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  1. as @MrNice23 Said, It`s an great "option" since you gamble on @primedice , you can also a reach besides your rolls a race place with some extra cash!!
  2. yeh, lost over 100 ltc playing dice beeing myself a dumb fuck Sorry for your loss mate, hope yo recover it asap!
  3. everytime i set a small goal, like from 1 ltc to 2 I fucking bust
  4. nop, but the religion needs you
  5. Sniff 3 lines a day of meth for 1 month, you will be good
  6. Same as you mate, Last year I was here too at new year eve, this year i also stay at home with prime music and myself, chilling. have a good one
  7. I`ve noticed we have TV & Shows section Graphics and art, etc etc.... but ummmmmmmmmmmmmm where is the MUSIC SECTION? 😮 Don`t you think this is missing out? I totally think this is a MUST! Life is music, and MUSIC IS LIFE.... everywhere you go you have music in your ears.....If its a crying baby, or your loud noisy neighbours having sex! Everywhere we go, Life is music.... Let`s push this topic guys, We really need a music Section here.... I would love to post songs, discuss about music and share songs!
  8. Then make the KYC stronger, Video chat is good enough This shall be runned for months, not for a whole year )
  9. 24/7 if not on pc, then on phone! it`s like people are on Facebook, or Instagram or any other Social Media Plattform.
  10. My biggest withdraw was, the time I won 100 ltc....Now that was 3 days of work to achieve what I did not expect! That day I hit the WD button with 11 LTC, dumb me I did not wd all because at the end, I`ve busted my WON LTCs. I busted the whole WIN, 100 Ltcs - and that 11 LTC WD I made, Deposited after busting the Rest. Which I also busted, because I kinda made some crazy bets, (Too high I guess, orrr nvmm, maybe too fast)
  11. Not good formed question you asked here but yea letme tell you something... It`s all about focus: There are days, where you focus on Profit..... (you want achieve a goal, you focus that day on it) There are days, where you focus to wager, because you really focus on getting VIP status. So therefore you need to understand, that I`m that kind of Gambler, who is focusing on more than one thing.
  12. Registration Bonus without DEPOSIT (Arround 10 - 20) bucks will make an gambler already very horny. (Do that kind of bonus and you will see hundred of new players in under one week for sure). (How to secure users will not abuse this? Simple, make a KYC verification) its that easy yes. (Even better, make a Video call verification) Since you made now hundred of new players, you have to make them stay now, here comes the best and hardest part. Why should I stay? Why should I choose to play in this Casino? We have hundred of questions here. As simple as it is, You have to push new registered users, not every single new one, but ofc you have to push some! Pushing means, Give them a feeling of Home Let them feel, that they are really welcomed may sounds exaggerating, but it`s not, because when You go into a Casino you are allowed to smoke, Sit, and get Free drinks! Here is the part of the free drinks (Just as simple as you might understand) I know alot of people who go to this Casino, because he can drink 4 colas while Playing a little money. (sounds fucked up, but it is how it is) So make a point out of that, Give them a homefeeling, It`s not all about wins or looses