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  1. the main reason of my loss, is that i go emotional while gambling, sometimes i have big balance, and i go emotional after placing few bets and cant hit the target, then i go crazy and mad and start throwing the coins in a stupid way, i dont figure out what happened only after losing everything, if you want to play safe, just leave your emotions and focus on what you are doing, putting emotions on gambling is not the right thing to do
  2. yeah it is, gambling has always needed focus and concentration, you need to calculate the rounds, be ause every single round is different, you need to focus on odds, and to perfectly know how much you play and when to place the right bet, how to set low and high payouts, when you get tired and you lose focus you start to throw the coins here and there on random payouts, so yeah gambling requires focus and concentration even though its a game of luck
  3. i exchainge when i start losing and i think my luck starts leaving me, i always think that if i exchange the currency the odds get better and it brings more luck, because every currency has a different luck that was my opinion of course
  4. Most of us complain about bad luck and how to deal with it when it starts to appear, in the next few lines i will try to explain how to deal with your luck when things start to go wrong ( i dont speak in a random way, i did some researches about that ) first of all, try to relax before start gambling, take everything easy and try to enjoy and have fun while playing you favourite games, because tension may lead you to take actions that bring bad luck to you, it may make you take a reckless decisions while rolling the dice or playing other games, if you think you are not ready yet to start the round, just do not play, or you can start slowly for more confidence. try not to rush and not to do anything wrong like placing random bets. if things gone wrong and the gamesstarted to go in the wrong direction, then you just calm down and focus on what is happening in an objective way, know the results of your actions. think about the probabilities, frequently, the lucky ones are hose who have a lot of thinking, those who always think about the possible results and can predict the events to be able to avoid the bad surprises. when you gamble, if you found yourself in trouble while gambling, think of the most flexible solution you can make, you always have the oppotunity to stop while its not late, you can stop for a while to recalculate what goes right and what goes wrong, and before taking any action think of all the possible results that can lead you to loss and tryto get away if the odds are against you ( careful is one of the most things that enables you to change your bad luck ). be optimistic about your bets, and play for fun. if you cant take the risk and can not afford to lose money, then just do not! pessimism always brings you bad luck, a pessimist always puts his entire focus on the unfortunate events that can happen and ignores the positif aspects, so a pessimist always stumbles on many rounds of playing and most of the time he does not even complete the rounds he began thinking it will get worse. sonyou need to be optimis while gambling because it will bring you a good luck. in the end, remember that everyone has the ability to change bad luck to good, know your abilities, take good actions, and luck is all in your side i will be more than happy to read your experiences about how did you deal with your bad luck, what actions you take when things gone wrong and rolls start to troll you
  5. we are talking about two different sites, same owners and staff, but different content and different site, even the comunities are not the same, only few players play in both sites, lets start from primedice, primedice has always been a dice site since it first created, it is a casino that offers you a good platform and a good dice game with a provably fair system, and it can not add other games as long as the main idea is that it based on the dice game. in the other side stake is a casino that allows you to play many games and not only dice, it has a good platform and the comunity is getting bigger and bigger everyday, but combining the two sites as one ? i think this will never happen
  6. there is a coinswitch, but you still can not exchange coins in primedice, it is a gambling site and not a trading site, there are many ways to exchange your currencies inside and outside the site, many topics here talk about it, but if you want that way of exchanging that you are thinking about ! i dont think they will add it sooner or later, because as i said, its a gambling site, not a trading site
  7. i can gamble for few hours only, i was thinking i can gamble the long day, i tried to gamble the whole day but i got tired after couple hourse, i lost concentration, i couldnt focus and i started to play randomly and throw big amounts on high payouts, i think i have limits, and few hours is my limit
  8. the same thing here, i really think i am addicted to crypto and gambling, both of them, you can be addicted to many things in the same time ,, i dont care about gambling with fiat, even in real life, and also i cant get cryptocurrencies without gambling, for me they complete each other, sometimes i wonder how do people hold / get cryptocurrencies and they dont even gamble, i think cryptocurrencies have been created to fix some gambling illegalities, and to make them private in the first place
  9. i once could make 0.0017 ltc rain to 0.2ltc, but i didnt withdraw, i made it in few seconds, and lost it in few seconds too, it all happened in a blink of an eye, busted everything, lol, i made it couple times though, but i dont really remember every single time i could make it
  10. with actual price ? idont think i can do it unless i have more that 5eth , then i would go 2x ( it hurts if you risk 1 eth on 1.01x and its a red hit )
  11. in your place i would wait a bit, becuse i think prices will fall a bit, so yeah prices are still a bit high to buy, if you want to sell i think its a good time, i predict the price to fall down, but it will rise up again
  12. it always causes social problems, and yes it kills silently, addiction leads to very bad consequences, no matter what are you addicted to, it will always affect you bad. the main responsible is the gambler himself, no matter how did he start gambling, as long as he became a gambler he must take the responsibility and admit the result whatever it is
  13. its sad yeah, but then bitcoin was worth around 800$, if it was as the same price as today, i would do something worse
  14. i replayed many topics with the same content... whell my reaction depends on how much i lose, and how i lost, where did that money came from, did i spend too long to collect that balance...etc, i remember once i broke my finger by hitting the wall ( hulk isnpired me that time ), and that was after losing 2.5 btc in couple minutes, it took me weeks to collect that amount and i got tired collecting it, it was hard to accept that its all gone in a blink of eye, i broke my laptop which was a special gift from a special person after losing 0.5btc, broke many phones ( too many that i cant count ), and the last victim was the ipad air, i broke the screen..so yeah gambling affects me bad, wish everything gets better to me, and to all of us