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  1. Aaqibking666

    Do you always show your winning bet id in chat

    Some time I'll show some time. I will not lol....
  2. Aaqibking666

    Shuttle Delivery accepts BCH

    That was a good idea to pay and play especially for gambler when gambler they want food they can pay with that
  3. Aaqibking666

    Old players

    I will join this since 28 July 2018 too new player...
  4. Can anyone doing exchange like this I have 10k satoshi in my. Pd account I need that satoshi to my stake account is anyone can do it
  5. Aaqibking666

    Again about security

    Post in stake forum also
  6. Aaqibking666

    2FA on tipping

    Yes anonnep 2fa had been added
  7. Aaqibking666

    [Lending] UltraBank - Loans at low interest rate

    Need loan. Of 300k Return date - 22/09/18 Other loan - No I don't have any
  8. Aaqibking666

    What is your gambling style ?Short or long?

    My gambling style always short like place all money in got profit or not depend on there not on me...
  9. Aaqibking666

    House always wins

    I'm trying my luck because gambling is a way there you can try your. Luck
  10. Gl my stake name is - Aaqibking
  11. I need to exchange my pd forum satoshi to my stake account is that possible I have 10k sat on my pd. Forum is that possible to get in my stake account
  12. Aaqibking666

    The Dark Web Delivers: Crowdsourcing for Jihad

    I'll liked to read topic about dark Web I love darkweb mysteries and all thing
  13. Finally I'm finding this type. Of think ill get it now... Love you
  14. Aaqibking666


    My name is Aaqibking I'm from Indian I'm current doing job of manager in bank can't tell bank name sorry I'm 25 years old
  15. Aaqibking666

    The best designer wins 0.1 Bitcoin

    Ohh I miss this I'm good in designing and all stuff arts stuff I miss this opportunity shit