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  1. it really affected the sports all around the world in a bad way , it also caused the crash of the btc price since a lot of bitcoin users used to gamble online using btc ! well i really wish they come back soon ! so then the price may raise again !
  2. well ! there is a stake forum though , and its surely the right place to talk about it there ! and i know its a poker section but dont you think its better to post it there than here ? and dont be amazed how people ! well i am amazed how people talk about stake the whole time in this forum ! if you want to talk about stake then why you just dont use stake forums, and there you will get more replays !!!
  3. it works fine for me, well the increase percent is a bit low, you are betting 10 sats increasing 1% ! so you will see the difference of 1 satoshi after 10 bets from starting your auto betting ! it works fine though !
  4. now i can tell that this month will be the worst month ! much worse than january ! now how to deal with it ? maybe we should take some rest until this shitty year ends ! fuck 2020
  5. when i get mad i crash many things, sometimes i hurt myself when the loss is big , its really unfair ! gambling really affects us in a bad way !
  6. well if you ask support they will give you your daily, weekly and monthly wager , but the point here is to check a specific day wagered ! for exemple if you wanted to check your wagered in jan 1st you cant !!! thats why i think they should add a wagered stats
  7. hello ! i always like to check my daily wagered , but unfortunately there is no such feature in the site at the moment ! i really like to check how much i wagered in a day, a week , or even a month ! in my opinion it will be a great thing to add a daily wagered stats to the site ! what do you guys think about it
  8. well playing high payouts leads you to loss , no matter how small you play, you will surely lose for the long run , thats why there is a house edge, to catch us when we play long !
  9. you mean he did it without knowing any word from the mnemonic ? thats amazing, he must be using a great algo to brute force it !
  10. well if you are looking for fun there are many other ways of having it, gambling meant to make money in the first place ! you gamble to make profit, and if you want to have fun you can find it elsewhere ! this is how i see it
  11. yes, losing is making it harder, once i lose i lose control and i start throwing everything , thats why i mute myself in chat to take a break and to comeback later !
  12. as i can see, many of you guys taking it easy , you are saying to "control yourself " well controlling yourself is one of the hardest mental things, you need a hard mental training to be able to control yourself, especially when it come to gambling and when you start to lose, you will keep playing until you recover or you get busted ! its in the human nature , we dont accept defeat , we always want to be winners the whole time !
  13. well , february was much better than january , and i really hope this month will be better than the past one, i started this month losing some money, and i wish things will go fine later !, lets wait and see what this month hides
  14. i dont use seuntjie bot, but i think you can find it in the bet archive in your primedice account ! you play in the site using the dicebot though, so you must find the archive in your account normally though .
  15. they are doing a good business though , but still , i dont think they profit as much as they used to , i really think they make a better profit from stake , and they consider primedice as a secondary project !