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    bigbrankx reacted to Noeprellik1 in New login page Primedice?   
    Hello, I just want to make sure
    Is the login page in PD has changed like picture in attachment?
    Need confirmation
    Thank you

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    bigbrankx reacted to Flansca in [Flansca Stream #2] Chasing the challenge. Late night giveaway.   
    Heya Primedicers! 
    I'm currently run a stream right now, I'm sorry didn't post my first thread at here. (completely forget about it  ) 
    Anyway, leave your username here for giveaway. I will doing giveaway at 23.00 (on my time) (up to 20k sats for split)
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    bigbrankx reacted to Blairsy in Death would you like to know?   
    Would you want to know you are going to die before hand or die suddenly without warning?
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    bigbrankx reacted to Marija in 🏆 [0.1 BTC] Celebrating ​2019!​   
    Celebrating 🎄2019!🎄
    Ends: 07/01/19 @ Midday (12pm) GMT 
    Win the following bets: First, roll one of the numbers from each of the 4 groups. (All numbers are combined of 0, 1, 2 and 9.) 
    Group A (starts with 0): 01.29, 01.92, 02.19, 02.91, 09.12 or 09.21 
    Group B (starts with 1): 10.29, 10.92, 12.09, 12.90, 19.02 or 19.20
    Group C (starts with 2): 20.19, 20.91, 21.09, 21.90, 29.01 or 29.10
    Group D (starts with 9): 90.12, 90.21, 91.02, 91.20, 92.01 or 92.10 Roll number 20.19 Bets must be winning ones. You can use any multiplier you want. Bets must have been made in the given order: 1 bet from Group A -> 1 bet from Group B -> 1 bet from Group C-> 1 bet from Group D -> bet with 20.19 roll number.  Minimum bet:  0.00000100  0.00002400  0.00002800  0.00012000  1.60000000 1 valid entry per household. Bets must be public during the whole duration of the promotion. Bets must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. 10+ forum post count. Haven't broken any General Giveaways Rules! Prize Pool
    Prize pool based on the number of individual players: 0.1 BTC  
    How to Enter
    Respond to this topic, and link your bet ID using the link function in the text editor. (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in image below)

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    bigbrankx reacted to firenine in Hello PrimeDice!   
    I'm new to the forum and hope to learn and contribute from all of you.
    Lucky rolls for everybody! 🍀
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    bigbrankx reacted to paecga129 in Paecga129 here!   
    Hello Everyone !! 
    My username is Paecga129 and I am new to the forum at Primedice!
    I have been a member here for sometime but am finally joining the forum.   Most of you probably know me from the sister site as well ....   I am very happy to be here !
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    bigbrankx reacted to UltraChief in New potential ICO   
    Almost all ICOs have some minimum amount for a buy-in. However in the current bull market I cannot suggest you any new ICO to invest in because all coins are bleeding out. Its a better investment to buy some altcoins from the top list and hold them. Still the few of the tops ICOs which are now on exchanges can be a good buy. Currently running ICOs are having a tough time raising funds in this market.
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    bigbrankx reacted to BambiI in New potential ICO   
    Anyone please if you can list any potential ICO what not need big amount for invest
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    bigbrankx reacted to UltraChief in What happened to Primedice-coin idea?   
    I believe the project did not gain enough traction to come into existance. Moreover an ICO for primedice was also going on around rumors. This was bad for the reputation of the site as well.
    It has not happened. You get forum rewards for posting. Please be informed properly.
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    bigbrankx reacted to kasinojacob in What happened to Primedice-coin idea?   
    Hi everyone
    Back in 2017 Edward made a post in here about a Primedice forum coin. I really liked that idea, and I think that it would be cool if that happens. 
    It's pretty easy to create a new coin, and then it's just about distributing it instead of btc for posting and commenting on stuff here on the forum. 
    I tried to reply to the post, but my reply got removed because the post were to old, but I would really like to hear your thoughts about a prmedice forum coin.
    I really like the idea, what about you guys?
    Best regards
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    bigbrankx reacted to Blairsy in Does ever question have an answer?   
    Something that defines and solves the very essence of the existence of the question. Therefore, “I don't know” is not an answer, but merely a response. Everything has a reason, and that reasons is the answer to every possible question. But there are questions that doesn't have an answer or we do not have an answer yet???
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    bigbrankx reacted to Blairsy in Egg or Chicken   
    What come first Egg or Chicken??
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    bigbrankx reacted to UltraChief in How much altcoin diversification needed?   
    Hello everybody,
    We are in this crypto space for sometime now and all of us are acquainted with different altcoins apart from bitcoin. In popular investment strategies we see people talk about diversifying assets for the maximum benefit. Is this also true for crypto?
    When we talk about diversification of assets the first thing that comes to our mind is altcoins and ICO tokens. Its not that they will be as big as bitcoin but they have some potential and a possible long term value if you are early investors.
    Again there are so-called "bitcoin maximalist" who prefer to keep their bitcoins close to themselves and stay away from any altcoins.
    I personally feel that we can spend upto 10% of our bitcoin holdings into altcoins. However holding altcoins is always a bigger risk than bitcoin and potentially good reward if they do well. So there comes the risk vs reward scheme.
    So do my fellow primedicers feel that they need to diversify their assets specially into altcoins in a bear market, Or be the Bitcoin Maximalist?
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    bigbrankx reacted to UltraChief in Bitcoin Core is the same "Bitcoin"?   
    Bitcoin has only one version. The one that was the main chain and what Satoshi Nakamoto created was the one known as bitcoin denoted by BTC. That is for the context of differentiating from other bitcoin "copycats" is known as bitcoin core. 
    Bitcoin cash was the one what was not going to follow segwit - because Rog Ver knew that segwit would reduce their profit from mining and thus created BCH and told people by lying that it was the real bitcoin. That was a blatant lie.
    Craig Wright introduced Bitcoin cash Satoshi's Vision was another fork in the BCH chain and it also not the real bitcoin.
    I would suggest people to read the bitcoin whitepaper and then decide what coin to invest in. Bitcoin by itself supports decentralization while BCH forked coins are totally centralized. Which means one fine day RogVer or Craig could sell off all the coins that you own and cash out and run away themselves. However that is pretty longshot.
    Still BTC is the real bitcoin and rest are all copycats.
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    bigbrankx reacted to Clena in Gambling & Music   
    I can't play and listen to music at the same time. It's very distracting. If it helps you, then turn on the music and go!
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    bigbrankx reacted to BladeMaster in Which Coins will be the top 10 on market cap in 2019?   
    Hi Crypto Addicts 
    This year has been a heck of a year for crypto addicts. Last year Bitcoin boosted its price to 20k limit and everyone who has access to internet started to talk about BitCoin. Most of them don't know what a Crypto Currency is, what is Block Chain. 
    With the BTC price hike many governments started to take steps to regulate Crypto Market. Many coins popped up, some were real, and some were scam.
    This year BTC & Crypto market as a whole took a big hit and prices started to decline in many coins. Some lost money investing money when the price is high and some became billionaires dumping the BTC at peak. Governments started to take steps to regulate the market, some countries banned crypto and some did support the course. 
    With all this happening behind the curtains BTC hold 1st place all the time in terms of dollar price and market capitalizations. Some coins dropped 1 or 2 places down and some moved up. About 2 days ago BCH SV moved up against BCH ABC for couple of minutes or hours and both are back again on their previous places. Doge took a great hit and moved way down. XR, Stellar, Tether build its trust while other coins take a hit. As of today following are the Top 10 coins in terms of Market Capitalization.
    BitCoin XRP Ethereum Stellar Tether Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin SV EOS Litecoin TRON   By looking at the list you must have noticed that Doge is no longer there & many coins which were  way below came up super fast. But will they hold their places in 2019? What coins will be on top 10 in year 2019  
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    bigbrankx reacted to Vladimir in How to enable 2FA?   
    Add an extra layer of security to your account with enabling 2FA (2-factor authentication)
    Download Google Authenticator to your mobile device and install it
    Run Google Authenticator on your device and scan the QR code that was generated on www.primedice.com/account/security  

    Enter the one-time password from app and your password below the QR code and click set   

    That's all folks. Post below if you have any questions. 
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    bigbrankx reacted to Eminx3 in 20k to 0.01 btc   
    He did 20k sats to 0.01 which means  it was 20,000 satoshies to 1,000,000 satoshies hehe not 20 to a million...
    That would have been insane!
    Regardless... its still insane! sorry you lost it all  : (
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    bigbrankx reacted to Edward in Bitcoin Addiction similar to gambling   
    Such a volatile market can lead to some hefty gains and losses. When anything comes "too easy" it's pretty obvious addiction will follow closely..
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    bigbrankx reacted to Redash12 in Nothing is too small to show off!   
    I love PD because I got 2m profit everyday and it well help me to pay my tuition thank Ed and stunna Im at school right now because of this site
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    bigbrankx reacted to bitillions in Learn to Leave When Ahead   
    Finally got a new vehicle the other day, so I drove down to the casino straight from the dealership. I had a $100 bill on me, so I started with that. Lost it at the Blackjack table after about 23 hands. So I go to the ATM, withdraw another $260. I plunk the $200 back on, and win my $100 back in about 14 hands. I walk away from the table. The girl at the cashout window flirts with me a little, asks to see some ID, says I look too young to be here. I have a full beard. She just wants to see if I'm from out of town or not. I am. I think about pursuing this, but don't. I go to the Roullette table and break even for a solid hour, eventually leaving with about $8 to the good from there. Looking back I don't remember where I lost $200. Might have been on a slot machine. I went to the blackjack table yet again and won a bit more. If I had only played blackjack and left while ahead, I think I would have doubled my money that night. Hopefully one day I'll learn. Or just show up when the casino is closer to closing.
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    bigbrankx reacted to Edward in Nothing is too small to show off!   
    Don't be phased by big winners. Show off anything you feel was a good moment for you in Primedice, or any gambling site for that matter.
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    bigbrankx reacted to hillowner45 in Is this forum dying?   
    With all the members in this forum, you would expect there to be a lot more activity than there currently is. I don't know the exact stats but from my visits to the forums we are seeing on average replies to discussion only every couple of hours. This is compared to Stake's forums which is consistently seeing replies every minute throughout the day. What are your thoughts?
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    bigbrankx reacted to Irena in What are your plans for the NY's Eve? We have something for you!   
    Hello, Dicers!
    NY's Eve is right behind the corner, and I would like to let you all know that @Darko and I will be here from 11 PM until 7 AM (GMT + 1), and if you decide to spend that time with us, we will do our best to keep you entertained.  
    Trivia, mini-giveaways, and much more.  
    To all of you that will be partying hard, have fun, enjoy and don't drink and drive! ✌️ 
    Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you will have a much better one and that you will make at least some of your dreams come true!  
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    bigbrankx reacted to Dan in 🎄 [Tournament] Christmas Season   
    Celebrate Christmas in style by competing in our
    brand-new Tournament feature!

    To celebrate this Christmas season and the beginning of a new year, we are hosting a unique Christmas tournament mode. Compete against all the other players on Primedice for a share in a prize pool unlike anything you have seen before!
    The tournament commences on the 17th and will run until the 6th of January. During the tournament period, the prize pool will grow based on 10% of the accumulated house edge generated by all bets made on Primedice and will be distributed by our "three wise men" to the top 100 players on the leaderboard at the end.
    Prize Distribution
    1st 30% 2nd 16% 3rd 11% 4th 8% 5th 6% 6th 5% 7th 4% 8th 3% 9th 2% 10th 1% 11th - 15th 0.5% 16th  -20th 0.3% 21st - 30th 0.2% 31st - 50th 0.15% 51st - 100th 0.1%