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    bigbrankx reacted to JstLikeMagyk in How many of you have friends through pd   
    We're about 2 years into primedice putting a lot of effort into creating a gambling a community and I was just wondering how many of you guys have now made friends you talk to outside of primedice that you met here?
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    bigbrankx reacted to sourc3code in Blockchain Phone by Sirin Labs starts Shipping in December   
    Not sure if all of you have heard the news, but the company Sirin Labs has been saying they are going to release a blockchain phone early this year. A "Blockchain phone" merely means one that advances the user experience of decentralized apps (dapps) leveraging its hardware. They've apparently raised over $157 million for this project with an ICO they started in the beginning of 2018. They've partnered with a top electronic manufacturer, Foxconn to actually develop this device. The cost for this shiny new blockchain phone? $999 - So essentially the same price as the top of the line iPhones. 
    If you're looking to buy one, you can preorder them right now IF you hold Sirin Tokens (SRN). These are the ones provided for the ICO they launched. In terms of launch date, there isn't a definitive date just yet but they've released that it will ship this December. There's quite a bit more information regarding this phone that I decided to leave out since I didn't want to make this post too wordy. If you'd like to read more about the Blockchain phone by Sirin Labs, check out the source link here: 
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    bigbrankx reacted to UltraChief in Bitcoin or Ethereum (which cryptocurrency is better to buy?)   
    Just looking at gains you cannot judge is it is a good coin for future or not. BCH was created by Rog Ver who is a rich guy but was also the liar who called BCH to be the real bitcoin and tried to pump its price and led to some mining hashwars. Not something I would suggest others to buy. Rog Ver and his shenanigans are not to be trusted.
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    bigbrankx reacted to UltraChief in Bitcoin or Ethereum (which cryptocurrency is better to buy?)   
    Whats so special about Binance? Every other exchange out there is also operating in the same manner. Also why do you think LTC is going to pump in future other than natural deflationary change in price?
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    bigbrankx reacted to AHCareP in Bitcoin or Ethereum (which cryptocurrency is better to buy?)   
    Today, among all the cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ethereum deserve the most attention.
    Investing in any asset is risk based. Bitcoin or ethereum is not an exception here. And the risks are the same here, despite the fact that Bitcoin has a longer history. Ethereum demonstrates such a rapid growth, which equalizes the stability of Bitcoin. Although the stability here is also relative, because during the existence of Bitcoin, we have seen fatal falls. (So the ethereum survived the fall). Chart:
    What is mine? If we compare the payback, this parameter is approximately equal for both Ethereum and Bitcoin. On average, the miner manages to cover equipment costs for 9–12 months. As for the final choice of a virtual coin for extraction, each one makes a decision individually.
    But since Ethereum is fresher than Bitcoin, therefore, for mining, a cryptocurrency would be preferable.
    What do you think and what is your opinion?
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    bigbrankx got a reaction from UltraChief in Bond_Jamesbond is here   
    Welcome to PREMIUM-DICE.
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    bigbrankx reacted to UltraChief in Bitcoin price 3850$ to 38050$ in one night   
    First you need to amass money in order to by those 100bitcoin.
    Overt pump will always be followed by a overt dump. A 10x would not occur without an extreme reason.
    But I guess thats good for a dream.
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    bigbrankx reacted to xMossx in Do you still want to bring back the VIP tags?   
    I see this frequently too.
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    bigbrankx reacted to sr810 in Do you still want to bring back the VIP tags?   
    Yeah i don’t think it is important to have Vip tag. I am not a Vip, I don't know if the other VIPs want it. 
    Yeah. And as soon as someone tips then also beggars start. Some people start begging when a guy tips his bank account lol. 
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    bigbrankx reacted to xMossx in Do you still want to bring back the VIP tags?   
    I'm sure the 🔥 HR tag gets a lot of beggars too.
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    bigbrankx reacted to akmal1984 in First succesful sportsbet   
    I know sportsbet is really very tempting and offers a lot of income. But until this moment I have never done it. Maybe luck is on your side
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    bigbrankx reacted to williamsh in First succesful sportsbet   
    I've been too histiant to try it to be honest. I mean, I have slowly started trusting online casinos, where in the past, I thought they were complete scams. As I get more comfortable wagering money online, I think I will start online sports betting
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    bigbrankx reacted to JstLikeMagyk in First succesful sportsbet   
    I placed my first successful sports bet yesterday on Nitro I bet 3mbtc on the penguins and won a profit of 1.3mbtc I'll be placing a few more bets in the next few days and I'll keep this thread updated! can any of you remember your first win sports betting ?
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    bigbrankx reacted to UltraChief in Bond_Jamesbond is here   
    Welcome to the primedice forum. Make sure you read the rules once at least before you start posting. If you have any questions about the rules feel free to ask. Good luck on your rolls. :) 
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    bigbrankx reacted to doubleo7 in Bond_Jamesbond is here   
    Hello everyone,
    Just joined Primedice forum and you might have known me as jamesbond from stake.com.  I am member of primedice before I joined stake, but joined the forum now (should have done this earlier).  Anyways whenever you take a step you start walking, so its still not too late.  So a big hello to everyone and thanks to primedice for such an awesome place to play.
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    bigbrankx reacted to williamsh in Ez Profit - A Martingale Twist   
    Hey everyone
    So we are all familiar with martingale, whereby you hunt a payout with about a 50% (or around there - you get variations of this technique). The idea is that it will be impossible to lose forever on a 50% payout, due to the fact that a win must come at some point. So, in order to make profit, on every loss you double your previous bet (i.e. 1,2,4,8,16,32) and start at your base bet when you win.
    This works well, but you will lose in the long run, since you can expect losses of 20 in a row if you gamble for a long time (likewise, you can expect wins of 20 in a row). So most people don't have enough balance to make this work profitably.
    And that brings me to my twist - Preroll until you get 7 or 8 losses in a row, and then bet 10,000 satoshis (as an example), and double this upon a loss.This way, you should only have to double a few times before you win. To be more conservative, you can wait for 10+ losses in a row.
    So what do you guys think, will you try this preroll variation of martingale? Of course it is not fool-proof and you can bust, but let me know what you think about it, and if you think it is a solid strategy
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    bigbrankx reacted to PIPOS in The fastest profit   
    the shortest time you have managed to make a big profit, share your success.
    my story in 15 minutes with 100 satoshi made 1BTC.
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    bigbrankx reacted to PIPOS in The fastest profit   
    that was three years ago. I was an inexperienced player, as they say (lucky newbies). then I played only 2x, at first I slowly scored 10k satosh, then I realized that I was not losing. in red, I started with 100 satosh and each time I multiplied by 2, after winning again the bet 100 sat. I got so carried away that I didn’t even notice how I scored 1BTC. I think it was a hole in the casino. more so I could not. and after the upgrade it became hard to play at all. now we need a clever strategy to win
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    bigbrankx reacted to JstLikeMagyk in Favorit Highroller   
    🤑 So I've been here a couple of years and have seen many high rollers come and go my personal favorite to watch was PBnJ late in 2017, Who is or was your favorite highroller to watch in action? 🤑
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    bigbrankx reacted to JstLikeMagyk in Bankroll?   
    How many of you guys have a dedicated bankroll for gambling and what systems do you use to maintain it?
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    bigbrankx reacted to UltraChief in Bankroll?   
    I hope most people here spend a tiny part of their monthly earnings in gambling. Bankroll management is something that needs discipline and practice but most addicted gamblers fail to apply it. It says one should not be more than 10% of their bankroll on a single bet. But I am sure most people here just go for the "All in" button more or less.
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    bigbrankx reacted to UltraChief in Here's A Way To Protect Your Earnings This Bull Run   
    I am not a fan of stablecoins first. They are nothing different from giving your money to the banks and allowing them to "grow" it - yup 6.25% PA interest rate while you sleep. Although the problem tackled by stablecoins about flux in bitcoin price is a good one but the approach in not practical. Why would someone trust the DAO with their money? A third party involved in the circle brings in more chances of scam and fraud. You would not want your money out of your hands just because they money has a fluctuation price. That justification is dumb and illogical in my opinion.
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    bigbrankx reacted to FotisNt in Earn $50 worth of Stellar Lumens in Coinbase!   
    Hello everyone!
    I recently discovered that Coinbase now supports Stellar Lumens (XLM). So you are able to claim XLM worth of $50,  once you are an existing user or even a new one. Here is a clean & my referral link to join! I suggest you to join through my referral link so we can both earn some extra.(NOTE: only for US customers!)
    Ref link: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a0db1a0bb7ab100bf3519b0
    Clean link: https://www.coinbase.com
    You'll find the ''airdrop'' in the dashboard page:
    Info: You'll have to watch some small videos so you will be able to answer some questions once you rechieve an email (usually takes a week so its worth getting $50),
    In order to be eligible, your account must be fully verified by completing KYC (Know Your Customer) process which you will need to provide a non expired Government Photo ID or Passport and document no older than 30 days from the day you submit it, as proof of address.
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    bigbrankx reacted to Serlite in The 112.7 Bitcoin Jackpot   
    That's been my view all along - it's pointless if players don't believe it can actually be won. Nobody has ever seen anyone win the jackpot, so nobody gets excited by its mention, no matter how big the number gets. Having a jackpot system with a lower threshold (and a similarly lower prize) would make it more of a worthwhile addition to the site. Otherwise, right now it's just very much a pie in the sky.
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    bigbrankx reacted to JstLikeMagyk in Gambling Coins?   
    Hey guys reading this article this morning,
    It states that gamblingcoins last month out did all other cryptocurrencies in percentage gains. Is it something any of you would invest in? on face value they seem so gimmicky to me.