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    bigbrankx reacted to Raffe1324 in Most wins in row   
    Whats was your biggest winstreak with 50% ?  like 15 in row under wins . I wanna know 
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    bigbrankx reacted to MrNice23 in Where else do you recieve as many complimentaries?   
    I'm not sure it's a good idea to open a physical casino , online costs less and it's a profitable business.  A physical casino is harder to manage and in my opinion it leads to much more troubles...
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    bigbrankx reacted to Kagami10 in How much deposit do you suggest to make stable profit in primedice?   
    I think it is important to have a significant amount to support your losses and get it back eventually..
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    bigbrankx reacted to JohnTravel in If your bets are not working, what do you do to win?   
    I have noticed in a few months that many old players and some new ones are failing and going from bad to worse, some say they are out of luck, others say they need money, others make lots of excuses, problems.
    So today's question is, what do you do to change your negative situation to positive ie how to win? If your moves are not working, do you change the payout? Do you refresh your browser? Close the browser? Make another deposit larger? Do not play for a few days and come back with a calm head? And if your move does not change and you keep losing, do not you see that the problem is you? If your bets are not working, what do you do to win?
    I ask this because after almost 1 year of primedice I started looking at other players who are succeeding, then realized that I had to have my strategies, not just one but several strategy. In addition, I also started to change the payouts more and I stopped playing all my money in a single bet. The results have improved, but I'm always trying to learn more. But one thing is for sure, if you're losing without stopping, you're doing something wrong.
    In my opinion I think if a person is losing days, weeks or months then the question is not just luck, but luck and strategy together!
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    bigbrankx reacted to Cat4Life in Would you like if PD added lottery?   
    would you like to add lottery? 
    like people buy tickets and like 95% goes to pot, (5% to pd as fee) as pd has a lot of people pots could get pretty big, or like none of you would like that?
    its like lottery-jackpot (Where people put in money, and then one of them wins) but with like spots:
    1) 50% of pot 
    2) 30% of pot
    3) 20%  of pot.
    could do it either there is.. like 25 numbers and we pick 5, and then few people  can win those spots // picks up to 10numbers or stops , if 5numbers (1st tier) win .+ if first 5  numbers- a person's lottery numbers =jackpot. (its in dd like that)  1) 5numbers got  2) 4numbers got   3) 3numbers got
    or like people just get a ticket and its  just like ticket:60 and from all tickets picks 1for 1st   1 for 2nd  and 1 for 3rd tier.
    its not like a full game  big game, more like just a minigame, so wouldnt destroy "dice site" thing. 
    or  you could  add like a V.I.P bonus? like.. after rank up,  a lottery ticket, or like  after wagering X. amount of btc, you get a ticket.
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    bigbrankx reacted to Joker3777 in MrJoker777's Stream #72 is Live! Fun & Giveaways!   
    Hello everyone, you are welcome!
    Let's go on my stream and win free BTC!!!
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/MrJoker3777
    I play here: https://stake.com/?code=MrJoker777
    Join us for win some Giveaways and leave your stake username, thank you for supporting and good luck 2 all!!!!!
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    bigbrankx reacted to Aljohn1997 in How do you manage your stress??   
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    bigbrankx reacted to Zoltan in [0.0032 BTC] To the moon!   
    Ends: 11.09.2019 20:00 GMT
    Post your biggest multiplier and win up to 50k Satoshies!
    No minimum bet!
    Bets must have been made after the commencement of this promotion.
    They have to be winning bets.
    Edit your post if you hit a bigger multiplier.
    Do not change your linked account during the whole duration of the promotion.
    10+ forum post count.
    Haven't broken any General Giveaways Rules!
    1st place: 0.0005 BTC
    2nd place: 0.0003 BTC
    3rd place: 0.0002 BTC
    4. - 25 place: 0.0001 BTC
    Note: In case of a tie (two or more players hitting the same multiplier), rank will be based on:
    Bet amount Time of posting  
    How to Enter:
    Respond to this topic, and link your bet IDs using the link function in the text editor. 
    (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button)
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    bigbrankx reacted to Koljascha in [0.0032 BTC] To the moon!   
    Bet: 36,421,444,735
    placed by Koljascha on 10/09/2019
    0.00000001 Multiplier
    9900.00x Profit
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    bigbrankx reacted to StakePay in Improvement over 6 years   
    Hi guys,
    I m using Primedice from last 1 year.
    since that time i m saw so many improvement. (Just last change of interface what nice)
    Is anyone still here using primedice from last 6 years??
    what is ur experiance and how primedice is improved from last 6 years??
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    bigbrankx reacted to jamyr in Do you have 10 XLM in your Binance account?   
    News have circulated that Binance have unknowingly found a huge sum of XLM ( $775000 ) , and this luckily found treasure will be re distributed to Binance XLM holders that have 10 XLM in their balance. The first reward will be around 10-12 months worth of staking rewards to that will start on the 20th of July. So from that day onwards, Binance will take a snapshot of user balance(XLM) . 

    Source : https://www.binance.com/en/support/articles/360030727092
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    bigbrankx got a reaction from Cat4Life in If someone accidentally tips you 1 BTC?   
    I`d rain 0.1
    and run away with 0.9
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    bigbrankx reacted to JohnTravel in Rules for Win - The Gambler Life   
    I have learned many things in the life of a casino player, Primedice has made me create my own rules for winning at a Casino. My results are good for my start and journey of a short time, I could be very, very much better if I had learned these rules previously. So here I leave my rules that might help you. Good luck.
    Never bet all your money on a single bet. Take withdraw whenever you have chance Pay attention to your game, if you lose attention, lose focus and consequently lose the game or lose great chances of making great results. Play a bit with each coin, so you minimize the chance of losing everything from a single coin. Set a goal to win! Know the time and the time to stop, the goal is the key to avoiding losses. When you reach the goal, cash out or exchange! If you have set a goal, what is the daily goal? And which coin? Metal Weekly, Monthly Goal? Avoid playing and chatting at the same time, this can cost you dearly! Use multiple payouts, do not stay in the same payout for a long time Use some strategy, if you do not have one, think of a way to win! Do not get into silly discussions, do not waste your time on things that will get your attention and focus Do not stop to respond to people in the middle of a tense game, or in a situation that you are winning big, this can knock you down and make you lose focus. Do not sing victory or celebrate before withdrawing money Beware of the "last bet", that is, if you have already won enough and reached the goal, do not try to do miracles or abuse your luck, you can lose. Remember the fate does not last forever, beware of pride, it precedes the fall, its fall! Leave only the reasonable to play, if you lose everything, you will not lose much. Do not use all your Wallet money to make a deposit, take what you need for your life, leave only 1% as a bankroll to deposit if you need it If you're nervous because you lost, get out of the cell phone or computer for 1h or a few minutes or for a while, cool your head, you'll think better of a cold head than a hot head! You have recovered a loss, that is, your live stats have turned green, return to the beginning of the game, do not put bets at high value, because you have recovered, one more bet can throughout your game and balance to lose. Always remember to analyze the game, take breaks at a given time, take a mental break, reflect on your game, the results and all your goals and situations and how the game is going. This is like a time in the game for you to think more of calm head. Do not post all the time the result of your game in the chat, this will catch the attention of other players, especially the beggars that may be getting their attention or sending messages that will appear on your screen if your game settings are public policies. Take time to make big plays, that is, use a small percentage of your balance to try to play with high payout. Or try a certain amount of high payout bets as you play. Keep control of yourself when you're playing, do not be shy, do not play too fast in the excitement, be right, stop to analyze all the rules and all your game, do not be too crazy to lose everything and be left with nothing! If you do not respect this you will probably be saying that your day was sad and bad or that you are unlucky but actually you broke the pattern of your own game and will lose or lost! Don't use the MAX bet button if you're winning, if you're losing you risk losing everything and running out of nothing, so don't use this button if you don't have the money to keep playing. Discipline is critical in a game, if you have rules, respect your rules as they will help you win, or at least can help you avoid successive defeats. You have a number of coins, let's assume 5, lost 4, and recovered 4.5, don't risk high when it came close to recovering, return to a low value and try to gradually recover Leave your comments if you have suggestions, criticisms or anything that might help other people too!
    I remember again that these are my rules, and this has worked so that I can win most of the time! Of course no one wins forever! But at the moment this has been very useful in my gambler's life, I hope this can help you!
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    bigbrankx reacted to muzammil in Is Betvictor Safe?   
    Well!! Did you know? Betvictor is one of the most popular betting site in the betting world, as most of the people are showing interest in the betvictor. When i gone through the various betvictor review i have come to know that it pays more bonus compared to other betting site.
    Check here: https://coinpedia.org/earning-site/betvictor-review/
    I just wanted to know is betvictor safe?
    Let me know your view!
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    bigbrankx reacted to JohnTravel in What you do when a 10x payout range comes, risk to earn a lot?   
    After some time in the dice game I have discovered and learned many new things, in them the 10x standard and how it can be extremely powerful, make you win a lot or lose a lot. Let's say that this multiplier is a deadly weapon, if you know how to use it will get along well, if you use it badly, you will lose a lot!
    I already managed to make 2 bets of 500k satoshi in which resulted in 5m satoshi each. A bet of 10m ltc in which resulted in a single bet of 1 LTC.
    But I have noticed other things in other combinations of plays in the 10x payout. Yes, you play in 10x, but in what way?
    I have noticed that a lot of 10x values are coming in sequence depending on the time and day or the moment of the seed, and of course my luck!
    Today I could have risked 40k and came up 5 bets in a 10x value. Which would result in 400k, 4m, 0.4 btc and 4 btc. That is, if I had maintained the courage and the sequence would have won in only 4 bets after receiving the first of 10x and trying 4 consecutive the value of 4btc! I already had the chance to win and I can do 17 LTC, 30 ETH, 4BTC, 1M DOGE and 2BCH.
    So, based on this account of what I've witnessed in my data-gambling life, what you do when a 10x payout range comes in (under 9.90 and over 90.09), you risk another bet in a row, or Do you risk a lot of bets then on this value, and when you win a bet bet everything on the next bet? What do you do? Are you willing to risk to earn a lot? Do you dare?
    Share your history and experience with us! Enjoy! Cheers! 
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    bigbrankx reacted to MrNice23 in What you do when a 10x payout range comes, risk to earn a lot?   
    I used to play a lot this 10x payout , now i play 9x , it's almost same , when i see some rolls in this zone, for me is like a signal then i risk same amount and sometimes i increase the amount, it's always a nice opportunity to make some profit. 
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    bigbrankx reacted to Steve in Donations made!   
    $1,000 donation to World Wild Life: http://bit.ly/2YDehcr
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    bigbrankx reacted to JohnTravel in Have you ever got into a mess or fight in the middle of the chat game?   
    Talking a little bit about chat, sometimes this has happened to me: confusion, argument, and nervous people who start cursing you, cursing, cursing, and the moment comes when you get into a fight, confusion. And you can't help it when that happens, or you keep quiet or punch in the chat.
    So when things get hot in chat and you're playing and things start to boil and suddenly you're no longer playing, but you get into the punch and bump in the chat, a nervous discussion and people start cursing you or you curses the others and goes into that cloud of confusion. Virtual punches to all sides.
    Now that you understand this post, the question is: Have you ever messed up in chat? After the confusion did you get very nervous and it disturbed your game? Or don't you get in trouble in chat and don't get involved in messes? What do you do?
    Have you ever got into a mess or fight in the middle of the chat game?
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    bigbrankx reacted to sourc3code in What's New?   
    I'm glad they finally moved over all these changes that they've already implemented over at Stake. The site looks better overall and functions better too. Just gotta get the chat fixed and all will be well!
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    bigbrankx reacted to sheenaz.bay in What's New?   
    Does it roll to 100 (usually only up to 99.99) like a dice on stake? because I see dice primedice is like dice in stake
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    bigbrankx reacted to @zulfandina in What's New?   
    I personally do not really care about what has changed after this latest update,
    I just need to still feel comfortable when playing / betting on primedice. because in my opinion comfort when playing / betting is the most important thing ...
    about anything that has changed or new features added, I leave it entirely to the primedice, because I think they know more about what can make gamblers feel at home with primedice for a long time ... 
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    bigbrankx reacted to hardbringer87 in What's New?   
    How much is needed to wager to get a star?
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    bigbrankx reacted to PrimeDragon in What's New?   
    There is also Stars system like stake.
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    bigbrankx reacted to CntryBoy in Do you believe bad luck is a good thing?   
    That does make a lot of sense.  But I wouldn't necessarily say that thousands of reds is bad luck, depending on the strat you are playing.  That could just be the variance and probability coming into effect.
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    bigbrankx reacted to JohnTravel in Do you believe bad luck is a good thing?   
    Today browsing the forum and reading the posts and answers I realized that there are some people who believe that bad luck is a good thing!!! So I thought, how good is it if it makes me lose, makes me sad, changes my mood, makes me feel so many things that are unpleasant, especially if it's a big loss !!! This is crazy! Losing is bad!
    On the other hand there are those who will scream and say, this will teach you how to play, it is training, it is a way of showing your potential to recover, or others will say, professional gamblers lose too, losing is part and all kinds of answers. .
    I know losing is part of the game, but a successful gambler has more wins than losses, and he knows that bad luck is bad luck, that is, bad luck is called bad luck!
    I definitely don't believe bad luck is beneficial to me in the game. I don't like to lose, I accept the loss, but I don't want to have bad luck and I don't think it's a good thing, I think it's a disaster! And you, what do you think about it? Do you believe bad luck is a good thing?