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  1. Please be advised that the domain primedice.com operating under Slicemedia B.V., licensed by Curaçao eGaming, has been suspended. WTF HAPPENED CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WTF `?
  2. You guys do your job at its best price, we have the best support team out there in the world wide web !!!!!!!!
  3. as @MrNice23 Said, It`s an great "option" since you gamble on @primedice , you can also a reach besides your rolls a race place with some extra cash!!
  4. yeh, lost over 100 ltc playing dice beeing myself a dumb fuck Sorry for your loss mate, hope yo recover it asap!
  5. everytime i set a small goal, like from 1 ltc to 2 I fucking bust
  6. nop, but the religion needs you
  7. Sniff 3 lines a day of meth for 1 month, you will be good
  8. Same as you mate, Last year I was here too at new year eve, this year i also stay at home with prime music and myself, chilling. have a good one
  9. I`ve noticed we have TV & Shows section Graphics and art, etc etc.... but ummmmmmmmmmmmmm where is the MUSIC SECTION? 😮 Don`t you think this is missing out? I totally think this is a MUST! Life is music, and MUSIC IS LIFE.... everywhere you go you have music in your ears.....If its a crying baby, or your loud noisy neighbours having sex! Everywhere we go, Life is music.... Let`s push this topic guys, We really need a music Section here.... I would love to post songs, discuss about music and share songs!
  10. Then make the KYC stronger, Video chat is good enough This shall be runned for months, not for a whole year )
  11. 24/7 if not on pc, then on phone! it`s like people are on Facebook, or Instagram or any other Social Media Plattform.