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  1. if you are looking for the fairest way better go with sports, but if you are looking for more fun and a fast result then casinos are the place for you, making profits in sports is slower than it in casinos
  2. it really does for those who take it over, for me it took me a lot and huge amounts have gone since first startd gambling, now im down more than 11 btc which could be a good amount now to hold.
  3. it can be true in only one way, when you lose big and then you recover it all in a single or few hits, this is the best thing can happen in gambling that makes you enjoy it
  4. poker has been one of the oldest games i ever tested to be honest i love poker, one of the hings i love about poker is that you can win even with a weak hand if you knew how to play it in a right way
  5. thank you for the post, i am a huge fan of poker and i have been playing holdem for years now, it would be great if you added the payments proof, you know, the scam sites are many lately and we find troubles trusting sites. so it will be a good idea if you posted the withdrawal proofs from the site
  6. of course you need a solid mentality in gambling, to not let the game get you mad whatever happens you should control yourself to not do stupid moves and to take the right step in the right time
  7. randomness is the best strategy over all, you need to keep changing between the payouts and the bet amounts if you want to not get busted for the long run, sticking in the same staregy for a long time will get you busted because the house edge will get you sooner or later, so better play random
  8. i used to set targets to reach in specific times, but it always ended up with failure, i stoped setting targets and i started to play randomly, nothing can beat randomness to be honest, since its a game of randomness then setting goals and targets will be pointless.
  9. i agree with that, bitcoin is the original project of the cryptocurrency, all the altcoins are not compared to btc ! especially doge and ripples, maybe eth is a bit better than all the other currencies, but still not compared to bitcoin.
  10. for me its the same, i dont trust any other online casino except for primedice, many casino ( most of them ) are scammers , its hard to find a place to play online, so we stuck with primedice since its fair
  11. no one could hit the jackpot yet, as far as i know, some old players with huge bets history could hit 77.77 twice in a row, but unluckily they hit it with a low unqualified bet amount ! we may see someone winning a part of that jackpot one day ! but not the whole prize since its near to impossible
  12. the site is all about luck and how lucky you are ! green or red, all the bets are related to your luck, its up to you to choose how to play, just play and pray
  13. happy birthday dinabot this feature really helped a lot, i wish you more success in the future with more promotions Question : are you planning to add more sites ? and if yes ! what sites are you in contact with ? user: chikou1306
  14. if you already know that you will get busted then why you just dont run away, or it may be your greed that leads you to play more , same thing for me, if i ever got a big amount i will not cash it out, i will keep playing until i hit it big or i get lost
  15. i miss my childhood, i miss my friends and my old teachers, i miss the persons they were around me, some of them gone far, some passed away, and some lost contact with them, if i had a time machine i would stick in the past forever, elling the old me that the future is so nasty.