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  1. silverbtc10


    invest on many things
  2. thanks for the info making my life easier
  3. silverbtc10

    Best music videos of all time?

    california love
  4. silverbtc10

    20k to 0.01 btc

    i had worse mate i got 0.01 ltc tip from a friend. i made 0.3 btc from 0.01 ltc in 5 -7 days and busted all in 3 reds in row at 1.5x still hurts and that time btc was 8000 usd
  5. silverbtc10

    Biggest Win Last Month

    i made from 0.01 ltc up to 0.3 btc but busted all in the end will go for more soon
  6. silverbtc10

    What are the things you miss about being a child ?

    i could do whatever i want without having my brain full of problems (money ,girls,family ,fights) just loving the moment
  7. silverbtc10

    BTC Price .. It will rise again?!!

    hahaha yeah you have a point ❤️
  8. silverbtc10

    BTC Price .. It will rise again?!!

    bro really btc is so weird and unstable like my girlfriend changing mood every sec so you know the rest
  9. good luck !!!! username: silverbtc10
  10. silverbtc10

    Bankbank stream #2 higher stakes [giveaway]

    good luck mate
  11. silverbtc10

    Gambling with material

    i think not yet but you never know
  12. silverbtc10

    Primedice Stream Giveaway

  13. silverbtc10

    See the future - Giveaway

    09.00 pm