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  1. actually you can try math skillz with every gambling game, you can use probabilities on every game you want, dice, cards, wheel, plinko...etc, i think you like dice because it's the easier game to apply your maths calculation on ? well i suggest you to try other games, you will have fun
  2. i once got 100x of my balance from free spins, so yeah slots is much funnier than dice, you can win big amounts if you could get a good free spins but be careful, there are many scam slots around, you should carefuly chose where to play.
  3. not all of us make profit though, many of us get busted trying to make good profits or running for recovery, being addicted is one of the worst things that happened to me, gambling really changed my life.
  4. i meant it, doest it sound weird ? i dont play to wager, my goal is not to wager but to make profits, and when you play you always automatically wager
  5. i can see that many players who commented to this topic come back with a bigger deposite after their loss, and sadly they lose it trying to recover, i always said we need to accept defeat sometimes, when you get andry after the loss then make sure you will lose more no matter how much you deposite again, once you lose focusing you will lose, dont let your emotions control you, you controll them
  6. it all depends on the actual prices though, all the prices now are equale to 0.0001 btc, so yeah its much better now
  7. when i receive a big tip i dont withdraw, i keep playing but carefully, i try to multiply the amount couple times, but i get busted, of course not with 10 bets like you already did, but i play carefully and i try many strats
  8. i never played to wager, i always play to enjoy, i have been playing with the same method for so long now, wagering comes itself when you know how to play, i play to make good profits and i dont think i will change my way of playing
  9. the only difference in between the sites is the background color, they use the same algo to provide a provably fair game, i really dont know why do people keep saying one is better than theother 🤔
  10. hello and welcome to the most amazing site and comunity in the industry, hope you spend a great time with us, enjoy rolling, best of luck
  11. well if you could control yourself, and did not go greedy when u make profits, you wont have nightmares but good dreams,, if you wanted more and more every time you make profit then the edge will get you busted, and then your dreams will turn to nightmares
  12. well they ate not that easy thiugh, sometimes they take you more than 10k bets to finish them, the last week challenges took me more than that, i think the odds on stake challenges are quiet the same, forexemple this week challenges have the odds of 1/3000 bet to finish them, i really think there is no easy or hard challenge, it all depends on your luck
  13. i am not sure if you really dont face any troubles, but usually playing with 2 tabs at the same time makes the site so laggy and the bets are very slow especially if you use chrome... i really dont know what device or browser you use to open 10 tabs at the same time without facing any troubles or lags.
  14. i really think all the payouts are the same, lets say you play 99x with 1k satoshi to get 100k, the average amount to lose in this payout is 100k satoshi.. now lets say you try to make 100k sat with 9900x with a base bet of 10 satoshi, the odds of hitting it is 1/10000 which makes you lose 100k... i think all the payouts are the same if you tried to make a specific profit out of them
  15. i always like to play fast, when i receive the deposit i turn off the animation for a faster result, but it always ends up getting me busted, because i can not focus when the bets are fast, i think i should play slow and think about my next move and what payout i should play, i tried to play slow but i really couldnt, i like to see a faster result, this is why i keep on busting when the bets are fast.