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  1. oh, i am sorry about your loss, i really feel you because i have a very big experience with losses, i wish you all the best on your recovery road.
  2. there are many good moments that i will always remember ! but the unforgettable moment for me was when i could make 2 btc from 2k satoshi faucet in one day ! i got busted after few minutes ! but i will never forget how i could go that far,,, in the other side there are many bad moments, i will answer them in your next topic ( what are the worst moment ? ) 😅
  3. i never placed a multi bet, i always place single ones ! the odds of winning are super risk, i cant take that risk , i always like to go with the better odds for me ! but sometimes i lose big amounts even when playing with low odds ! its all about luck...
  4. i think he lost the challenge thats why he didnt reply on this topic ! well i dont blame him, making 500k fro 17k is around 25x or so ! its not that easy to do though !
  5. lool , i used to do this move when in the past , but now i stopped ! i was always wondering when i used to close my eyes while betting ( what if its a green hit and it will turn to red once i open my eyes to see the result ? ) ! stupid thoughts jumped into my mind !!! really .. gambling caused me mental issues 😂
  6. i really did not reach it yet ! i seem to be active here only because the forum activities are low ! so you can see my post or reply staying in the home page for hours ! and my biggest number of posts per day was 10 or 11 posts !
  7. well football leagues and championships are the best games for me ! i always like to bet on football, i bet on tennis also , and sometimes NBA ! thats all,, i always avoid to bet on a game that i dont know ! i wish they add horse racing to stake , it will be a great market to add.
  8. i always watch the game i placed the bets on ! and i also do some remarks, if the team or the player is not doing good i wont bet on him the next time... remarks always help you in sports betting.
  9. the first month of 2020 almost gone ! and the price still can not hit the 10k ! i wonder if it will reach high level later this year ! or it will stick in the same price .
  10. i have been betting on sports for couple years now ! i dont think its a complicated thing to do or to learn ! in fact its easy, and the only thing you must know is the rules of the game you are about to place the bet on ! thats all best of luck betting
  11. i never reach it before thought ! i dont even know how many posts we can post a day ! but i am pretty sure its more than 10 because i made more than 10 posts many times in the past !
  12. thats exactly what i meant by luck is completing the fact of having a good seed ! you may have a good seed ! but you cant roll the right t amounts at the right time ! so you will need both of them to achieve a good profit
  13. it almost reached 10k ! but it started to fell again ! to be able to predict whats coming next became harder now while the marts are moving fast.
  14. i never took it normal actually ! after getting busted i do many crazy things, i yell, hit the wall, throw the things around me and many other stupid things ! i really want to change my behavior but gambling is making it worse.