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  1. i follow both, primedice and stake's telegram channels, i used to follow their official page on facebook but they are less active lately, i dont use twitter and unfortunatly i missed many promotions there, i wish they increase the number of promotions on facebook.
  2. i think all the gamblers and especially the addict ones are looking for money and not for fun ! lets be honest, if its not about money most of us wouldnt be here ! and what makes a good gambler is his skills in betting, a good gambler must choose the right time to place his bets and also to be patient, and the most important thing is to have a good self controll.
  3. unfortunatly, they offer less challenges in primedice, i really want to see equal features in both sites, they run daily races, daily challenges, weekly megaraces, many forum challenges in a week,,, but in pd they run only daily races, no mega races and no good features at all. i wish eddie take a better care of pd.
  4. i dont think its all about the color, its about the value, bitcoin is the original idea of the cryptocurrency world, people always look for what is original, and for me i think bitcoin will always be in top, and no other currency will ever beat it.
  5. there is no big difference actually, unless you play big amounts, if you play small amounts the the difference is unshown, and ofcourse the house edge will grt you busted if you are sticking in that payout for the long run.
  6. primedice is an original dice site, pd has been launched as a crypto dice site in the firt place, and stake is a crypto casino that offers you many games and dice is one of them, the design in both sites is almost the same, the algo also, but primedice is so special for us, you asked why do we still play in primedice while you can play dice in an other site ? well be ause of the comunity and because of the game, i personally still play there because i have many relationships in primedice, and also i am trying to take my personal revenge from primedicd
  7. well , it was couple years ago, it was about to hit a special bet ID which i dont remember ! the prize then was 0.05 btc, i won the first place, and as always i busted in couple minutes ! that challenge that i will never forget, the best prize i have ever got in primedice
  8. i really think they are the same payouts, i dont see any difference in between, unless you play big amounts then the diffenece appears, the bigger amount you gamble the more diffence you get ! if you played 0.01 btc and won 1 btc the difference here will be like 0.02 btc which is big ! but in my case i play small amounts thats why the difference between the two payouts is ignorable ! best of luck rolling
  9. this is how gambling has always been, if you kept playing you will win big for sure ! but you need to not get busted till then and keep on digging it until you hit ! and once you win it just leave because the odds will turn ! well most of us know this but we keep playing like fool people !
  10. we all agree that using the lap top is much easier than using the phone, and faster. i personally had many troubles when i browse the site using the phone, especially when i open the chatbox, many lags are there when the chat is a bit faster, so yeah playing with the lap top is much better. i think its time to add a primedice app for those who use their cell phones to play, if they use a phone app of primedice it would be much easier for them and faster
  11. edward is not the only owner , there is stunna also ! well if he gives his waller private key besides the site many things will change, firs i will make the bankroll bigger than it is ! i will increase the rains in the chat, and i will make the mega race once a week just like stake and not once in a month or so. i will alsoincrease the number of coupons to once every week and of course like stake. i will increase the forum challenges prizes, and i will increase the support agents salary... in other words i will keep throwing all the money and make edward broke in couple days
  12. befor i star playing, i choose a very quiet place to be able to focus on my thing, and no place is as quiet as my room ( not always tbh ) , i play a quiet music, and if it is a night time i turn on a quiet lighting and start on playing i always am taking care of the back ground, because if there is much noise i cant not focus and i get mad fast
  13. i didnt play that amount for a long time now, and now i am trying to hit it again, its not that easy to hit but i really want to, with big amounts, hitting 9900x after a long time might be easier because it will be all different than keep hunting it, i think its the right time to hunt it, wish i can get something good out of it
  14. its not about luck more than it about how much you play with, i saw many people becoming rich or richer when they start with big amounts, if you started with big bank roll, only 2x of what you started with can make you rich. in the other case when you start with low amounts you need to highly multiply your bankroll, which is not easy and in the most cases leads you to get busted. the higher amount you play with the better odds you get to win