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  1. Without the bad there is no good without the good there is no bad
  2. Depends on my real life financial status Otherwise if my rl is good, ima use the vault.
  3. no I dont doubt so, i always had happy endings, but also some unhappy some times Sometimes just some bad messages butnvm
  4. same here not always but it flashes.
  5. bigbrankx


    Welcome to primedice bro!😏
  6. No strategies no Strategie will ever work here, this is gambling, it al depends on luck.
  7. Stil nice to see that a casino is donating money to charitys.
  8. Hi @Mara Welcome to primedice ❤️
  9. Doee new change is sick i totally like it, though where is instant bet ? wasnt there instant bet?
  10. Start small Start big Risk it, All in It play it how you want, feel the fun and everything else is non gambling related
  11. Play manual with my own hand, scripts are fucked up i dont trust them
  12. just like any other coin xd
  13. for some it`s easy to stop, for others it`s not easy at all. It all depends on the level of addiction, and how you see the things.
  14. I dont think so, I myself rolled 77.77 77.76 back in time, but if someone hit jackpot yet Im not sure