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  1. oh. i got it. thank you for this.
  2. Chikou1306

    Ripple(XRP) in white house decisions ?

    title edited.. my bad.. i wrote it right in the topic. i didnt pay attention when i wrote the title..thanks for the notification. (XLM stands for stellar lumens btw ) i read about it in different sites... i didnt believe at the first time, but it was kind of weird when i saw XRP price keeps raising while all the cryptos in the markets were falling, i dont believe america has a hand on it, but i believe someone could control the prices which is against the blockchain technology, and agaist what crypto currencies have been made for.
  3. Chikou1306

    Bisexual rights

    everyone is free to do what he wants. while he doesnt hurt others, its fine.. and yes everyone has rights.
  4. i am so exited to try this site .. thank you so much though,, you made it easier..one more question.. how much do we need to pay as fee for amounts less than 0.005 btc or equal in other alt coins ?
  5. Chikou1306

    I'm new in gambling but got. Good profit

    this post is old. i hope you are still doing good aqib..be careful. best of luck
  6. Chikou1306

    Movie letter game

    interstellar 2014
  7. hello i read a lot of topics saying ( XRP in white house talks ) , ( donald trump talked about XRP inside the white house ), ( america will be the house of XRP )...etc, do you guys think america is controling the XRP price ? because you all know, XRP kept raising these days while all the cryptocurrencies were falling down, and it jumped to second place after BTC. i was wondering if america and trump could control the crypto markets starting with XRP ? and what could happen if they did ?
  8. its a good idea. but i dont think i can reach that 25 withdrawal limit one day..
  9. Chikou1306

    Hello guys, I’m newbie here.

    welcome to primedice. enjoy your responsibly game.best of luck
  10. Chikou1306

    How does Bitcoin mining work?

    you worked hard on this topic. thank you so much for this great job .. i really wanted to understand how it works.. i am not a miner and never was. but it helped me understanding how it works.
  11. Chikou1306

    What your primedice technique to win above 99.9X

    i start with a bet amount and multiply is after every 25 bet until i hit that 99x.. but be carefull.. sometimes it takes more than 500 red to hit that payout.
  12. an exchange butom with low fees !! really wana see that !
  13. Chikou1306

    Making a living from gambling

    making a living from gambling money ? in gambling world there is always a possiblity of 100% you lose!! what will you do then ? stop living ?
  14. Chikou1306

    House always wins

    maybe because we want the recovery .. but everytime it ends up the same ,! ?
  15. Chikou1306

    Last letter game