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  1. Start small Start big Risk it, All in It play it how you want, feel the fun and everything else is non gambling related
  2. Play manual with my own hand, scripts are fucked up i dont trust them
  3. for some it`s easy to stop, for others it`s not easy at all. It all depends on the level of addiction, and how you see the things.
  4. I dont think so, I myself rolled 77.77 77.76 back in time, but if someone hit jackpot yet Im not sure
  5. I dont think there are real girls here, only the Staff maybe. But also there could be some freaky girl, like you and me is a nerd. Nobody knows
  6. Aslong I have food, and enough drinks I could gamble until my breathe stops. xxx
  7. Ofc nobody likes accepting a loose, but thats what you gonna handle with. If you do not accept a loose, then better dont play. if you can accept only wins, then you should win.
  8. Sometimes most of the time i dont. But it feels good to take small breaks, and overthink what you are doing
  9. WWF 100% Safe our nature.
  10. You can invest an small amount too 100€ - 500€ Eos may be good to invest in.
  11. Erdinger Radeberger Hasseröder Warsteiner Paulaner Beck’s Veltins