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  1. bigbrankx

    Coinbase ditches crypto index fund

    This is litteraly boring,
  2. bigbrankx

    Hacker shows how vulnerable crypto is

    everythinng is vul, also hackablbe, crazy dude
  3. bigbrankx

    New Comer

    welcome to prime!
  4. bigbrankx

    4 coins delisted

    yep also, never heard of dem
  5. bigbrankx

    [POLL] Next Coin 💰

    dash up
  6. bigbrankx

    New in Primedice since 9/1/2018

    Welcome to pd, dont bother trying others, this one is the best
  7. bigbrankx

    Android login issues - Captcha won

    okay thanks will do so, #Request to close thread.
  8. bigbrankx

    Android login issues - Captcha won

    @KoningHosselaar I'm using chrome stil the recaptcha doesn't shuw up((
  9. hey today at work i tried to login through my phone ... but it won't letme since the captcha is not loading up, i press login button but it's saying captcha missing I deleted my cookies everything, tried to reload the captcha form but i stil didn't make it... anyone ?
  10. Stream offline? Stake name: TothAmmun
  11. bigbrankx

    S Korean Police Bust International XRP Phishing Scam

    Feels like it, there are much bigger scams going on, just take a seat and dont rush your brain...or you will get ripped
  12. bigbrankx

    The Dark Web Delivers: Crowdsourcing for Jihad

    so crazy like wtf
  13. bigbrankx

    Japanese Company Mined Almost 600 BTC in Scandinavia

    I don't mine, and i think it's not much efficient without good equpment
  14. bigbrankx

    Begginer's luck

    Luck is not the case, it's you
  15. bigbrankx

    What will you do when you win big

    Loose it all again theheh