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  1. Weekly wager contest updates , 2nd day of this week contest and Justas , djigit and zahid41 is top at this moment .
  2. Congrats to winner and thanks all to participate . The lucky number of lottery is Number 3
  3. 2nd day of weekly wager contest and top 3 players image below . join and play to place yourself on top , have enough time.
  4. Congrats to Кoтёнoк !! he won a big bet 600 mBtc . here is the screenshot of winning bet😉
  5. Tomorrow will be the last day for this week wager contest and we are seeing Batka still top of this wager contest .
  6. We do have 2 days left for this week wager contest and here's the top 3 players at this moment .
  7. Congratulations for those players who won last weeks wager contest. Started another contest from today .
  8. Few hours left for this week and we are seeing top 3 players of this wager contest . Congrats !!
  9. Here is the top 3 players as this moment and we do have 4 days to end of this weekly contest . it's not too late to join and secure top spots.
  10. Today is Friday and our current top 3 players image is showing below . we do have still 2 days left to place yourself on the top!
  11. We do have 4 days for this week contest and the image is showing top players at this moment .
  12. Congratulation last week contest winners . Now we are on a new week and these are the current players