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  1. 91.97 Bet: 45,832,990,405 placed by nuuuitsjdragon on 29/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 9.00x Profit 0.00000800 98.99 Bet: 45,832,991,054 placed by nuuuitsjdragon on 29/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 9.00x Profit 0.00000800
  2. I either play short games on my phone, namely Hearthstone, which takes about 10 mins to complete a game. DotA is wayyyyyy too long as a substitute, lol. I used to love the game with a burning passion. Apart from that, I take the opportunity to run any quick errands, or even complete some light chores that I've been putting off for awhile. 😊
  3. I feel there are a few advantages in playing Dice at PD rather than in Stake. Some include: A calmer/less-stressful environment (Don't undermine the White-washed theme!) Slower Dice rolling which decreases your average loss over time. No distractions in the form of other games that might tempt/influence your play (For this reason, I hardly play Dice at Stake...) The existence of a Jackpot! 😁
  4. I love XRP. Amongst the coins which are priced than less than 1 US dollar for a single coin, I find it the most convenient to use as the range of bet-sizes feel natural to me. The Ripple icon is usually depicted in BlackBlue, just another reason for me to like it more. Also, I prefer coins with tickers that start with the letter X. 😁
  5. [TOPIC] Gambling Techniques [TOPIC] Gambling Discussion [REPLY] Gambling Stories [REPLY] Press/News [REPLY] Business, Finance, and Investing [REPLY] Sports Betting [REPLY] Price Discussion
  6. Are you entirely sure that alt-season is no more? From what I've seen, the price of Alt-coins and BTC are still tightly coupled to one another - that is if one drops, the other is unlikely to move in the opposite direction. Since BTC has recently just stabilised *phew* at around the US$ 7,000 mark, I'm thinking we are going to observe similar trends for Alts. The best thing to hope for now is for BTC to steadily increase at a slow pace without any unexpected shocks. Following that, we should then notice the Alts' making a decent recovery. Having said that, it will probably be a good time to assess which Alts are on the right path and determine their chance% of actually making it anywhere. Remember to keep calm, never FOMO and most importantly... never, ever be left holding the bags. 😁
  7. IF you're talking about loans in real life, please consult a bank/official moneylenders who will be able to share more accurate knowledge with you. Depending on your requirements, they will be able to draw up a profile and calculate your levels of lending-risk, % of interest, loan tenure which will benefit you way more than getting your answers from players in the forum. The knowledge that we have would pale very much in comparison to a professional, as they have qualities like education for their specific field + actual experience. ------ If you're talking about an online Crypto-loan though, there are certain avenues like ETHLend and Salt Lending which you can explore in depth through their websites available. Sorry I couldn't be more help! 😌
  8. My god, this is depressing news indeed... 7000+ mining rigs worth of electricity and they were thinking that no one would eventually find out? I get how electricity costs can drive profits down, but with that many no. of rigs at risk, can you really afford to break the law and have your investment confiscated? There's no worst feeling than being on top of the world... only to have reality drag you back down into its arms. On top of all that, shirking the responsibility of actually paying for your power may have ended up costing the world (and yourself) way more. If your assumption is true, the decline in Bitcoin prices would also have hurt them to quite a large extent. This is a moral reminder of what happens when you do not take it seriously, especially when you are an influential force in itself. 😤
  9. That is an inspiring story indeed. I’m impressed by his level of self-control as he can stake huge amounts but yet is insusceptible to greed upon winning, leaving Crash with more than full profit. I must apologise for not being able to relate as I cannot believe that amount of money won can build both a business + a residence... it seems to me he’s set for life? That is just unbelievable. The most important question is... did he ever return to gambling after that session all the way till the present? 😁 P.S. I had just recently discovered how good Crash actually is. Even though it may be like Limbo, it is precisely its slower speed that brings your average loss/hour down... it may just be one of my new favourite games. 🤑
  10. It’s very exhilarating to bet on Sportsbook during live matches, where you’re trying to be concise with every mouse click as the odds are subject to change at any moment. The intensity is further amplified by betting with accumulators (multi) where you’re constantly finding brand-new replacement bets or similar substitute bets for terminated/completed/blanked-out matches. Betting on “Live” matches also allows you to view the progress of the game in real-time, and when you know victory is just a point away... You can’t help but feel your heart thump so hard it feels like it’s going to jump out of your chest. 😂
  11. Since the beginning of time, PrimeDice has existed as a single-game establishment (Dice) and have not changed their core identity since. I recall first coming across Cryptogaming at one point in 2014, and even though I did not immediately get on the bandwagon, I realised much later that I had created an account at PD back then. 😂 The dynamics in the scene largely shifted due to PD’s “expansion” towards building another casino, Stake.com, from the ground up. It was very clear that eventually, a bigger selection of games (including Dice) was a mandatory requirement to stay competitive. With PD’s new “sister” casino, players with varying interests would finally have the option to choose their favourite games. Mention PrimeDice, and I believe that even players new to the scene would have heard of it somewhere. The PrimeDice brand is highly synonymous with CryptoDice Gambling... but the iconic reputation is slowly shifting (or may have already shifted) to Stake’s favour... ——— • What do you guys think will happen to PD in the near future? • How much time do you spend at PD amongst your other casino(s)? Also, when playing at PD, do you feel the boredom?