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  1. The title should read," Guess my BABY'S weight." Congratulations๐Ÿ‘—
  2. See you fell for the trap @hui.... she isn't married (yet )... ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I just made the forum into TMZ .... No wonder @Bojana calls me as basking in drama. And slurpymomo calls me attention seeking.... I would need ya'lls recommendation letters for applying in a top Vegas casino as celebrity brand manager / papparazo manager.
  3. With sheer audacity I am nominating myself,for i know that I strive hard to not be monosyllabic in chat ever. Besides I am the one to break it in the chat that Marija got married. I am also the one who has graced the room with many pseudonyms like sloppyfellow , slappypillow, etc I have taken over the chatroom from Robear many a times when he has to go somewhere to kill someone. I like humour. Sadly many don't take it as humour.. my only motive is to be engaging and keep the chat room engaging as well now that pd is dying a slow death.
  4. WTA is actually a gambler's Paradise but not a statistician's or a researcher's.... Bitches can't hold serve even if their lives are on line... Top ranking and top seeded players have absolutely shit serves .... The loss percentage on second serves is alarming.... I'd be so fucking rich had i wagered on service breaks early in my life .... And bitches want equal pay as the gentlemen in grandslams ... What a joke ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. I reckon i have been hit by the wrong address checking OCD too.. always better to double triple check the entire address properly before clicking the withdraw button... Once i withdrew a lot thibking i shall double it in sports and damn i lost the sports bet meekly... I regret withdrawing from PD that day.
  6. Well the rules are quite clear , it's not about helping somebody.... It's about freeloaders forming a habit to pester peeps. You help em once, they get a sense of entitlement. Best way i do is take screenshots and save them for future use lol.... Support is the best here... Altho i have directly begged members of support for which i have been reprimanded likewise...
  7. It was so funny right.... After these flurry of mutes, he's probably sick of logging into primedice I have some more screenshots of the same guy i repored earlier for everybody's amusement ...lol
  8. Wimbledon is around the corner with the French open having concluded.... Nadal being the obvious choice would have reaped benefits for punters winning most of the matches in 3 sets.... Wimbledon tuneups have thrown a couple of favorites... Cilic , anderson , coric should be good bets being underdogs... Next gen players to watch out ramkumar ramanathan, auger aliseme, thiem... As always fedex still the fav. Women's tennis sucks ... Anybody could upset anybody... Good money on naomi osaka, monica puig , ashleigh barty, karolina pliskova. Watch this space for daily updates... P.S. Djokovic won't win Wimbledon... Laying on him, might land you the jackpot
  9. Yeah , I reckon it would be counterproductive too.... More often than not, it's HRs who move funds around.. I don't think they would be fond of the idea of anybody knowing their identity. Although if Kyc is anonymous even on the backend then it might work and be useful but it would be a nightmare to implement because the support peeps would know eventually incase there is a glitch to be solved manually.
  10. Okay , i admit i am a troll. i also admit that i sometimes blur the lines of civility with my dry and dark humour and i apologise for that. To have fun in the chat without breaking the rules is an art in itself . But more often than not , primedice chat has a funny way of biting up the ass. Even though tagging is an eyesore but i couldn't help it in this case. Lol... I'd like to thank all the lovely support including @Dusan @Irena @Marija @Bojana.... They recognise fun but are strict nevertheless when it comes to implementing rules in the chat. I'd like to share this incident for everybody's amusement. Sai99 aka ssssss3
  11. lint59

    Rain, Rain, Rain!

    Username : lint59
  12. What do you do to unwind .... What do you do when you're not thinking of the automatic money that's coming in 24*7..... DoYou think about Eugene or not in your leisure time ???
  13. How much money do you have in total ? @Edward
  14. Monte Carlo open has concluded. Who would've thought Fabio Fognini would win the tournament .... I wouldn't have predicted him winning past the second round. It's a shame Federer didn't participate. Easily the odds on the Italian to win the tournament must be around 30x plus. With Nadal and Djokovic both biting the dust, it was anybody's game. The clay court season has begun ... Watch out this space for awesome bets in the coming week.
  15. Ofcourse not ... Martingale is martinfail .... Gay martin probably had a rich dubai sheikh as his father who could gather unlimited money for wagering...
  16. When there is house edge , nothing is safe . Especially the women and children.
  17. Let's just address the elephant in the room.... 2 of the very panache having HRs I've seen are makerr433 and pioop .... As far as Maker was concerned it was a nightmare for the support and the mods or rather it was a mini break for them while he was around.. People swarmed in the chatroom with alts. For the ๐Ÿ’ฏ k tip... And suddenly it seemed as if turkey was the capital of the world for an hour. The highest I seen maker go in a session was like 20-25 coins... As far as pioop is concerned i've seen 95 bitcoins in one session... That's like a lifetime of wealth earned in a session... Offlately @MDSci2018 has been pretty awesome to watch .... I think he understands house edge pretty well for a high rolling gambler...(And I'm not licking ass) ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  18. It's all dumb luck .... One has to be really silly to discount house edge to think you can win in the long run .... As far as the lucky rabbit's foot is concerned ... Preroll on 10x for like 15- 20 reds .... Then everytime a support hits you a 10k tip , go all in 10x ... Maybe in a week you'll have 100k lol ... Work your way up ..... You might as well hit 1 bitcoin switching seeds and moving money.... Best way deposit 1 coin wager slowly and keep vaulting... Winning isn't the hard part , maintaining an excel sheet and fighting the dopamine is.... If you get to 1 bitcoin with this strat , you know who to pay ....๐Ÿ˜Ž
  19. I used it once in a zurich coffee shop .... The conversion charges were quite high 10% ... Though it's just a coffee for 4 so who cares... I doubt people would use the card outside of atms for any major purchases...
  20. Maintaining an Excel sheet is a quite imperative for serious money makers ... Not only does it break down your goals in smaller achievements/setbacks but most importantly the discipline it inculcates is such a great bonus.... This habit is so underrated among highroller too who end losing up all their balance for lack of discipline... Maybe it's the dopamine game ....