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  1. Hey guys! Today at GMT 14:00 we will make Guess The Number contest. The rules: After mod writes START and before STOP you should guess the number appearing next on roulette. First 2 winners get prize 0.1mB and pass two spins.
  2. We are now on midweek. Hurry and play to place yourself on the top.Below are the leading players as of this moment.
  3. We are just starting a new week for our weekly wager contest and here are the top 3 players as of this moment.
  4. Fer hours left before determining the top players of this week.😊
  5. We do have 2 days left for our weekly wager contest.Here's our top 3 players currently.
  6. we do have 5 time faucet , 5 time bonus from chat also daily chat active bonus 😊 Still have 2 day for Q&A in chat on this upcoming Saturday December 8, 2018 possible to get 10k bonus per answer . don't miss it 😉
  7. Dear friends, this year is coming to an end. The team of our site wants you to remember it bright, colorful and fun! We are glad to inform you that, on the eve of New Year's celebration, we have prepared for you another interesting contest, which starts on 05.12..2018 in our group in VK. (vk.com/playbarbarik) You need to make a video congratulations to the players and participants of bitdouble.io, put it in Youtube and send it to us in support of https://bitdouble.io/support.php Also required are: link to your profile on the website bitdouble.io The contest will run until 00.00 Moscow time on 25.12.2018 From December 25, 2018, voting will begin, which ends at 00:00 Moscow time on December 31, 2018. The voting results were announced 01/01/2019. Reward: 1st place - 15 mBts 2nd place - 10 mBts 3rd place - 5 mBts We wish you all a victory and of course a profit on our wonderful site. Always your bitdouble.io team!
  8. We would have some Q&A in chat on this upcoming Saturday December 8, 2018 and have the chance to win 10k satoshi on every questions you answered. Mark your calendars. 😉
  9. Dear friends! Now we have various games every day in chat, contests with the distribution of pleasant prizes from 10,000 satoshi. We invite you to our fun site) BitDouble.io
  10. yeah, there is faucet . just click on green box right side of balance . you can get 5 time max per day . Also have chat bonus and you can get chat bonus 5 time max per day . 😊
  11. Congratulation !! Last Monthly wager contest big bonus winners . 🤗 Here is last month top 3 winners image below 😊
  12. Good news for all !!!😁 Active in Chat and Get Daily 10k Bonus 😉
  13. Starting fresh for this weeks wager contest and these 3 is heating up.
  14. Congratulation !! Last week all highrollers . here is the top 3 wagers image below
  15. Today is Friday and we do have 2 days to end of this week contest . Top 1-30 users have different amount bonuses for this contest . 😁 here is top 3 wager of this week 😉