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  1. davincuy

    How many percent that they know about Bitcoin ?

    Ahh i see, yes oo i've been go to PH 4 months ago and i think its same like in indonesia, most of them didnt know about BTC and altcoin (They only know about Lechon and Goldilocks ) Mabuhay!
  2. davincuy

    BTC Plunge - What Caused This? 🤔

    yes i hope so, but did btc will go throught 10k for sure?
  3. Yes , agreed. but i think with the Lags happen right now, PD will fix it soon, just wait for it
  4. Hey guyssss! So, PD just doing the latest update today. well there is a Plus and Minus about it. well i think the Plus from this update is i can see clearly all my friend list. and i can see the live stats on the right side while i open the chatroom ( on Last version i need to scroll down to see the live stat below my bets) But, The minus is its very lag on my Mobile App, and there is no Keyboard Mode in this new update, so its really hard for me to do some bet well i think PD will fix it soon, we just need to wait and patience. Whats your thought about this new version? do you like this new version? I think you guys can get used to it
  5. davincuy

    BTC Plunge - What Caused This? 🤔

    Nah i hope that too it maybe rise nearly on september,november or maybe december i think
  6. davincuy

    A tip for hunters

    Yup me too , i never use my BTC for hunt the challange always use ETH or LTC which i had it from rain sometimes
  7. davincuy

    BTC Plunge - What Caused This? 🤔

    yeah kate, me too. still hodl all of my btc i dont know when im gonna sell all of them
  8. ok . just received 20k satoshi from you. thankyou for fast response, such a good trader:)
  9. Hey ultra i have 0.023 LTC and 0.006 ETH Want to exchange all of them into BTC How much btc will i get? low fees please 😜
  10. why should we do some investment on HR while we can do it by our self? We are human, we still can make any mistakes. and betting is about luck, so i'd better do it myself rather than do some investment to HR
  11. davincuy

    Hardware wallets used any ?

    No i never use hardware wallet. what is the different from hardware wallets to normal wallets? i always use my local wallets to save my btc or any alt coins
  12. davincuy

    Do you eat while gambling ?

    YES OF COURSE ! Because its more fun and we can enjoy the food while watching netflix. If you're eating while gambling. when u get busted, u will throw your delicious food to your laptop / PC
  13. davincuy

    Tip bat to liked posts

    it depends on how much they pay , if they give only a small tip i better use my default browser (chrome), coz its more reliable. and like ultra said , it might be spying our data
  14. davincuy

    Trusted cloudmining sites ?

    Im using btcpool and btconline .. its legit
  15. its so interesting. how to win this? how to play it?