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  1. lint59

    First gambling site

    For me it was bet365 i just registered to see the sports live stream for free...... then our of curiosity i started placing bets there .... kept me hooked on ever since.....
  2. lint59

    What will you do when you win big

    will buy a badass thermostat for my house ......go to see the norther lights ..... or maybe go backpacking around lithuania or germany .....
  3. My biggest bet was a non dice one .....Roger federer to win 2017 Aus open for 25,000$ ...... And watching it was brutal to be honest ... I had my balls in my mouth for a couple of times the whole match... And was weird because betfair has stopped the cash out for some weird reason. Still he ended up winning the match..... Redecorated my kitchen a lil bit ....
  4. sadly not many people see this, the only people laughing harder than me at this concept are Edward and stunna. but hey ...... i truly wish all of the 35's my best for this mammoth feat....
  5. bwahahahaha ..... tell me how it goes ....lol
  6. Care to point out who the non-trusting commenters and jumpers you are talking about , @athena2007
  7. How'd i wish somebody would thrust in your head the nonexistent concept of trust in crypto .......
  8. This is one of the most hilarious ideas i have had read in the past week or so ..... What are you stupid .... running a business in the family eh ? a couple hundred k satoshis is ok ..... but this i am wondering who the last players of the inverted pyramid would be ? and what would you do if some of them run away .....lol or maybe yet just bust ......
  9. lint59

    Have you ever played at work?

    tbh I often do , since I have been given a laptop .... But I hope I can buy a powerhorse with my wins.....
  10. lint59

    Don't Eat Animals

    I live in an area where due to regional climate there is nothing other than meat to eat. But with the advancement of science and tech. and logistical progress , nothing is unavailable in the supermarket . Vegetarianism is so underrated and taken for granted. In one of the super cold climates, I still am Vegetarian by choice. I think since childhood we are so ingrained and used to eating meat and it is almost served right on our plate that we fail to realize that what we are eating ,is literally cold blooded murder on our plate. no offense to everybody else.
  11. I think with every new bet , there is sort of a new luck ..... Future bets have no absolutely no connection to your previous results .... Keeping this firmly in your mind , can you wager dispassionately ? There is a reason the word fallacy is often used in gambling. So bankroll management is important but you also need to understand, that it is all luck. Any attempt to tame the uncertainty or randomness will eventually fail at some point. That is what i think. There is absolutely no safety in this game. Small wager, small profit, large wager , large profit. Small wager small risk , large wager , large risk.
  12. lint59

    Despite Ban, China Keeps Trading Cryptocurrency.

    Well this wasn't said in the language context of Cussing ...
  13. lint59

    Shaved or not shaved?

    Natural shaved ? what the hell is that ........bwahahahahah i like hairy ...... aurburn hair down under is like wow ......
  14. lint59

    Sexiest part of ur partner's body

    Seduced by brains ....
  15. lint59

    Despite Ban, China Keeps Trading Cryptocurrency.

    Me use VPN to just fuck with boss . Poor guy.