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  1. Aaqibking666

    Connection to PD domain is not secure by default.

    In my browser it's not coming let's wait for any mod or Dev reply to this post
  2. Aaqibking666

    If you die tomorrow

    Give happieness to all my friend family member to all people
  3. Aaqibking666

    If you die tomorrow

    I need to be a millanoarie in btc for 24 hour then
  4. Aaqibking666

    #20 stream!!! Giveaways!!! #Stake!

    Good. Luck bro
  5. When I'm new to here I start with 0.004 and start playing with 2X which I think it's my luckiest and badiest way so I'll play and play I'll do all in every 3 red bet come I'll go for all in and that time idk my luck is too good I get win and i played like this and I'll win it 0.3 bfc so crazy to play it but I'll enjoyed it too much tell me your stories about it guys
  6. I'm just asking a weird or you can say a random question when you. Lose big amount what you try to do or you hit walls like me or. Sit down sadly tell me what you try to do when you. Lose big basically I'm angry on anyone like this thing I'll do
  7. Aaqibking666

    🏆 Quick New Year's giveaway!

    Happy new year Username - Aaqibking666
  8. Gl shinjo stake : Aaqibking
  9. Aaqibking666

    🏆 [0.1 BTC] 25 Billionth Bet Challenge!

    Username - Aaqibking666 happy 25 billonth bet
  10. Aaqibking666

    Low or High Payouts?

    I'll play same too 1.5 or 2.0 or 3.0 that three mutlipler I'll use to play no other
  11. Aaqibking666

    Brief Intro of a Silly Curious Newbie

    I'm with a animes always Xd...
  12. Aaqibking666

    TitleBot Top-50

    I can't see marshmello and Annie Marie song can u see it guys
  13. Aaqibking666

    I need  eth in PD ill give btc in stake

    Athena will do I think
  14. Aaqibking666

    I need  eth in PD ill give btc in stake

    Kindly post in @athena2007 or @UltraChief crypto currency changing services