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    Chikou1306 got a reaction from kyxap in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    i was always wondering if primedice is an intelligent system based on a huge database, sometimes i think it simulates everysingle move i do, how is that ? by storing data and every single move you do in a huge data base and then gives " opposite moves " with the next seed  , and sometimes i think bets results are according to my stats, what i type in chat, the time i placed that bet...etc . 
    everytime i change the client seed i doubt i am facing a very intelligent system which is hard to beat, but not impossible if you are smart enough to beat the artifial intelligence.
    if this was so true, then you are playing against....yourself. and you must be a genius to win. 
    this was only an opinion i doubt its wrong, but it can also be true, what do you guys think about it ?
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    Chikou1306 reacted to DreamStage in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    The simple answer is No, Hui was just trolling you, there is no AI implemented for bets rolls and such chances / seeds change according with your previous data just to beat you.
    If that was a thing there would not be a Gambling Casino in the first place
    For anyone wanting to know more about Artificial Intelligence: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_intelligence
    Off topic: You can ask me questions in pm if you want to know about development as i work with it since University  
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    Chikou1306 reacted to hui in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    It's basically explained in the article i linked
    As soon as you select a new client seed a new server seed is picked (and the old one revealed). From then on the client-seed and server-seed along with the nonce determine the results of all further rolls until the client seed (and thus the server seed, too) is changed.
    It is not programmed in that sense but the cryptographic hashing algorithm makes sure that even a single bit changed in the input changes the output totally. I could elaborate on how SHA works, but I guess it wouldn't help much. Suffice to say that a) empirical testing and b) expert opinions in cryptography conclude that it's close enough to randomness.
    So since the roll results are pre-determined (since the nonce always counts up by one) you can 
    prove that the rolls are not tampered with prove that they are independent of your betting strategy verifyable in both regards I really suggest to read the  articles i linked, I think both are very interesting reads and replace suspicion with knowledge and perfectly match your topic. 
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    Chikou1306 reacted to UltraChief in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    The server seed is secret and the client seed is known. If you want to verify your bets you can unhash the server seed to get a new active server seed (hashed) and now use the older pair of obtain server seed and known client seed to verify bets on a third party websites. So you know that none of the bets you placed till now were rigged. This is how provably fair works.
    Rest of the stuff posted in this thread is pretty much the delusional false assumptions of disgruntled gamblers.
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    Chikou1306 reacted to rembo2 in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    If there is an artificial intellect, then it can probably adapt to each player or your strategy and act according to your actions. Maybe I'm wrong.
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    Chikou1306 reacted to hui in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    How does that go together with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provably_fair ?
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    Chikou1306 reacted to hubinator in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    Can we know how AI is used?
    Does PD ever tries to find server seed for next user bet, so it will "red" ,if user will not change client seed?
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    Chikou1306 reacted to Dboyeric in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    Since most of us are aware of the possibility of winning certain bet with low bet base, why can't we just stick to the low bet base to accumulate the profit?
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    Chikou1306 reacted to AHCareP in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    I myself thought the same way in the first years of the game in PD and I also thought it depended on the players online and the seed numbers. And the very thing when it all broke up 🤣
    After I realized that even a change of seed and I understood that seed cash everything would not be exactly changed, but after changing Sid, you can catch your luck ... But sooner or later, the new seed will come 😫
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    Chikou1306 reacted to Aaqibking666 in What you feel when you lose big   
    I'm just asking a weird or you can say a random question when you. Lose big amount what you try to do or you hit walls like me or. Sit down sadly tell me what you try to do when you. Lose big basically I'm angry on anyone like this thing I'll do 
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    Chikou1306 reacted to Kate in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    I feel that too like when the amount is small you win most of the time but as soon as you go high amount you stay loosing like a lot of your balance and end up busting. 
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    Chikou1306 reacted to sheenaz.bay in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    I also often think so, I think this is a system. when we use small bets, it's too easy for us to hit, but if we increase our bets, it's like it's hard to hit. I also don't know for sure. Most games are not about random opportunities, but can actually be calculated based on statistics. At some point, basic math calculations can give you an opportunity calculation to get certain numbers in the dice game
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    Chikou1306 reacted to hui in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    Not complicated enough to not be precisely researched
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    Chikou1306 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Girls/Women in Primedice   
    the only person that i am pretty sure she's a girl is 00sofia00 , lol , because she shared a +18 picture of her in an old topic, on bitcointalk
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    Chikou1306 reacted to wolfgold in Primedice change my life !!!   
    Before primedice i was alone i diden t now what to do play i played all day cs.16 Agar.io Cs go gta 5  etc .But after i find primedice i was sow happy i played all summer in primedice end stake like 14 hours everyday i don t now can i leave from primedice end stake ore till i em dead hahahahaha primedice end stake have a good place in my herat love you eddie for creating  this casino
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    Chikou1306 got a reaction from wolfgold in Primedice change my life !!!   
    primedice was always the best place to spend time, all over these years i was happy being a part of it, and it got a special place in my life, i use primedice more than social media ( even though i use social media only couple minutes/ hours per month ), but primedice really changed a lot of me, and the comunity was/is really amazing. 
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    Chikou1306 got a reaction from Xlmcoins in Xlmcoins introduction   
    welcome to the best crypto comunity, i hope you enjoy joining us, enjoy your time, best of luck rolling
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    Chikou1306 got a reaction from Bojana in ​🎂​ [0.46 BTC] Full Week of Birthday Challenges!   
    happy birthday pd
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    Chikou1306 reacted to lupandina in CryptoGamblersPub stream#5 is live now! (Testing Dlive platform)   
    We are going to play in Stake on 27th April, 4pm gmt+0, and, we decided to try other streaming platform for this time 
    For now we are testing and setuping it, so running some strategies testings live: 
    Dlive streaming platform rewarding users with Lino points just for watching/chatting in streams, and it can be withdrawed as btc or PayPal later. We are testing this feature too, hehe 
    I will edit this post with some Saturday's stream giveaways within next few hours, so make sure to check it again bit later 
    Stake forum giveaway, 0.0003 btc, 1 winner. Enter here
    Twitter giveaway, 0.0003 btc, 1 winner. Enter here
    Facebook giveaway, 0.0003 btc, 1 winner. Enter here
    Special giveaway, 0.001 btc, 1 winner. Enter here
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    Chikou1306 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice Museum   
    edward may do hahahaha
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    Chikou1306 reacted to MrNice23 in Primedice Museum   
    Awesome Chikou , nice job bro , the PD Museum will honor you haha!
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    Chikou1306 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice Museum   
    i collected some pictures of all the past versions of pd, from version 1 to the 5th, here we go :
    2013 / 2014
    PrimeDice 1

    2014 / 2015
    PrimeDice 2

    2015 / 2017
    PrimeDice 3

    2017 / 2018
    PrimeDice 4

    2018 / 2019
    PrimeDice 5

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    Chikou1306 reacted to MrNice23 in Bring back the (won last 24 hours)!   
    Well they can bring back Hall of fame , they said that they will with more accurate stats but still nothing , i wonder why, nothing is transparent.....
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    Chikou1306 reacted to williamsh in Bring back the (won last 24 hours)!   
    If casinos did not advertise this, then it would be impossible for them to advertise. I mean, true, it may not be the most ethical way to advertise, but in gambling, where the casino makes a profit, they have to find a way to present information in a way where they aren't directly lying, but also aren't telling the full story. I understand this from both viewpoints.
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    Chikou1306 reacted to UltraChief in Bring back the (won last 24 hours)!   
    People used to criticize the staff for showing only the amount won and not the amount lost. They called it "fake advertising" to lure people to the site. if you were running a gambling site, would you have liked such comments? Definitely not and hence it was decided to be removed.
    Its not a easy job keeping people who visit this casino happy and content even after they lose money here. These people will try to make PD look bad at whatever reason they can think of.