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  1. No problem. Hope you’ll find your guy. Best of luck
  2. Chikou1306

    Do you like sport betting?

    I used to gamble on soccer and tennis,, sometimes basketball, sports betting is really good, and makes the matches more funn
  3. Hello ! Did you say japanese ! I learned that language, not my main but im good at it, i speak : french english and japanese. Please let me know if you still look for it ! Thank you !
  4. Chikou1306

    Do you eat while gambling ?

    I dont eat while i gamble. But i drink,, coffee, tea...
  5. Chikou1306

    What’s your highest all in bets?

    My highest all in was 1 btc, back to 2015 , it was great when you hit the 2x with 1 btc.. great times we had.
  6. Chikou1306

    Have you ever played at work?

    For me its hard to concentrate in things at the sametime,, both of work and gambling need concentration, so i gamble only when im home.
  7. Chikou1306 the best part about me.. Is i am not anyone.. im me.
  8. I started with pd3 it was the best version ever.
  9. Chikou1306

    What’s your highest all in bets?

    1.2 btc all in 2x payout. 3 years ago and lost it all
  10. Chikou1306

    First gambling site

    I started to use primedice very long time ago. It was my first site. I dont use other sites but yeah.. primedice is much better than all the other sites
  11. Good luck with your stream shinjo