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    AdorableMee reacted to Katarina in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Discovery Challenge!   
    Hey guys! 
    Thank you all for participating in the last week's giveaway!  
    The payout will be done in about two days, sorry for the delay.  
    Have a lovely day! 
    P.S. The giveaway has finally been paid to all the eligible participants!  
    The list of those can be found here: https://pastebin.com/2LSQc8NA
    Good luck with the new giveaways! 🍀
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    AdorableMee reacted to Mirela in Live Stream Giveaway (Lottery)!   
    Prize pool: 0.2 BTC  Ends: 22 PM (GMT +1)

    We will be doing a keno live draw on today's stream which starts at 11 PM (GMT +1)!
    Original giveaway thread: https://forum.stake.com/topic/3932-live-stream-giveaway-lottery/ 
    How to win:
    Choose 10 numbers (1-40) Post your username Watch the stream To enter the giveaway, follow this format:
    Stake username:
    Post in the original giveaway thread.
    Note: One user can only choose one combination of numbers (enter once).
    Disclaimer: We hold the right not to credit the suspected alt accounts. 
    See you tonight on the stream and happy holidays from Primedice team!
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    AdorableMee reacted to Darko in Primedice Stream Giveaway   
    Post your username here and you will have a chance to earn a prize.