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  1. How and why did you decide to make a exchange, External for PD, Stake etc?
  2. I would deposit 50k if i could lolz. 100 - 500 50 - 100 is good to have some rolls
  3. Play with the payout, change increase decrease Keeping a clear head is the point
  4. Feels like someone trolling me, yes
  5. Lottery on a dice site? Hmpf, I dont think thats a good idea.
  6. could be negative peps i always start playing without thinking,
  7. Without the bad there is no good without the good there is no bad
  8. Depends on my real life financial status Otherwise if my rl is good, ima use the vault.
  9. no I dont doubt so, i always had happy endings, but also some unhappy some times Sometimes just some bad messages butnvm
  10. same here not always but it flashes.
  11. bigbrankx


    Welcome to primedice bro!😏
  12. My target is now 1 btc arround it
  13. No strategies no Strategie will ever work here, this is gambling, it al depends on luck.