Sincerely, always your site administration.